River Trip: Kayaking or Rafting the Chilliwack River

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Starting time: Thursday Nov 7, 2019         12:00pm 

Ending time:   Friday Nov 8, 2019               6:00pm      

Description: We’ll leave Mouat at 12:00pm and travel out and set up camp by the banks of the Chilliwack River at Chilliwack River Rafting. We’ll then go together and hike Lindeman Lake, returning to camp the night, break camp the next morning, and then go caving. After lunch we’ll hit the river for some incredible rafting. If it’s high water, we’ll all jump into rafts for an extremely exciting ride. If it’s low water, with your parent’s permission, we’ll run the river in no previous experience required inflatable kayaks. If it’s medium water, and you have been on a Comm Rec rafting trip before, you may have the chance to run the Canyon section of the river…an extremely fun and challenging ride! After running the river, we’ll get back on the bus and be back at the school by 6:00pm.

It’s car camping, but that doesn’t mean we sleep in cars. It means that there are washrooms, running water, showers, and an indoor clubhouse for our use. You will need to plan for supper the first night, as well as breakfast the next morning. The resort will serve us lunch before we run the river the second day.

If you want to camp and go hiking, but not go on the river, you can for a reduced price of only $40.

Cost: $120, or $40 to camp at Chilliwack River Rafting Resort, cave, and hike Lindeman Lake.

Gear: General, Dayhike, Backpack/Camping

Get your gear together early, then see Mr. Rahe for anything else you need.

Class time missed: 1 day+1 block

Adventure Hours: 30 hours

Sign Up Deadline for Canadian Students: Friday Nov 1

Payment Deadline for Canadian Students: Wednesday Nov 6

Sign Up Deadline for International Students: Thursday Oct 31

Payment Deadline for International Students: Monday Nov 4

Canadian Students permission form:   River Rafting Trip

International Students permission form: Adventure Outings Consent Form

Interested in this trip? Sign up here: River Rafting Trip Sign Up

Mandatory Waiver For International Students: Chilliwack River Rafting Waiver

Form Package includes a planning guide. Please use to properly prepare for this adventure. In addition, please review the River Rules Learning Module before the trip.

Click here for a description of the trip.

Click here for a video of the rafting.