Othello Tunnels Hike and Swim Sep 15,2016


Great start to the Comm Rec Adventure Outing year with a brand new trip: The Othello Tunnel Hike and Swim. We started at the Othello Tunnels in Hope, then hikes along the Kettle Valley Railway Trail to Kawkawa Lake where we had lunch and a swim before heading back to the school.
Thanks to Keri Bruder, and seniors Liam Bingert Nathanial Davis Cole Smith and Paige Dorey for helping lead 39 of us safely through the day. Easily the biggest Comm Rec trip in years! Has me really looking forward to tomorrow’s Skills Night and the Black Tusk trip next weekend.


28 thoughts on “Othello Tunnels Hike and Swim Sep 15,2016

  1. Hayden

    The Othello tunnels was very fun and exciting. Ive personally already been there but never past all the tunnels before. it was very fun to look at the scenery and the water below the tunnels and bridges. I never have been at the lake we went to before but it was very nice and and fun to swim in with the dock floating in the water. Next time on the hike i wouldve of worn a jacket i got super hot and i needed more water than expected. I would recomend this trip to people that like hiking and outdoor trails. I would also love to go again.

  2. Austin

    The Othello tunnel hiking trip wasn’t that exciting, but was fun. I personally liked the tunnels and the bridges mostly the view of the rivers though. The lake was semi-cold but for the most part it wasn’t that bad, although i didn’t swim I walked in and hung out for a while in the water, but mostly hung out on land. Out of the water it was hot. I would recommend this adventure to anybody that was wondering if they wanted to go or not. I’d also recommend bring a lot of water and food.

  3. Timor

    The Othello tunnels was quite the thrill,It was amazing to see all this beautiful nature. we told jokes and walked thru the dark tunnels and saw the amazing waterfall,That had clear water, where we saw fish swim.later that time we stop at hope,we swam a little bit ate our lunch and talked about how amazing i am.The weather was warm and chill at the same time.i say it was a good trip and i hope you go there to cause you will like it.

  4. Dustin

    The Othello tunnel hiking trip was quite the experience, I really enjoyed it. My favorite thing about the trip was when we went swimming, it was very refreshing because it happened to be rather hot out. I thought the tunnels were very interesting cause they hold a lot of historical significance. I would really recommend this trip, but i would suggest bringing a lot of water and food because the hike is a lot of exercise and it really takes a lot of energy out of you. I would love to go again!

  5. Andrew Reitsema

    The Othello tunnel trip was really exciting and fun to be on. It really gave us a good chance to get outside and explore with nature. I’ve been there lots before and it never stops amazing me how the tunnels were made. I loved looking over the bridges at all the water going through. I’ve never kept going at the end of the tunnels so that part was a new experience for me. I’m glad that it didn’t start pouring rain on us and we were able to stay a little dry. The swim in the lake was also new for i’ve never been there. The water was so cold but it was fun to just relax. Overall i had lots of fun and it was a great trip.

  6. reagan

    the trip was a fun experience the view from the bridges was astonishing,the one thing that surprised me was the lake at the end of the walk. the tunnels seemed bigger then they were the last time i went there but i do suggest it for anyone looking for a peaceful experience with beautiful surroundings, over all the Othello tunnels are one of the best places to see the beautify of BC and learn more about its history

  7. Niki

    Othello tunnels was so much better than your average middle school trip to the aquarium. The view and the tunnels were so amazing that there wasn’t any point where I wasn’t interested! I definitely wore the wrong shoes for this kind of hike😭 In some tunnels you couldn’t see the ground so I had to use my flashlight on my phone but still ended up tripping😂 I didn’t bring my swimsuit because I didn’t think I would want to but now I regret that. My favorite part was when we were walking in the middle of the road and then we passed the cemetery!

  8. Kayden Marko

    I greatly enjoyed the Othello Tunnels, it was a very pestilent and relaxing hike and at the end when we went swimming top off a great day. i saw many beautiful sights, i heard many beautiful sounds. it wasn’t to hot, walking through the tunnels really interested me, to think that a train use to run through it was so cool to me. when we reached the lake and got in to the water it was amazing, it was cold but fun and after a long hike it was well deserved. I got to meet a lot of new people that i really enjoyed talking to and hanging out with them. overall the 4 hours we were there was amazing i enjoyed every last bit of it and i would defiantly go again and to anyone thinking on going you will love it i hope you have a great time there. 🙂

  9. kayli settle

    Othello tunes was a very fun trip. We hiked for about two hours, but it was worth it because it was a beautiful sight and it was fun to dip my feet into the lake water. My friends and I had a great time bounding on this trip. It was fun meeting new people and learning about how Othello tunes used to be a rail way. We took pictures on the bridge, and we spent time looking down on the river. I would recommend going to the Othello tunnels because you learn so much and its good exercise, you also see so many beautiful things.

  10. Ashleigh Bruder

    The Othello Tunnels was just as amazing as when I first went but with my comm rec class it felt like a whole new experience. I met so many new people and saw new sights that I never thought I would see. It was an amazing hike that took us to a beautiful lake where we ate lunch and swam. The water was freezing but once you got used to the temperature it was fine. Swimming to the board walk over the seaweed was weird because i thought that my feet where going to get stuck in the seaweed. At the end of the trip I was sad to go home because of the amazing experience that I had with my friends.

  11. Jarret Baerg

    The Othello tunnels was very fun and exciting.ive naver been there be for so it was veary cool for me. it was very fun to look at the scenery and the water below the tunnels and bridges. I never have been at the lake we went to before but it was very fun to swim in with the dock floating in the water. Next time on the hike i wouldnt of worn a jacket i got super hot really fast and i needed more water than expected. I would recomend this trip to people that like hiking and outdoor trails. I would also love to go again

  12. Alexandra Carr

    This was my first time hiking through the Othello Tunnels and it was more than I had hoped. I loved walking through the woods and looking down at the river running below us. The sounds of the rapids, the birds and the wind drowned out the voices and footsteps of my classmates and made me feel as if I was wandering through the back country alone. Eating lunch at the lake was my favorite part as it let me relax after the long walk and spend time alone to think back to the amazing sights. The weather was beautiful and it all added up to be a perfect day.

  13. Cole Smith

    This trip was fantastic! I thought I would be very bored because of the fact I have been there so many times over my life, however somehow it still gets to me when im there. The views, the smell, the sounds that are there are things you don’t get living how we do now a days. It reminded me that things like this are still here and I should get off my butt every now and then and do it! I know that i am still going to be visiting that hike for a long time. When we got to the lake it was freezing, but a good way to cool off after the hot day. This is such a well planned fun trip and I hope it becomes more popular over the years!

  14. I visited the othello tunnels first time and it was a great experience. There was so much dark in the tunnels. It was so hard to see anything in there. We did so much fun. When we were walking through the tunnels and small bridges, we got some river views. The clear water of the rivers was looking so great. The sound of running river was so nice. When we reached to the lake, we did lunch and then went for swimming. The water so cold. I stayed in the water for 5 mins and then came out. It was a great experience.

  15. Victor

    the Othello Tunnels Hike and Swim was a great trip full of fun and exercise. Everyone was happy, talking to one another and making new friends. I have been there before but it never gets old especially, doing it with new friends. the weather was just so beautiful for the trip, which made everything more vibrant in colour. Me and my new friends Tabia, Jiro, and “Aby” walked together sat on the bus together and went swimming together .It was a day to remember and one that strengthened a friend ship between that wont fade away any time soon.

  16. Frederike

    Going to the Othello Tunnels was a great expirience. The weather was amazing and the hike is nice and easy. To have Kawkawa lake as the final destination was a great idea. Everything looked very beautiful in the sun while it wasn’t too hot either. To meet & talk to all the people on the hike was a great addition to the nice trip. I would definitly reccomend this hike to everyone it is easy and you get to see a very beautiful landscape with an amazing lake at the end. The tunnels are very amazing two if you think about how long ago they’ve built.

  17. Navdeep Khera

    I loved the Othello Tunnels, it was one of the most naturalistic experiences Iv’e had in my life. The tunnels themselves had this mysterious aura about them which was truly a spectacular feeling. The darkness overcame once I entered the tunnels. I was in shock at the beautiful architecture of both the tunnels and the bridge. The rocky landscape made it feel genuine and totally had a pure vibe to it. The swimming aspect was also spectacular. The calmness of the water made my soul calm and tranquil. It was almost as if I had entered a completely world. Overall this trip changed my aspect on mother nature and it’s beauty.

  18. when i went to the Othello Tunnels it was so much fun even though it wasn’t my first time,the hiking was fun but after a while it was getting at my legs but it was worth it when i got to the lake and the tunnels it was a amazing experience to do again with the school, I had lots of fun, Because i went there with friend’s, I would definitely, Do it again with so school.The rivers and the mountains and the, Train tracks were amazing when you think of how they made it and how long it took to make

  19. Tabea

    The othello tunnels hike was great! We hiked through the tunnels and along the river which was absolutely beautiful. The weather was great and everything was really beautiiful. It was so much fun going hiking and swimming with friends and also making great new friends! I had really a lot fun on the trip experiencing and exploring a little bit more of the canadian nature. It was not a really exhausting hike which was good so you could chat a lot with other people. The swimming part was freezing but it was so worth it because going swimming was one of the most fun parts of the trip for me. But the absolute best part were the awesome people who went on the trip with me. It was a really awesome day and a nice experience!

  20. braeden roberts

    I love the Othello tunnels, even though it wasn’t my first time there it was so awesome to see all the huge caverns. I loved the scenery on the way there too, As well as past it. The scenery also changed from rocky and rapid rivers to a very peaceful forest. When we reached the lake it looked so calm, I hadn’t went swimming in it because i forgot i hadn’t packed my bathing suit. I’m so happy i had the experience to go on the amazing trip. I will be going here again for sure and will take more time with appreciating the tunnels.

  21. Chelsea Penner

    Othello Tunnels was a lot of fun, it wasn’t the most difficult or exciting hike I have been on but was still enjoyable. I have been there a lot of times but it was a completely different experience having all of my friends with me. Othello tunnels is a very beautiful hike and is a great way to spend the day, there is so much history you can learn through out the hike. I had never been to Kawkawa lake before and it was amazing. I didn’t go swimming because it was too cold for me but it was very relaxing just sitting by the lake and talking with my friends. I would love to go again with comm rec!

  22. Liam Pellegrino

    This trip was quite a lot of fun. I mainly enjoyed the views of the tunnels themselves, to the rivers running beneath the trail and the forest around it. My favourite part was definitely the swimming, because swimming is one of my favourite activities, but also because it was mildly warm that day so it was very soothing to go in the water. I highly reccomend you go on this trip whenever you have some free time because it teaches you the history of the rail roads used a while ago. Since this was the first Com Rec trip I’d ever been on, it was fun to be able to bond with my class and make new friends, but also to converse with old ones and to enjoy nature as a group.

  23. connor

    This was a fun trip. I loved it when we all jumped in to the lake, it was a lot of fun. The walking part was not that fun and it was tiring. I was put into a group, and my group was really good with listing. I enjoyed the views of the tunnels themselves, they were cool. In one tunnel it was so dark and you could not see anything in the tunnel. Another fun part of this trip was the fact that we could look down and see that we were really high up from the rivers below.

  24. Emmalee Roy

    The bus ride to the Othello Tunnels was long and boring. When we got to the Tunnels we waited for everyone to get off the bus then started walking. The Tunnels where dark, mysterious, lonely, and cold. I couldn’t see in the tunnels so I grabbed my friends arm so she could guide me. When I tripped I almost pulled her down to. The scenery was gorgeous, and just lovely. The walk to the lake was tiring. I was so thirsty to but i can’t drink and walk at the same time so I had to wait until we got to the lake. The water was freezing and there was seaweed everywhere. Overall the trip was the most fun I’ve had since the skills night.

  25. Liam

    The Othello Tunnels was a great way to start the year off. The bus ride there and back was a little long. It was fun jumping in the lake, and its nice that we did not do the sumas mountain hike again. The views were lovely, it was a nice little hike, good to get to know the people in the program, over all a good trip.

  26. Abby Plommer

    The main reason why I enjoyed the Othello Tunnels trip was because I was so unaware that a place as breathtaking as that was right in our back yard. It was a nice little hike and was great to get to know new people. I enjoyed the lake at the end of the day as it gave us a chance just to relax and have fun. I think as the first trip of the year it was really for us to get to know the program and the people in it, and that is what we did while having a fun time.

  27. Olivia J

    Hiking the Othello Tunnels was a great and easy experience. It encouraged moderate exercise while also being able to look at beautiful scenery. You get to go with friends and make memories during your school year. Bonding with people over a shared interest makes the trip enjoyable and even makes the bus ride fun. Swimming was a great way to end off the trip, even if the water was cold, there were beautiful mountains encasing the lake, secluded with trees. It was a great way to kick off the com rec 2017 season and get everyone excited for what was to come.

  28. Kristina Brew

    Hiking the Othello tunnels was such a fantastic experience. It was really nice to have time to spend with friends, without being on our phones. I was great to explore such a historical yet breathtaking site that is so close to home. It was nice to talk to new people and share experiences and new memories that brings us closer together. Although the hike was simple and short it was still beautiful every step of the way. Ending our day off swimming/relaxing in a (really cold) lake was perfect before going back to school.

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