Spring River Trip May 24+25, 2018

Chilliwack River RaftingAlways a highlight…25 brave students had a wonderful camp-out, explored the Chipmunk Tunnels, and got soaking wet on the river. Good times, baby!!!


2 thoughts on “Spring River Trip May 24+25, 2018

  1. hibiki

    There were so many international students in the river trip and I was one of them went to the river trip on May 28.
    We left the camping area with our rafting boat at 8 in the morning, as I wrote, we had so many international students and they were actually speaking their first language and they were laughing at what they were talking about, I was laughing with them but of course I didn’t understand what they were talking about at all haha. I was just laughing… even I don’t know why, maybe I wanted to join them.
    After that we finally got the area we start rafting. We pushed our boat into the river and waiting for all member take that boat then.
    We controlled our boat not to sink (actually our boat was almost sinking at that moment, I meant there was a big water fall which had a risk of sinking) Then, our boat crushed in there as I was guessing.
    That was really scary moment for me. And the water was very cold because it was from melting ice.
    I wanted to swim in the river but Mr. Loewen didn’t allow me swim in this river and it was really strong river so I mean it was too dangerous to swim this river. And then, we reached the goal of rafting course at last.it was so scary but also excited one. Anyway, what I want to say is that the camp was pretty boring one but the rafting was awesome experience.

  2. Liam

    The river trip was a great experience. The first day, after we left from school and arrived at the camp site, everyone put up their tents and cooked their food, and afterwards played some sports along with other leisure activities. Once the day began to wind down, everyone sat around the campfire and roasted marshmallows and me and a few others cooked smokies over the fire. The next day was quite busy, as in the morning, we made our breakfasts, and then left to go caving, which was really awesome. Once we had gotten back from caving, we ate lunch and packed up our tents and such, then promptly left to go rafting. Rafting was an amazing experience, and I had loads of fun, and would really like to go again.

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