Paintballing-Millionaire Paintball November 5, 8 2018

Good times for all at Millionaire Paintball. Some use brushes, some rollers, but in Comm Rec we create our art with paintball guns! Some Brazilian students learned to never turn their back on their enemy, and Mr. Rahe learnt to not shoot his own teammates… Comm Rec Extreme students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

One thought on “Paintballing-Millionaire Paintball November 5, 8 2018

  1. Armaan Rai

    Went on the after school one also becasue i just loved it. Paintballing trip is one of my another favourite trip from Com Rec. It was a fun experience to go out with my friends and get some blue marks on my body. The place is very nice but be careful about the rain as there are few slopes and you will eventually fall. Make sure your team knows you are in their team otherwise you will be shot pretty darn hard. Rahe next time make sure that the dude is actually gonnas how up for us. Highly recommended to all.

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