Othello Tunnels October 2, 2019

The largest Outdoor Education outing of Mr. Rahe’s career went off without any issues as 56 students hiked the Othello tunnels to Kawkawa Lake. Students learned about the history of the abandoned  Kettle Valley Railway, and the Trans-Canada Trail. As the morning progressed the sun came out and illuminated the vivid autumn colours, and students experienced the beauty that BC has to offer. Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

5 thoughts on “Othello Tunnels October 2, 2019

  1. Miranda N

    Othello Tunnels hike was a lot of fun. The morning was quite chilly, but i was glad to leave class to take a hike by the river. Every part of this day was enjoyable,even the bus ride there and back. I loved chatting lots with Rebecca and breathing in all that fresh air. The tunnels were so grand and really cool to yell in, and then hear the echo. The changing leaves of fall left me in awe. The weather became very pleasant with sun shining all around us. However, the lake was not very warm to swim in, we got to see some stellar views. T’was a good time:)))

  2. Armaan Rai

    Othello Tunnels hike was a nice and relaxing trip. It had many beautiful views attached to it and the tunnels were awesome. Just bring a bright enough flashlight and you will do fine. The tunnels have a history related to them and Rahe is great at telling about it in brief description. It is more of a relaing hike trip rather than a fun trip but it is a beautiful place to visit.

  3. Rebecca

    The Othello tunnels were a blast! I have done this hike before so I knew what I as walking into. The tunnels were gorgeous as ever and the sun was shining so bright. The walk was flat and the experience was amazing. To hear about the history and the length of this trail was informative. A inexperience I would recommend for everyone to try. Also if you are new to com rec this an easier activity for all levels.

  4. chase elias-holden

    we went to the tunnels with an amazing group of international student and a few local students. we rode a on steal wagon (school bus) to a dark a isolated land where we walked through mountains (quite literally). we went to a lake out in hope and explored it. Whilst some people like to walk on their own, and enjoy the peacefulness and the chance to reflect on life, others like to walk with like-minded people.

  5. Karol MacLeod

    last Wednesday we went on a walk in the Othello tunnels.There was Fantastic whether when we went on that walk in the Othello tunnels. It all started by us meeting in the cafeteria at nine am. In the cafeteria the teacher did attendance. After the teacher did attendance the teacher let us go on the bus. The bus took us to Othello tunnel which was located in hope. From there the teacher did attendance again. After he did attendance that time he then led the walk though Othello tunnels. The walk ended at a park. We went on the bus. Then went back to the school.

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