Paddle Boarding-Cultus Lake September 27, 2018

Sometimes everything just works out in your favour! By far the sunniest, warmest, and most welcoming day this Fall greeted 20 students who experienced the newest outing in the Comm Rec calendar: Paddle Boarding! Students spent the afternoon learning proper stroke technique, getting hooked by the amazing weather, and understanding why this activity has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Comm Rec Extreme students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

2 thoughts on “Paddle Boarding-Cultus Lake September 27, 2018

  1. Armaan Rai

    Paddle Boarding is one of my favourite trip out of all the trips i did in Com Rec. We all started the trip as being strangers but by the end of the day we didnt want to leave because the trip was just so much fun. Me not knowing how to swim had me freaked out until Rahe knocked me down in water. Life Jackets actually work. Rahe didnt have much fun after having to take multple dips in the lake as a revenge from me. It is a great trip and highly recommended to everyone.

  2. Simran

    Paddle boarding was probably my favorite trip because i had gone with one of my friends named Qamar and it gave us the feel tat summer wasn’t over yet. The sun was still scorching hot at the experience was way funner than i thought. I did fall off my board a couple times but balance is key. I got the hang of it though after a bit. We learnt different skills of placing our legs and feet the right way. The best part was also the end where me and Qamar jumped off the pier into the cold water multiple times. The bus ride back was the best because we got in a lot of exercise so the drive back to the school was calming. We both ended up falling asleep and it was a good experience.

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