Skiing/Snowboard Trip 2-Sasquatch Mountain February 27, 2019

The second ski/snowboard trip had to be rescheduled due to too much snow (crazy, I know), and the ensuing school closure, but when students finally got on the mountain it was well worth it. The sun was shining, the snow was nicely groomed, and according to Mr. Stickney, the day was “phenomenal!” Highlights included the large number of people who experienced their first day on the mountain, and ended the day itching to come back for more. Comm Rec Extreme students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

2 thoughts on “Skiing/Snowboard Trip 2-Sasquatch Mountain February 27, 2019

  1. Aidan Buckmaster

    This was my first time on the mountain this year. It was ok for the most of it. The weather wasn’t amazing. It was raining/snowing and the snow wasn’t the greatest. We still had a fun time out there and later in the day the power went out so the lifts were not running any more. But we got a free pass out of all this so that was an added bonus. All in all it was a pretty fun day.

  2. Aidan Buckmaster

    This trip was very fun because the weather and the runs were great. The weather was amazing with clear skies and then a little bit of snow later in the day. The powder wasn’t the greatest but the groomed runs were awesome. Because of the cold dry air the powder was crusty but that meant that the groomed runs were the best to ride that day. We had a small group of 4 people that we rode in so we all got plenty of runs in.

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