Greendrop Hike and Swim June 7, 2019

The final Comm Rec trip of the year saw students complete a 12km round trip day hike to Greendrop Lake in the Chilliwack River Valley. While the weather was unpredictable, students learnt appreciation for the natural beauty that exists right at their doorstep, while at the same time learning trail travel, safety, and personal responsibility for the environment. The reward was taking in breathtaking views, and seeing the pristine waters of Greendrop! Comm Rec Extreme students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

3 thoughts on “Greendrop Hike and Swim June 7, 2019

  1. miranda n

    i had such a wonderful time at the green drop lake hike:))) we enjoyed a lovely 12 km hike with gorgeous views and rain falls. It was really cold at the top of the lake when we ate our lunches. My hands were so cold that it took half of the bus ride for me to feel my hands, but it was very fun overall. i have always enjoyed hiking up there but it was my first time at green drop.i loved chatting with Dani and Elizabeth, t’was a grand day:))))))))

  2. Luke Wittenberg

    The Greendrop hike was a fun and easy hike with amazing views of glacier lakes and mountain tops. Also I learnt that I am an amazing photographer and that I can capture the amazing breath taking views. I also learnt that I was intelligent because I packed weather smart aka I brought rain gear. I also learnt that half the class can complain and mr. rahe will not care

  3. Danika Wittenberg

    Should have thrown your flip flop in the lake while I had a chance. Hike was fun though, learned how to safely navigate the trails and have fun while doing it. Climbing over rocks and fallen trees was definitely a challenge in the rain but still a lot of fun. Getting soaking wet was an experience to remember but luckily I had hiking boots to keep my feet toasty warm.

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