River Rafting/Kayaking May 16-17, 2019

The students on the Spring river trip also experienced a little rain, but since students were paddling on a river none of that mattered. On this trip students hiked Lindeman Lake, camped out at Chilliwack River Rafting Resort, were led on an exciting caving experience with Mr. Loewen, and experienced pristine water conditions as they rafted down the Chilliwack River. Comm Rec Extreme students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

One thought on “River Rafting/Kayaking May 16-17, 2019

  1. chase elias-holden

    it was my first time river rafting. it was also my first time exploring a cave. i almost fell off the raft many, many times. aswell as many others in our group as well as the other groups. two school went on the trip us and mission.

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