Sailing/Canoeing at Jericho Beach May 30, 2019

Another new addition to the Comm Rec calendar was this day trip to Jericho Sailing club at Jericho Beach in Vancouver. After a morning of canoeing around English Bay, students were instructed in the fine art of sailing, and then, in partners, guided through the winds of English Bay, learning to tack and jibe, and even recover from capsizing for the bravest of the group. For those that attended this was definitely an experience they won’t soon forget. Comm Rec Extreme students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

2 thoughts on “Sailing/Canoeing at Jericho Beach May 30, 2019

  1. Rebecca

    The sailing was really fun. I never thought we would actually be sailing in the pacific ocean. It was warm and after the day I was so burnt. Probably should have worn sunscreen! An experience that I would definitely recommend to experience. The instructors were so nice and really taught me how to sail and canoe with speed! My friend Miranda came along and I will definitely try this again in the near future.

  2. miranda n

    okayyyyyy this was one of my fav things ever. it was gorgeous and stunning sailing the ocean with Rebecca:))))) honestly though, this was such an amazing time, we made a lot of fun memories. we enjoyed flipping the boat many times and getting our sun tan on!!! we also enjoyed canoeing and splashing each other, and lastly we loved swimming in the ocean right before the bus came. I love SAILINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

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