Backpacking the Chilliwack River Valley October 24-26, 2019

A last minute change in plans due to cold weather and hungry bears resulted in students backpacking into Greendrop Lake, and then completing a day trip into Flora Lake, all in the Chilliwack River Valley. The weather was as unpredictable as the terrain, but smiles abounded as students experienced this diverse landscape. Highlights included students finding common ground in their respect for body odours, and students learning through the shock of cold water that animals eat protein bars that are left out for days. Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

5 thoughts on “Backpacking the Chilliwack River Valley October 24-26, 2019

  1. Ethan Black

    Greendrop/Flora lake
    The change in weather forced us to change our plans to go to Garibaldi and change our trip to Greendrop lake in the Chilliwack River Valley. We had lunch at Lindeman lake and then we would move on to traverse the first boulder field on the way to Greendrop lake. We had to cross several streams and boulder-fields to arrive at Greendrop lake. We set up camp and spent the night at Greendrop lake. In the morning we cooked breakfast and set out on a day hike to Flora lake. When we got close to the lake we had to split into two groups because some peoples wanted to turn back and other still wanted to keep hiking to the lake. We made it to Flora lake and took a break for lunch. Then we started back back and had no trouble hiking back and made it back to camp with lots daylight to spare. The next day we left 30 minutes late and made it back to the school early.

  2. Karol MacLeod

    The trip was fun. The trip started on October 24 2019 at the school at the beginning of the school day. When we were at the school on October 24 2019 we each went through the stuff that we each decided to bring which seemed to have taken a while but each of us got through it after that we learned a little bit about the Aboriginal history of the place that we were about to make are way to. Which was known as green drop. From there we did the rest of the journey which took us all the way to October 26 2019.

  3. miranda n

    so GOOd. hiking past green drop was outstanding, phenomenal and beautiful. i tented with raji and jaeya and t’was grand. the views are always worth the grind, also, meeting, becoming friends and playing games with new people is always a highlight. It was very cold, but in the morning it snowed and was outstanding. the second days incline was intense, but such a good workout. cooking was great and i loved all of the food we made, jeaya made dehydrated chillie and it was life changing, but more than all of the wonderful food, i would defiantly recommend everyone to come on this trip, you learn so much about yourself and about this incroyBLE WORLD.

  4. Maddy

    The backpacking trip from me was such a good experience. I learned a lot and saw some really amazing views. One night there was a group of us playing cards and someone in the group let out a fart. At that point I turned to this person and said “Did you just fart? I respect that.” That was an on going joke for the rest of the time. I did go into the weekend a tad unprepared so for future trips i need to plan my meals better and bring the right propane for my burner. Besides that it was a very successful trip.

  5. Jaeya

    This trip was really entertaining, I learned how to stay warm and wear lots of layers. It was really fun the play card games. The food was surprisingly good and the snacks we good too. The view of all of the lakes was amazing. My favorite view of the trip was first seeing green drop, I loved how so few people had been there. I enjoyed the experience of boldering on big rocks and crossing rivers, I enjoyed all of the different terrain you could hike on. The people that went were awesome and very funny.

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