Paintballing-Millionaire Paintball November 5, 7 2019

Some use brushes, some rollers, but in Outdoor Education we create our art with paintball guns! Over 30 international students descended on Miilionaire Paintball in Abbotsford to experience the thrilling sport of paintball. Some left with victories, some left with bruises, but all left with lasting memories. Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

3 thoughts on “Paintballing-Millionaire Paintball November 5, 7 2019

  1. Karol MacLeod

    I went on the WJ Mouat outdoor education previously all the way to the September 2018 to June 2019 school year known and still commonly referred to as The WJ Mouat Community Recreation Program fall of 2019 after school paintball Field trip which was the second after school paintball Field trip each year they typical plan for 2 after school paintball Field trips one in the spring and one in the fall they also typical plan for 2 in school paintball Field trips which those paintball Field trips that they hold occurs around the time of the after school paintball field trips that they hold.

  2. Karol MacLeod

    That day I did not get hit once by a paintball not because I was some sort of mastermind sniper but because I knew how to hide like I was some kind of brown looper moth resting on a lichen covered sand stone. like it was once said by Rick RioDan “ even strength must bow wisdom sometimes“. If you cannot even find a pray that you were looking for how are you supposed to capture it. In life one must have the brains to see when a optical is upper head. That is why you should always keep one step in front of the game when it come to paintball.

    1. Adrien Leis

      This was my first time ever doing paintball, and it was definitely memorable. At first, I was pretty scared about being hit so I mostly just stayed back and defended our flag rather than go out and try to get hit. It was kind of boring just playing defence but once people started coming our way it was so fun to try and hit people. So for the last game I decided to go all out and follow behind Mr. Rahe. Little did I know I would get absolutely crushed by the opponent and got eliminated out almost immediately. I didn’t even realize how many times I got hit and wish that I would have gone out into the open more often rather than staying behind and playing defence.

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