Wildplay High Ropes Course November 14, 2019

A definite highlight of the Extreme Outdoor Education calendar is this trip to Wildplay in Maple Ridge. Students were challenged to brave new heights while completing physical challenges on a high ropes course. Highlights included zip lining from the tree tops, traversing rickety bridges, and several students taking the challenge to the next level by completing the Extreme course 40 feet in the air. Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

13 thoughts on “Wildplay High Ropes Course November 14, 2019

  1. Karol MacLeod

    I find that this trip is a good example of when the outdoor ed program goes to high Heights both literally and figuratively. On the literal side of things The outdoor ed program literally gives of the opportunity to climb high with the hole Field trip being Centered around going to wild play where we got to play on there high ropes. Which most people like doing including myself make it a thing that is a high in prospective of how good it is. That is why a lot of students sign up for it and if you are into High ropes it is recommended for you

  2. Rebecca Dyck

    Wild play was a trip that I hadn’t done before. I had always driven past the high ropes course wondering when I would be able to do it. It was so fun! My hands were freezing though because of the fall temperatures. My favourite part was the zip lines. At first I kept swaying from side to side, not being able to keep my body straight. Then I finally, I learned how to stay straight. The videos of me trying to straighten out on the vip line still haunts me. This was a fun trip and I’ll definitely do it next year. I was the third person to finish the course so…I got to do the extreme one again!

  3. Troy Pham

    I learned how to somewhat challenge myself. I distanced myself from any distractions such as my phone and enjoyed the nature and cool air around me. I had lots of fun going through the levels. The levels such as the Extreme one really got me going because of how high up I was in the air. I got to really connect with my other classmates and how they behaved throughout the trip. Since I used to live in Maple Ridge, seeing it again really mad me happy because of all the feelings and memories that I rekindled. So zip lining at my home town really made the hours that I spent there really worth my while.

  4. Wild play was so much fun. I would for sure go again. Working through the highs ropes with my friends was a blast. It was a lot of core and arm strength but worth it in the end. I would definitely do it again, although the extreme one was a lot harder than expected and was a challenge. In the end it was all fun and I would for sure do it again. Hopefully on a sunnier day:)

  5. Luke Wittenberg

    This Trip was a good trip. In fact it was such a good trip I would highly recommend this trip to all people who would like to be challenged physically and mentally, yes mentally it will test your mental capacity. But it was lots of fun and made be happier. 🙂

  6. Sarah Hartle

    This trip was a complete blast! I have been to Wildplay before, so I knew my way around the ropes (pun intended). I do have a horrible fear of heights though. I do know that the ropes are able to hold me, but I’m scared of them snapping because of my weight and falling. Even if it was my second time, I was horrified by some of the stations, especially where you have to pull yourself across on an unstable log held up by worn out ropes. But I had a partner’s help which made it easier with distributed weight. But what I was always weary off was the zip lining. Don’t get me wrong, I love zip lining! When you don’t set it up yourself. Being with professionals around and giving you the a-ok beside me is comforting. When the only sight they have is about 40 feet off the ground, it feels unsafe. All in all, it was fun though living on the edge and facing my fears.

  7. Jaeya

    Wildplay was a really fun experience, it was very amusing to watch others try the different obstacles and the faces they made as they did them. I really enjoyed all of the zip lines. I learned that I don’t have very good balance and that it takes a lot of focus to do certain obstacles. I had a really good time learning how to do obstacles with a safety line. I liked that the courses got harder and that you could choose the level of difficulty you wanted to do. I was happy that most of the obstacles were different but most were fun.

  8. Karol MacLeod

    Going on high ropes is one of the things I find enthusiastically enjoyable. From swinging like I am Tarzan and Ziplining like I am a spy. With that the trip was a highlight of the school year for me. That does not mean that I performed excellently on the High ropes I in fact Screwed up several times on the high ropes. From getting tangled around different obstacles such as bridge planks to accidentally cutting my finger when trying to get back to the landing pad on the zip line After I did not make the landing. But in parallel to what has been said before by an unknown person “ Don’t give up one day you will look back and be glad you didn’t”. So why not just give highropes a try. I doubt that you would regret it.

  9. Tatiana Cano

    Wild play is a great place to roam around and zipline. It is definitely a way to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Since I do not enjoy being high up in the air this was definitely a trip that I wanted to try. Once you are going around the course you feel better about being higher up. The zip lines are a lot of fun and I would definitely go again to wild play. Also I appreciated that there was different levels you could choose from. So that you could work your way up which was really nice to have that option. Overall wild play is a great place to go to push your limits and to have a fun time.

  10. Adrien

    Another first time trip, Wildplay was so much fun for me! I also learned a lot about myself and how I react to different situations. As I went along with the group, I tried to maintain a good pace but every so often I would come across an obstacle that I really would struggle with. Those ones were mostly the thin ropes or ones with no handles. I soon begin to realize that I wasn’t scared of heights so much as being scared of falling off the ropes. As I practised more and more, I begin to feel more comfortable and soon tried the highest course which was challenging, but a lot of fun!

  11. Paula Penzkofer

    I was really excited before going to Wild Play. I did stuff like this in Germany too and it was interesting to see the similarities. I thought it would be more different but actually the procedure before climbing up and then going around the course was the same. The only difference was the height of the course. It was higher than in Germany. At first I didn’t feel comfortable with climbing up there and going around. But in the end it wasn’t as bad as I thought and I had a lot of fun. Unfortunately I had not the right clothes so I would definitely bring better clothes next time to have an even better experience.

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