Leadership Snowshoeing/Tubing-Mt. Seymour January 17, 2020

The Snowshoe/tubing trip this year took on a different look as for the first time ever Mouat students were joined by Chief Dan George and Howe Middle students. Members of the Mouat Outdoor Education program spent the day leading small groups, and sharing their experiences in the program. Overall the trip was a smashing success, as Moua leaders lived up to the challenge presented to them. Students spent the morning experiencing snowshoeing on the Mt. Seymour trails, completing challenges in their small groups. The afternoon was spent bombing down tube runs in pristine conditions! Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below. Leaders please discuss the experience. What did you learn? What could be done differently next time?

12 thoughts on “Leadership Snowshoeing/Tubing-Mt. Seymour January 17, 2020

  1. Troy Pham

    During this leadership tubing and snowshoe exercise, I learned that grade 8 kids are a handful and I think I need to learn how to maintain or control a group in a better way then I did on that day. We went a pretty long walk on the mountain and we analyzed tracks of animals and looked at trees to see what kind of tree they were. Once we were done with our walk we went back to our lodge where we were quizzed on what we learned on the walk. Once we answered they would hand us hot chocolate. That was when I realized I should have paid more attention but it was fine since I didn’t like chocolate in the first place. Then after lunch it was a relaxing but somewhat intense tubing down hills. My favorite part about that was on the way up, you could see the city clearly and it was a beautiful sight.

  2. Jaeya

    The snowshoe and tubing trip to Seymour was really fun. It was a cool experience to lead a group of kids and it challenged me to help more people put on or take off their snowshoes. I enjoyed the activities we did while we were snowshoeing and I learned about the different shelters you could make if you got stranded in winter. I think that if I were do to this field trip again I would spend more time snowshoeing and I think it would be fun to make your own trail. The tubing was a blast and I loved watching people race and then get in trouble for hitting the yellow bags. I learned that it is important to put your feet down while tubing to avoid hitting the end.

  3. Karol MacLeod

    The best part for me when it comes to the leadership snowshoeing/tubing trip was not the snowshoeing and tubing even though that part was excellent but it was having a chance To meet future possible outdoor Ed extreme students and communicating with them about why they should take outdoor Ed extreme. So they do not end up making the same mistake of not taking that class in the beginning of high school like I did. I wanted to express to them all the wonderful trips that I have been on. From the trip called taste of Stein at stein Valley to the Multi-day skiing/snowboarding snow resort field trip to Sasquatch Mountain. To all of the lessons that I have learned. From life being a mountain that you got to climb up to no matter how strong you may be if you do not have the brains you will be outwitted. Like it was once said by Emeasoba George “ The greatest legacy anyone can leave town is to positively impact the lives of others. Whether you can add value to other peoples lives you are unknowingly leaving footprints on the sands of time that live on, even after you demise.”

  4. Ashleigh Bruder

    The trip was a fun experience. I got to snowshoe on Mt. Seymour with my fellow peers as well as grade 8 students from Gordie Howe and Chief Dan George. They were fun to work with. younger kids can be somewhat troublesome too though. The snowshoeing went by with no complications, although Mr. Rahe did roll down the mountain instead of following the path. The tubing was definitely the most fun. We all got to have fun sliding down the mountain. My favorite part was the ride back to school because I got to sleep. Yup definitely my favorite part.


    The Leadership Snowshoeing/Tubing at Mt. Seymour was a really amazing trip. When we first met the grade 8’s it was quite awkward, however, as this exciting day contined, we became so much closer. It was a really cool oppruinty to lead a group of grade 8 out in the woods. It was very neat to learn facts about the trees and many survival skills, like building a shelter. Snow tubing was also very joyous time. we had many races down the slopes and made dances and cheers!! Many of them are very very pumped to join com rec next year!!!! PHENOMENAL TIMES

  6. Tatiana Cano

    This was my first time snowshoeing and I had such a great time. I never would have thought it would be such a task to move around in them. I felt better that it wasn’t just my first time but many others too. Snowshoeing is definitely something people should try at least once in their life time. Being a leader was better than I thought because my group for the most part were good listeners. They were good company to have. We learned new things like have to make shelter from snow. After the walk around the trail having a cup of hot chocolate was really nice and warmed me up. Then going tubing after lunch was the BEST. I had such a great time racing and just sliding down. This is definitely a trip I would recommend to others.

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