Cross Country Skiing-Cypress Mountain February 21, 2020

A brand new trip this year on the Extreme Outdoor Ed calendar was this cross country ski trip to Cypress Mountain. Students learnt classic cross country skiing technique, as well as how to safely navigate up and down the trails. Highlights included taking a wrong turn and ending up on a black diamond rated trail, and learning that cross country skis, though similar to regular skis, offer a whole new challenge and world of possibilities. Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

9 thoughts on “Cross Country Skiing-Cypress Mountain February 21, 2020

  1. Sophie Martens

    This trip marks my first experience ever being on skis and I am glad to say it was a good one. It was pretty much what I expected it to be but I didn’t think I would fall as much as I did. I received many bruises and I don’t think I can bend my knees fully anymore. Although it was painful, falling was still pretty exhilarating. My favourite spill was when I ate it and then Kai proceeded to trip over my ski. It was pretty hilarious. One specific struggle that I continued to encounter throughout the trip was controlling my speed and braking (probably why I fell so often). I wish that I had more time before we started on the trails to practice slowing down. I was really glad with the way I dressed, I think I achieved the perfect amount of layers for this type of winter sport. My socks were pretty wet at the end though, so next time I do this I will definitely bring an extra pair. Throughout the day I stayed mainly on the green trails other than one time my group did a turn around and we ended up on some blue; that was a tragic experience considering my falling track record. The day ended with a gorgeous sunset while waiting for the bus. The way the sky reflected on the water made it seem as though there were only clouds and we were above them. Cross country skiing was a really fun experience and I plan on doing it again some time.

  2. Rebecca de Beer

    The cross country ski trip was definitely an experience that I’ll never forget. Prior to this trip, I had never had any experience skiing or snowboarding before so I definitely felt nervous and excited going into it. The first half of the day (putting on our skis and learning the basics of cross country skiing) was quite challenging. I don’t have the best balance and so I relentlessly fell over which constantly left me at the back of my group. I was a little bit frustrated during the first half of our lesson as I was evidently the furthest behind everyone else and I would have liked to been able to keep up. However, the trails were beautiful and I realized that sometimes learning means going slowly which was an encouraging thought to hold onto. The instructor was also very encouraging and patient with my inexperience. After lunch, I was able to have some free time with my friends which was so much fun as I was able to see the progress that I had made and it was a great time just to explore the trails and challenge myself. I think my favorite part of the whole trip was going downhill, I think my fear of falling paralyzed my balance into gear and so I was really good at it. It was a blast to be able to speed down the hills with friends by my side. I have a lot of bruises to tell of my experience but it was definitely worth it. In fact, I had such a great time that I planned another trip with a family member for the weekend after.

  3. Karol MacLeod

    Cross country skiing showed me that no matter how many times that you fall what matters is whether you get up again. That day was a tough day there were many fails for me from slipping and hitting the ground to having no choice but to figure out how to do two paper routes in The dark with all my gear on while the rest of my family was at Pizza Hut celebrating my brother’s birthday due to the bus being hours late and me losing my house Key on the trip. But at no point did I give up I kept on fighting to the battle was won and I made the most of all that went on. Despite battling the circumstances I still managed to have a wonderful educational time developing a stronger methodologies to help me deal with times of hardship. I do not want to undermine COVID-19 but an example that applies to anyone and everyone is how COVID-19 has impact even the daily lives of the people of today. The main thing that is helping me get through that type of time is the experiences such as the cross-country ski trip that did not go as planned. At this point of time it is best for everyone to stay at home besides for essential travel but once things go back to normal. I strongly recommend I’m going cross-country skiing and hopefully things go smoother. But if they do not just remember that in line with what was once said by Chris Evan play the role of Captain America “I CAN DO THIS ALL DAY.” Signifying that’s our should not give up when things get tough.

  4. Stefania Sawatzky Döwich

    The Cross Country Skiing Trip was very good. I have the opportunity to make new friends and meet better the people that I already knew. It was very funny to learn how to ski and I thing I never laugh so much in one day, because I spent more time on the ground than skiing because I was falling all the time. In this trip I learned that when we trust in ourselves and think positive things work out, because when I trusted that I wouldn’t fall in a hill and concentrate me, I really didn’t fall. I hope someday I can do it with my Family from Brazil,because it was a very good experience.

    1. Stefania I’m glad that you had a good time on this trip. This was also my first time experiencing cross country skiing and it was definitely different than I imagined it would be.

  5. Adrien

    This is my first timeCross country skiing and it was not at all what I expected! I have been a downhill skier for about nine years and so I thought the experience would be a lot similar. I couldn’t have been more wrong. From the first time that I clipped my boots into the skis, I fell over. I quickly learned that it was closer to skating then skiing. After much struggle to stay balanced in the morning, I eventually got the hang of it and after lunch experience was much more enjoyable! I was able to follow along on the trails and ski at a much faster pace than before. By the end of the day, I had learned the importance of not assuming how to do something new, and rather being open to learning which is what I wish I had done at the beginning of the day.

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