Chadsey Lake and Sumas Mountain Hike September 24, 2020

The second trip saw students drive part of the way up Sumas Mountain to the upper parking lot. While the weather throughout the day was unsettled, the skies cleared and the majority of this hike was completed in sunshine. From here the students hiked into Chadsey Lake and then summitted Sumas Mountain. A difficult ascent resulted in a fantastic reward as the clouds cleared and students were able to view the Eastern expanse of the Fraser Valley. Students learnt about backpacking clothing choices and trail travel. Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

3 thoughts on “Chadsey Lake and Sumas Mountain Hike September 24, 2020

  1. Jakob Kwan

    Today I went on the Chadsey Lake hike with the extreme outdoor class. The hike was great, the weather held out even though there was thunder and lightning that morning. I learned that even if it seems like it’s going to be difficult I can still push through and accomplish the things I want to. We also learned about clothing on this trip. We talked about layers and the kinds of clothing you should bring on a trip. You should wear a wicking layer as your first layer of clothing, then you should have a rain jacket or some form of waterproof layer. Then a down jacket or an insulating layer.

  2. Alex Reitsema

    I really enjoyed the hike to Chadsey Lake and the summit of Sumas Mountain. The views were absolutely amazing. I took some really cool pictures of the view of Chilliwack. The weather was fairly good as it didn’t rain on us very much. We tested the water at Chadsey Lake and we all had a funny conversation about the temperature of the water. And we all agreed that the water was luke, as in between luke warm and luke cold. I was glad that I had packed my rain jacket for the hike. I learned about layering clothing when packing a backpack for a hike.

  3. Kentaro Dennis

    The Chadsey Lake hike was a lot of fun and had a great view. Started by abandoning Colin at the base of the hike, then we had a bit of a bumpy ride up the mountain. We had a nice halfway-ish break at the lake and had some insightful scientific discussion on the temperature of water. Hiking through the forest was nice and peaceful, and the weather cleared up for the hike. The view at the top as super awesome, and you could see a lot of stuff. It was an awesome hike with a great view that wasn’t too difficult – I would definitely go again.

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