McKee Peak Hiking September 22, 2020

The first trip of the year had to be rescheduled due to wildfire smoke. However, when it finally took place the group hiked from Lower Sumas Mountain Park and summitted McKee Peak. Hikers were treated to great views, and chips and pop at the top of the mountain-who brings that hiking anyways?!? Students learnt about trail travel, map reading, as well as the 10 Essentials. Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

7 thoughts on “McKee Peak Hiking September 22, 2020

  1. Going to Mckee peak hike was a super enjoyable trip. I learned alot during this trip and it was harder than i expected it to be. it took us about fours hours to do and there was a lot of great views and wildlife. I learned the reason to not make your own trails and cut through different paths because it disturbs the trees and harms them. It was super peaceful and I would visit this hike again when in my own free time. I learned the ten essentials which some are listed, flashlight, clothes, water, food etc. Overall I really enjoyed this trip and I recommend it.

  2. Ariyan Arora

    The hike at McKee park was very surprising experance for me and my fellow hikers. To start off I did not except the hike to be as challenging as it was in my head I was imagining a very easy going walkway. To my surprise there were many narrow walkways and steep hills! I almost fell off the trail one time but one of my friends grabbed me at the perfect time. Even though the hike was a scary and challenging experience I can still say that I had a great time and am exited for the next trip.

  3. K Mac

    With the pandemic that is going around a lot of things that are getting canceled. Which makes sense, don’t get me wrong health is the priority above all else. This trip was a good time to take a break and relax. With that said it kinda ended up turning a bit of a euphemism for 2020. As there was a lot of confusion, twist and turn and up hills and downs hill moments. Straight from the get go there were problems that occurred. Despite me leaving early to try my best to not be late for the trip, I ended up being ten minutes late not being stopped somewhere but because there were roads that were blocked off and that I ended up mixing up the end site.It seemed almost as if there were so many curves and split paths everywhere I ended up not knowing where I was going a plethora of times to the point where I was strongly relying on the teacher to show the way. All of the time that the teacher tried to quiz the class on where The class was i got it wrong.There were so many up hills and down hills it kinda showed how i was a bit out of shape as i was breathing more heavily during the trip due to light levels of exhaustion. Its safety protocols were good even when considering the times that we all live in. For those who are feeling good don’t be afraid to go on this trip as it is likely that you will stay safe. This trip provides great views and it is relatively close to the city. In this trip a kinda found myself in a “Life gives you lemons make lemonade” scenario. Ultimately a trip worth going don’t miss out.

  4. Jeremiah Gillingham

    Something I learned on the hike was how easy it is to go without my phone. At the beginning I was quite dissapointed as Mr. Rahe said that I wouldn’t even be able to listen to music. I usually just find myself listening to music on hikes rather than actually engaging in the activity and the beauty of what’s around me. While it was forced, I learned how good it feels to just be quiet for a few hours with no distractions, no social media, just me.

  5. Gursewak Sangha

    The Mckee hike mid level hike which was not too hard or easy. The trails at some areas during the hike were narrow so I had to watch my steps and one wrong step could lead to a fatal accident. Something I learned about myself was that I tried to stick to a steady pace but people around kept slowing down or going fast. So I had to keep my pace based off of that. Compared to when I do hikes on my own I stick to one pace always. This keeps me less tired and able to control how many times I stop. Something that I would have done differently is not drinking coke and having candy before leaving from the top. Also next time I would pack extra water and stuff easier to eat like cliff bars and trail mix.

  6. Alex Reitsema

    I really enjoyed this hike. It was fun and enjoyable. I saw a broken down car in the forest which was kind of cool. I took a few pictures of it on my phone. The views were amazing. When I got home I told my family all about the hike and I showed them my pictures. I learned a lot about nature and how to read a map a little bit better. I think next time I will bring more water bottles and a couple more snacks. I look forward to hiking this trail again in the near future with friends or family.

  7. Amrit Grewal

    The McKee Peak hike was an excellent adventure that tested my physical strength and mental strength. Sometimes on the hike it felt like this was never going to end which made it even more exhausting. Having people behind you and in front of you was another scary part because if they trip you are going down with them. But the hike was a really fun way to get outside and enjoy what life is about. I learned a lot from this hike. I learn mapping skills and ways to stay focused because on this hike you have to stay focused at all times so you don’t fall off. I really enjoyed this hike!

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