Paintballing-Millionaire Paintball October 6, 27 2020

Some use brushes, some rollers, but in Outdoor Education we create our art with paintball guns! The first trip on October 6th saw 25 students take part, while the second trip on October 27 saw 16 students descend on Millionaire Paintball in Abbotsford to experience the thrilling sport of paintball. Some left with victories, some left with bruises, but all left with lasting memories. Mr. Rahe is just getting over the welts that were inflicted on him by opponents and teammates alike… Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

15 thoughts on “Paintballing-Millionaire Paintball October 6, 27 2020

  1. kaylea loewen

    I really enjoyed this trip, I learned that it’s very much a team sport, if you only focus on shooting other people and not getting shot you most likely won’t last as long as you would if you worked with the rest of your team. i also learned that it hurts to get shot from a couple feet away
    The only thing I wish we had done differently is not keeping as many people back and moving more forward or around the back and sides. i think i had prepared for it pretty well, i wore clothes i didn’t really care about and made sure to wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt, i also brought extra money for buying more paintballs so i feel i was pretty well prepared overall.

  2. Omrao Dhadda

    I learned a lot while going paintballing, like different strategies and different ways of having the upper hand on the opposing team. I also learned that you had to run a lot and be very quiet so the other team doesn’t hear you, these things were key to winning the game. I learned that I was pretty good at aiming and ended up hitting a lot of people during the games. I wish we had more ammo and also the teams were switched around every round because I felt like the teams were a little unfair. To prepare for this trip next time I would bring more water, less clothing because it got really sweaty and I would also conserve my ammo throughout the rounds so it lasts longer.

  3. Gursewak Sangha

    The paint balling trip was an experience on its own. It was very fun and entertaining. It’s best to go on a nice sunny day because this location is outdoors. A lesson that I learned was that only start shooting at someone when you know they are not from your team. Do not waste your bullets so fast and try to aim to target. Remember to wear clothes that will protect you from the paintballs because they will hurt when they hit you. The most part it will hurt from my experience was that it hurts the shoulders, hands, wrists, and ankles.

  4. Ariyan Arora

    The Paintball Trip with Mr. Rahe was a great experience for me and my friends. At first I was very scared to get hit by the paintball because people had told me it hurts a lot but, when I got hit it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. This could be since I had worn multiple layers of clothing underneath. When I was out on the playing field it felt like I was going to war which was a exhilarating experience and this lead me to respecting military soldiers more because it would be much more scary with real guns. Overall I can say Paintball was a great experience that I would recommend for everyone to do at least once in their life.

  5. Shae Thomas

    Paintballing was a super fun experience for me and I think it opened up many new opportunities because it was very scary. It gave me a good adrenaline rush and it was super fun! I think it was really cool and I really like this course because I’m meeting a lot of new people and having a lot more fun! It’s also a super good opportunity for me to get outside!

  6. Ganelle Poso

    Paintballing was quite the experience; it was a lot more aggressive than when I played it with my father and cousin. I learnt once again that, although I do okay in shooter games, I still can’t aim well for the life of me in a real situation. If I could have a redo of this, I’d adapt the main principle of “shoot first, apologize later”; as if I did, then I wouldn’t have gotten the welt that’s left a permanent faint mark on my thigh. If I were to redo this, i would’ve brought more money to rent more protection, and would’ve worn better clothes for mobility. All in all, it was an interesting experience.

  7. Jakob Kwan

    Today we went to Millionaire Paintball. I had an amazing time and we really got to work on our teamwork and team building skills. You would have to work as a team to take out the enemy team or defend objective points. You were separated into 2 teams that face off against each other. You had to rely on your teammates to watch your back when you were advancing and defending. Teamwork is a great skill to have and develop, it is used in many circumstances and is crucial if you are to get lost with other people. You need to be able to trust and rely on your teammates in the game as well as in a real life crisis.

  8. Liam

    Paintball was great! The bus ride was disappointingly quiet, but all the sound sure came out once we were off the bus and into the field. I played a good four rounds, and then realized 100 paintballs goes by quick. I forgot about the $10 for 100 paintballs rule and didn’t bring any extra pocket cash. Still, on pure andrenaline alone, I managed to shoot 3 people, (only 2 popped) and only get shot twice, with only one popping. Feelings were mixed during it. It seems fun until someone else is shooting back, then it turns to excitement and panic. All I am trying to say is that it was worth it, and it was fun.

  9. Kentaro Dennis

    My first time paintballing was definitely an interesting one. It’s a lot more stressful than video games. that’s for sure… It felt kind of overwhelming at times because there’s a lot to keep track of, between aiming, moving, tracking people, etc. There were also the people who were really good, who kind of destroyed everyone else. Definitely a lot for your first time. However, it was a lot of fun. I can see why a lot of people don’t like it, but I personally liked it a lot despite being really bad… I would definitely go again, whether by myself or with the class.

  10. Jot

    We had gone to paintball and while playing I gained a new respect for military soldiers and what they go through fighting for their lives. While we got to sit out and come back in when they get shot they don’t get to comeback and it is very stressful especially when you see your friend get shot in front of you but it was good hearing kabir scream

    1. Jot Toor

      I realized I did this wrong So here it is again
      I learned that throughout this experience it was better that I stayed with my friends so we could work together and win. I learned that I like shooting people with paintballs and have quite good aim. I was able to work through the Bullet drop of the shots and still connect majority of the time with my paintballs.I wish that next time.We would play in a bigger area. Here it was too small and you could see everything going on. But in a bigger setting it would make it far more realistic. Something I would do differently is bring water. It gets really warm under those masks and the sweat dripping can fog up your goggles. So it was harder to see but water would’ve cooled me down and made it less foggy.

  11. kaylea loewen

    I’ve gone on both of the paint balling trips and very much enjoyed both of them, i knew teamwork was important but the first time we my team would discuss a plan then end up changing a lot of stuff and not following the plan, the second time instead of making a big plan in the beginning we figured it out as we went based on what was happening and we worked a lot better as a team. I learned that you cant just focus on getting closet to/getting the flag before the other team, you need to first shoot the people that could potentially shoot you first. the only thing i wish had gone differently was a lot of people dropped out after a couple rounds which made it not as fun. overall really enjoyed both paint balling trips.

  12. Amrit Grewal

    This was my first time going paint balling and it was a memorable time. I play a lot of video games that closely resemble this and I used some of the video game strategies into real life which was great. This helped me with figuring out strategies and working as a team to win the fight and how to stay calm while getting shot it. The paintballs did not hurt as much as I thought but it was all in all a great experience and would definitely go again!

  13. Kabir Dhothar

    I learned alot going paintballing like you have to have your barrel cover on in the main area and
    To always stay with your team mats because you might get ambushed. And i learned that you should not buy paintballs from there because there a rip off just bring your own I realized that if you get shot with a paintball you’re still gonna survive and if you get shot in real life you die props to the army

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