Watt Creek Hike October 15, 2020

The fourth hike of the year saw students travel out to Cultus Lake in Chilliwack to hike the Watt Creek Horse trail. This trip was the first point to point hike that students have completed this year. While the original trip was planned for just over 8km, detours to Seven Sisters, as well as Teapot Hill, pushed the length of this trip to over 12km. While not as strenuous as earlier trips, students experienced how a trail through the forest can feel like another world, even though the trail itself never meanders farther than 1 km from the road at any given time. Highlights of the trip included Karol taking his first turn as sweep, pushing the pace of those at the back of the pack, as well as the difficult descent on the back side of Teapot Hill where students tested their mountaineering skills! Students discussed how to pack their packs for a daytrip, as well as what alterations need to be made for a multi day backpacking trip. Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

4 thoughts on “Watt Creek Hike October 15, 2020

  1. Jonas Heidebrecht

    This trip was such a great experience, and was a type of adventure I had never been apart of before. During the hike, I learned how useful having access to online maps is, to be able to make on-the-spot decisions with regards to the trail route. My favourite part of the hike was when we followed the steep path down from Teapot Hill, along ridge. That was a very memorable part, and without access to extra maps, it may have been more difficult to find. Next time, I would have worn clothing and footwear that was more suited to that typeof environment.

  2. Karol Macleod

    On that hike I got the opportunity to be the sweep, managing to push the pace up to an astonishing rate with the increased pace the kids on the trip had the opportunity to go on additional adventures such as Seven sister and Teapot Hill. It was as if I was a drill instructor and the rest of the kids were the ones I was drilling. Had I not gone on the trip I bet that the trip would have gone a lot slower as there was much time on it as I managed to convince the kids to go faster. If I had to bet it would have gone much more closer to where the teachers bit of only 8 k instead of 12 would have been a reality. The teacher brought up on the following hike that it was the best decision that he has made putting me as the sweep.

  3. Colin Ip

    My class went to Watt Creek Hike located in Chilliwack. Traveling through the trail led to the main trail and two others called Two Sisters and Teapot hill. Going down Teapot hill was the highlight of the trip for me because of how scary and exhilarating it was if you slipped a little bit. Throughout the hike I felt relaxed and determined to get through this hike. Also I learned about some things about backpacking. Including how to pack one or what to actually pack. Another thing I learned was my potential of how much long I can actually hike or walk. One thing I wish had gone differently during the hike was the muddy walk. When there was a muddy part of the hike it got my shoes dirty or stuck for a second. Something I would do differently next time would be packing more notorious snacks or wear actual hiking shoes or boots. Overall, I enjoyed this hike and would do it again in the future.

  4. 23kentarod8211

    This hike was really fun and a fairly easy one compared to the other ones we did earlier. There wasn’t too much climbing, and the weather was pretty nice. I learned that you shouldn’t throw apple cores into the forest… Won’t forget that one… About halfway, there was the Seven Sisters group of big trees – except 4 of them were dead :/ A nice view at the top, and a really steep shortcut down. Kinda fun going down some steep cliffs, but some of them were pretty dangerous. A basically empty bus ride back. It was a fun hike, and not super difficult. I would go again.

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