Horseback Riding November 5, 2020

On a overcast afternoon in November a small group of Extreme Outdoor Education students travelled to Langley’s 204 Horseback riding for what proved to be the ‘mane’ event of the Outdoor Education year to this point. After a little bit of ‘horsing’ around the students were ‘saddled’ with the task of trying to ride a horse. Instead of ‘hoofing’ it through the park, students were able to learn horse riding skills and participate in a trail ride through Campbell Valley. While some needed to ‘rein’ it in a bit, no one was actually looking to ‘stirrup’ any trouble. Everyone came out of the trip emotionally ‘stable’ and likely looking forward to ‘getting back on the horse’ again! BOOM! Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.


8 thoughts on “Horseback Riding November 5, 2020

  1. kaylea loewen

    i learned alot from this trip as im used to riding enlgish so western felt very different for me. i learned alot about the pull release method and it was very interesting. i really liked how this trip turned out so i dont really think there is anything i would want to change or have gone differently. i also felt pretty prepared for the most part maybe next time il bring a warmer jacket. i really liked this trip and would definitely do it again

  2. Norah Evans

    I learned different skills of how to ride in a Western saddle, as I have always rode English and not done many trail rides so it was fun to get a chance to do this. I learned that it’s not that bad to ride in a western saddle as the last time I rode western I got bucked off. I wish I wouldn’t have been as nervous and relaxed a little more. I would have avoided twisting my ankle a couple days before which caused me to have some issues riding, and stopped me from doing some things. I also would’ve dressed a little warmer as when I was waiting to go on the trail I did get a little bit cold but I knew as soon as I got riding I would get warmer.

  3. Kentaro Dennis

    My first time actually riding a horse was pretty cool. I’ve been on a horse once before but was just led along and didn’t actually do anything, so this was a lot more interesting. Having to control the horse is more complicated than I thought, but I eventually got the hang of it. (I think I got an easier horse too which was helpful lol) The trail ride was really nice although I couldn’t get my horse to trot. I didn’t know we would be cleaning the horses so I got kinda muddy, but that was fine. Next time, I would bring some good earplugs so I don’t have to listen to Mr. Rahe’s horse puns…

  4. Eulalia

    I learned so much i learnt how to trot and to gallop maybe not gallop i forget what its called. We rode western i still don’t know what the difference is but my horse was beautiful though and the trail we went on was gorgeous. It was kind of hard to get my horse to get faster but i got it near the end. It was so much fun i suggest doing this 100%. The lady there are so nice and there is a really old cat and its so cute and the and the other cat and the donkey all very adorable.

  5. madeline

    This trip was very fun. I’ve been trail riding a few times but this ranch taught the basics of horseback riding which was really helpful. It was also fun to learn how to take care of the horses and to see how much work it is to maintain them. Overall great trip, learned lots.

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