Wildplay High Ropes Course November 19, 2020

The weather looked dicey at the start of the day, but by the time the group arrived at Wildplay the rain held off and even a little sunshine poked through. Students were challenged to brave new heights while completing physical challenges on a high ropes course. Highlights included zip lining from the tree tops, traversing rickety bridges, and several students taking the challenge to the next level by completing the Extreme course 40 feet in the air, some completing it multiple times! Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

12 thoughts on “Wildplay High Ropes Course November 19, 2020

  1. Ganelle Poso

    Wildplay was a fun, if not a bit scary, course set in the trees. Honestly it was really amusing to do; the entire time I felt giddy and bubbly, even going out of my way to help and support my friends through the course. It was a nice sorta replay of the high ropes course experience I first had in Quebec. I finally learnt the name of this type of course, which lets me come back to it at a later time. I also learnt I tend to help peers when I’m more experienced/comfortable with whatever we’re doing, be it high ropes courses or with cooking; I also tend to take the role as leader when no one else will. Honestly the only things that I wish could’ve gone better was the fact that I dropped my half-eaten pizza slice, the fact that I wore too thick of a jacket and that I decided against wearing gloves while on the course. Next time I would’ve worn a different jacket, something much thinner but enough to keep me warm. All in all, it was real fun and I’d go again if given the chance.

  2. Jessica Purdon

    During the trip to Wildplay, which I would love to go back to, I learned to conquer a bit of my fear of heights. I also saw a few people recognized as friends from a long while ago. Although I am and defiantly still afraid of heights, its not as bad due to this activity. I wish I that I was not so nervous at first for I had wasted a bunch of our time on one course. Next time on the course I would love to have brought warm but thinner clothing- because It wasn’t as comfortable with my thick jacket. I had only done Wildplay a bit last year and regret not doing more this year, but next time I go I hope to do one of the higher ones for sure!

  3. Melissa Thomas

    I enjoyed going to Wildpay a lot, and I have never done anything like it before. I was going to do it a couple of years ago, but something popped up, and I couldn’t. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip and would do it again. The whole time, I felt excited and eager to move on to the next level or activity. I learned that you need to use a lot of arm strength to pull yourself up. Something that I learned about myself is that I am not afraid of heights as I was not afraid of going higher. I wish that it wouldn’t have rained the day before because the course was slippery, and the cords would drip water on me. Although we were in the trees the majority of the time, the ground was also very muddy. If I had known that I would be getting water down my sleeves the whole time, I would have tightened the cuffs of my jacket to prevent them from getting soaked. Overall, I absolutely loved this trip, and I had a great time.

  4. Alexander Kemp

    During my time at Wildplay, I did all of the available courses. I found the extreme course the most challenging because it required a lot of forearm strength and grip, after the extreme course my arms were tired. I found the green course to be the easiest of courses which I participated in during my time at wild play because it was short and there were not many obstacles. It was raining before we got there but as soon as we got into and on the course, the rain suddenly stopped, providing a good extra challenge because the wood was slippery. I would wait for a while before I would consider going back to Wildplay because I have done it recently and I did not find it as fun the second.

  5. Rebecca Dyck

    I had been to wild play before so I knew what to expect. Although, this time I found it a lot more physically demanding. On the extreme ropes course I always gave up on the nets that we had to climb across. My favourite part was definitely the longest zip line.It was a fun trip with a good crowd. The weather even worked out and we didn’t get any rain while on the rope course. I learned how to use my balance, strength and endurance to complete the rope course. The course was wet but the only downfall with that was cold hands.

  6. Kentaro Dennis

    My first time at wildplay was awesome! When we left it was raining like crazy but that all stopped when we got there so the weather was great. At the start, I was a bit scared of the heights but I quickly got used to it. I tried all the courses but the Extreme one was definitely my favourite. It’s higher up and the obstacles are more interesting. My favourite part was the rope swing into a net. Next time, I would probably bring more waterproof gloves – the ones I brought helped a bit but weren’t great at keeping out the water.

  7. Conner Pow

    Going to wild play was really fun, I love going zipline ever since I went for the first time when I was 12. It was really fun to do the courses all over again. I learned that sometimes not every course is easy and sometimes courses can get a little harder than then the regular ones. The extreme courses was the hardest to do but I did do it and got through it. Something I learned about myself was that I should be more careful when it comes to very slippery surfaces when walking around a lot on the courses you do, I almost fell a couple times because of how slippery it was on the wooden courses. One thing I wish the course could have gone differently is the weather because it made the surfaces on every course very slippery and causing the hazard to fall, so I just wish it wasn’t raining and could have been cloudy or sunny on that day we went. I think for me next time if I go on the trip again in the future I think I would wear some type of shoe that has more grip to it so I don’t fall as much as I did on that day. So that I can just run freely through the courses without the hazard of falling or slipping over the ledge.

  8. Jaeya Hough

    this was my second time going to wildplay and I really enjoyed it. There were some aspects of the course that had changed so I enjoyed learning more about the different safety things they had. I found the course to be a little more challenging since it was a little slippery so I learned to slow down and take my time. The hardest part for me was the climbing nets but I had a lot of fun learning to push myself and try to complete the section without relying on the safety line. overall it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.

  9. Seajay Kendall

    This was my first time going to wild play. It was such an amazing experience and I would definitely go again. I realized while doing the course that I was a little scared of how high it was, but then again it was so much fun. I was so excited to the courses, because they looked so fun! I learned that no matter how scared you are you have to face your fear and do it. I wish I would have faced my fear and gone on the higher courses. But at the end of the day I had lots of fun and would definitely do it agin!

  10. Heart

    I’ve been to wildly a couple times before but Ive never really done the hardest one before because last time I was a bit nervous to do it. I learned that even though your afraid of something, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever not do it. I was scared to go on the hardest one because I thought that maybe there was a rope that could break because It was so high up, but nope, it was 100% percent safe. I really wish I had gotten to do the harder one more times because it was a lot of fun and too bad I can’t go for another little bit. Next time if I go I’d probably bring water and food because last time I was very thirsty and hungry. It was a lot of fun though and I really wish to do it all again!

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