Rockclimbing-Project Climbing Centre November 24, 2020

This trip to Project Climbing Center in Abbotsford saw students challenge themselves on various routes, bouldering and climbing on belay. The students were instructed in the use of the GriGri belay system, and then had the opportunity to belay their classmates and teacher under supervision of Project climbing staff.  Highlights included Jessica ringing the bell, and Karol almost ringing Mr. Rahe’s bell!  Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

19 thoughts on “Rockclimbing-Project Climbing Centre November 24, 2020

  1. Jessica Purdon

    During this trip I learned that rock-climbing isn’t that easy, nor is it the most fun. But i did learn about myself in a way, that whenever I think I cant do it It affects me in that way. I wish I had done more during the trip, but I didn’t really feel motivated. Next time for the trip I am going to try and get enough sleep before hand and double check with my friends if they are coming or not- because the one friend that I thought was coming actually didn’t and that was one of the reasons I went on the trip, it threw me off a bit.

  2. Jakob Kwan

    When we went to project climbing we learned how to operate the Gri-gri belaying system. That day at project climbing I learned that if I really put my mind to it, I can accomplish almost anything. Something I wish had gone differently was that I tried to campus the wave wall at the beginning instead of at the end when I was tired. Next time I would bring more snacks as well as possibly my own carabiners. It was a great experience to go and climb with all these new people and bond with my peers. I can’t wait to bond with them further in future trips.

  3. Karol Macleod

    The trip was great. I managed to go on the courses five times while most only went on three times. The traditional route is first going on the easy high ropes course, then the medium, then the hard one. What i ended up doing was first the medium high ropes course, then the hard, then the extreme after which i got permission to go on the extreme again due to how much time there was left and then a little while afterwards after i finished eating my lunch i once again got permission to do hard one again as there was enough time but the extreme one was closed. But throughout it was not an absolute breeze there were many times that i had challenges that i had to face from ending up in the middle of a zipline to having trouble completing a particular part of the course . You may be wondering how both being able to finish something quick and having some level of struggles while on the course can end up being in the same situation. But just because you are good at something does not mean you face no struggles with it we all struggle in our lives to some level or another but it is ultimately what you do when you face those challenges.

  4. Karol Macleod

    Well that trip was shockingly interesting i have gone rock climbing many times but not until that day had i ever done belaying before and i sure shown how much of a newbie I was when I tried during that as I ended up dropping the teacher well using the grigri belay system. You may think that it was not only the first day but the first time I had ever done belaying when I dropped the teacher. But you would be wrong that time went fairly great but it was the second time belaying when that happened. You may be thinking that the reason for why the accident happened was that I slacked off thinking that I can handle doing it easily but I was doing the second time at belaying to get better at belaying. It puts an emphasis that just because you are trying your best it does not mean that accidents are bound to happen. It takes time to build your skills and if you want to get better at something you have to be willing to put in the time that is needed. Which I continued to do with one that had a safety lock from that point on but with that I got better.

  5. Alexander Kemp

    When we went to rock climbing the first thing we learned to do was the Gri-gri system; a system in which one person climbs the wall whilst the other acts as an anchor and pulley. The first wall I did without the instructors my friend on the Gri-gri system used it backwards and I was stuck at the top until I had to climb down myself, after which we realized he used it incorrectly. This was the most exciting part of the day for me as I did not find the rest of the day all that interesting, because I lost my faith in the gri-gri system and I only got to climb a few more times after.

  6. Rebecca Dyck

    Project was a fun and exciting experience. I did some V0s and even finished some V1s. This used my strength and endurance to stay strong during the climb. The group was very motivating towards each other and I think most people had a blast. I even attempted a V2 which definitely humbled me and watching others climb gave me the little tricks in order to get up there. Jaeya even learned how to belay! Which was nice because she gained in skills and I got a top rope. All in all a fun trip which even led to Jaeya, Miranda and I to go to Project the week after.

  7. Kentaro Dennis

    Rock climbing at Project was a lot of fun. Learning the grigri belay system was pretty interesting and freed up a lot of the courses, as I could have my partner and I belay each other instead of having to wait for an instructor. I improved a bit from the last time my class went and conquered some 5.7’s and 5.8s. I didn’t boulder as much as last time, but I still did a few V0s and V1s. Unfortunately, I still wasn’t able to do the wave wall, as I couldn’t get past that second double grip… Next time for sure!

  8. Ethan Black

    On november 24th our outodoor extreme class went to visit the rock climbing gym in Abbotsford. Project climbing is the gym that I started climbing at. The gym has a variety of styles and difficulty. The outdoor extreme calss was taught how to use a simple belay device properly. the grigri is second to the REVO in assisted breaking but is by far the most simple to use device that si available. They are much less complicated and make an excellent device to learn on. I would recomend this trip to climbers of all skill levels, it was very enjoyable to see so many people learn to belay.

  9. Jaeya Hough

    I really enjoyed going rock climbing at project. It has been awhile since I last went so I learned that there are many stranger arm muscles involved in climbing. I was happy to complete the different courses and try some of the harder ones. I really enjoyed learning the Gri-gri belay and it is a skill that I have always wanted to learn so that I could belay my friends. A week after the trip I went back to project and could belay Rebecca so I was really happy that I had the opportunity to learn how to belay. Next time I go I want to challenge myself more and try some of the harder climbs.

  10. Conner Pow

    When we went rock climbing, it was fun but challenging at some points because some courses I decided to do required a lot of strength than easier ones. I fell a couple times and I kept trying to finish the course. What I learned was that you need to have a lot of strength inside you do some of courses, because sometimes courses had smaller rocks for your feet and you to had to use your hands more to pull yourself up higher. One thing I learned about myself is that I need to hold on rocks a little better because the couple times when I went on courses, I would reach for another rock then I would let go and I would go flying, and almost hit other students there. I think one thing that should have got differently is that I wish I fitted into the rock climbing shoes or if I had my own pair, so it would help me grip better on to rocks when I position my feet when going up, so I don’t fall as much. I think for me next time If I prepared for the trip again, I would wear less of a thicker shoe because I wearied thick shoes and it caused me to slip a little more, so If I wearied a running shoe than I think it would have been better.

  11. heart libres

    For this trip I learned that no matter how hard something is that you just gotta keep on pushing yourself to make it. Don’t stop just because you’re almost there, keep on going because you’re almost there. I learned that rock climbing is very fun and exciting espesically when you’re racing with someone. Next time if I go then I would probably wear something different other than a hoodie because it got hot real fast. Overall I found this trip to be very fun and new and I would probably go again with friends or family.

  12. Levi barager

    Going rock climbing at project rock climbing centre taught me how to operate the Gri-gri belaying system. I haven’t ever learned it before and I’m glad that I got the opportunity too. I learned that I can accomplish anything if I really tried my hardest too. If I could do anything differently next time is that I wish I would have put on chalk before climbing on the wave wall, as my hands got slippery very easily when I went on it. Also next time I would probably wear shorts and a thin t-shirt because it also got very hot in the gym.

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