Scuba Diving December 3, 2020

This trip took students to a whole new world!!! Well maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration as students spent their time learning to scuba dive at MRC, but it definitely opened their eyes to a brand new experience. Students learnt about various pieces of dive equipment, and important safety considerations when it comes to using their safety equipment and regulating pressure while underwater. It’s amazing how using scuba diving equipment can open up a whole new world of experiences, even in something as mundane as a public pool!  Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

11 thoughts on “Scuba Diving December 3, 2020

  1. Liam wiebe

    Scuba diving was cool. Unfortunately my gear malfunctioned and I had to use my instructor’s own gear, but I still got to do it. It was amazing and weird at the same time. Once under the surface of the water, it felt that I wasn’t getting enough oxygen, but felt no need to breathe more. Halfway through I got a dry throat from breathing the air from the tank. I had a lot of fun goofing off in the water. Eventually I got spacey and lost track of time and my surroundings, but I think we all did that. If wasn’t uncommon to bump into others while swimming in such a compact place. I would recommend to anyone interested to give it a go. 10/10

  2. Karol Macleod

    If I were to be asked by someone if I would recommend this kind of trip to them I would follow them up with this question have you done scuba diving? If they were to say no, I would then tell them to look through the documentation required to go on this trip and if there are no problems in that regard then yes, if they were to tell me that they have gone scuba diving before. I would then respond to them asking what level of certification do you have. As if they have obtained a high level of certification and they are capable of doing thing like open water scuba diving I would tell them no, while if they had a low and limited level of certification I would tell them yes. This mainly boils down to how this trip focuses on actually obtaining knowledge required to do scuba diving way more than actually doing scuba diving when the scuba diving was actually done it was only in a pool rather than in an ocean. I get that this was a stylistic decision that was made based upon how expensive it is actually obtaining the knowledge to do open water scuba diving and there were certainly people who benefited from this including myself, but i really do think that it needs to be expressed that this trip is not meant for those who have obtained high levels of certification.

  3. Ethan Black

    This trip the outdoor extreme class walked to the MRC pool for a lesson on the basics of diving. We did a small classroom session to learn a little bit about dive safety. After our classroom session we went to the pool. They taught us how to put on and use the dive gear. We were shown different tools that they use to keep themselves safe. Then we finally got to try it ourselves. Floating weightlessly under water was a very cool experience that I would recommend for anybody. This trip was one of my favorites and required no bussing to and from the trip

  4. Caelan MacKenzie

    Scuba diving was a great experience and I learned a lot! Before we went straight into action at MRC, we learnt about the dos and don’ts of scuba diving, as well as the equipment used and some important terms. The number one rule of scuba diving was, breathe in, breath out, repeat, and do not hold your breath! I learnt about scuba diving terminology such as BCD, equalization, bends and more. On top of that I learnt about the scuba tank,buoyancy vest,and regulator, how they all work and their purposes. After the short lesson, we headed down to MRC, changed, and geared up in our scuba diving equipment. We all got into groups of 4 and were taught by instructors how to use our buoyancy vests and regulators. In no time everyone was swimming around in the deep end, diving down to retrieve hockey pucks and playing pass with golf balls. I had the time of my life. The feeling of breathing underwater is indescribable. This was such an amazing opportunity and has left me wanting to get my official licence so I can go diving in open waters.

  5. Shae Thomas

    On this trip I learnt how to use the scuba equipment and what every part of it does. I learnt that scuba is harder than it looks and takes time and practice. There are a lot of safety precautions with scuba and it can be danger.

  6. Alex Kemp

    At the start of the scuba diving trip, I was excited to get going. When the instructor told us that if we hold our breath our lungs would explode and if we didn’t equalize our ears our eardrums could burst, suddenly, the trip seemed a lot less appealing. After putting on our equipment which weighed about as much as I thought, we got into the water. Being in the shallow water sucked because my tank would tilt on my back. Once we got into the deep end it was peaceful, all I heard was my own breathing and the bubbles from my tank. It’s funny that the hardest thing to do during the trip was remembering to breathe, It’s such a normal thing to do but when you’re told to do it or you die you have to consciously remember to not hold your breath and keep breathing. I enjoyed this trip and learned a lot about how the equipment works, I would be interested in getting a Scuba certification in the future.

  7. Ewen Devlin

    I’ve always wanted to go scuba diving sometime in my life but it was always ridiculously expensive. But when I saw that scuba diving was one of the trips I was excited. It was tons of fun just learning about it, about the water pressure, the tanks, and equalization. It was all very interesting to me, and of course the most fun part was actually going into the water. Being able to breath underwater was amazing, and swimming around with my friends. Except Alex was afraid that his lungs would explode if he forgot to breath and Kentaro couldn’t equalize his ears so he was near the top the whole time.

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