Skiing/Snowboarding #1-Sasquatch December 16, 2020

The first ski/snowboard trip of the season saw Extreme Outdoor Education students finally get on the mountain in December for the first time in Mr. Rahe’s career. While the temperature was a little warmer than desirable, the strong early season snowpack resulted in good Spring riding conditions. Highlights included Hobbs equipment falling apart on his first run, and the epic hunt for Keira’s cell phone in deep powder, which thankfully ended happily ever after. The sparsely populated mountain resulted in lots of opportunities to find untouched powder, and everyone left happy and healthy and already looking forward to their next trip. Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

6 thoughts on “Skiing/Snowboarding #1-Sasquatch December 16, 2020

  1. Keira Thompson

    The trip was super fun overall! Our first run was good but the second run is where things fell apart. We went on a double black powder run and we all rolled down the first part. We slowly made our way down the run but than hit a huge bump and Jordan and I went flying. When I reached to grab my phone to take a photo of us in the deep snow, I realized that it was missing! We searched for so long and I started to lose hope but I often lose my phone so I had hopes that we would still find it. After an hour of searching and with the help of so many people, we finally heard the sound of find my iPhone and we found it! After lunch, We did many more runs which were all super fun! Overall, was a good experience and it was lots of fun but one thing I will take away is to always keep my phone in my ZIPPED UP pocket!

  2. clea

    I had never been to Sasquatch mountain before so I didn’t really know what to expect. For the first half of my day, I honestly had no idea where I was going but, thankfully, every run brings you back to the same three chairs. On my second run, I took a turn and went down a really powdery steep not-actually-a-run run. My friend and I both wiped out several times on our way down and once we got about 75ft down she realized that she had lost her phone. We eventually found it but only after 45 minutes of searching and climbing up the whole mini-mountain we had just come down. Other than that minor mishap (and the late bus), it was a good day of skiing.

  3. Alex Kemp

    This ski trip was my first time going skiing this season and I think it was my friends’ first time as well. It would be my warm-up day. I spent the start of the day remembering how to ski on the yellow before going to the green chair and having some fun on the longer runs with my friends. Towards the end of the day I handed my rented skis in, one of my friends did an extra run, the rain really started to come down at this time and I was glad I did not do this last run because my friend came back drenched. The bus was set to arrive around 4:30 but it ended up arriving more around 6:00 this was an interesting waiting period as no one knew what to do. After waiting we got on the bus and started the bumpy ride home.

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