Skiing/Snowboarding #2-Sasquatch January 6, 2021

The second ski trip of the Extreme Outdoor Education season, initially scheduled for Dec 18, left students disappointed when it had to be rescheduled due to the bus driver falling ill. However, as the old saying goes, good things come to those who wait, and students were treated to beautiful weather and fresh powder. Highlights included Rahe bombing down a powdery blue run and then having to wait for Hobbs and Thiessen, and some new grade 9 outdoor education students who experienced the mountain for the first time. Everyone left with smiles from another gorgeous day on the mountain. Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.


19 thoughts on “Skiing/Snowboarding #2-Sasquatch January 6, 2021

  1. Jessi

    The January 6 skiing,

    The 6th was probably one of the funniest things I have done in Quarantine yet. On this trip I learned how to ski, how to fall, how to stop and still maybe fall, and that Cj doesn’t like the cold or the snow. The only thing that I would change would have been that the bus came for us earlier because that was a weird waiting time, But the waiting time was still really funny. I would suggest to anyone going on a ski trip bring Uno cards. I promise you won’t regret it. It was probably the funniest thing to play Uno with 5 other extremely tired people. All around I’m so glad I went.

  2. Ariel

    Jan 6 was one of my most thrilling experiences in a while, I loved hangout with my friends and pushing my limits going down certain mountains I wouldn’t think I could do.

  3. Ewen Devlin

    This trip was supposed to start on December 16th but as you know he called in sick so I was kind of disappointed. But the trip was still a blast, it was the first time I snowboarded with all my friends because I couldnt go on the December 16th trip. On that trip, I was trying to learn how to go off jumps and land them. I also loved the timber cruiser on my board, its so much fun going up and down on the walls on that path especially at the end where the jump is.

  4. Luke

    This trip was a good time and was enjoyable flying down the runs with Hobbs until he took 45min just to eat lunch so I left him. 😐 Then I joined some gr. 9’s and watched as one of them could barely make it down the run, and I had to help them get there ski back on multiple times. The weather this trip was almost perfect until it started sprinkling near the end of the day. There had also been a nice layer of fresh powder that you could glide across and was a great feeling to feel again. It was also funny to watch Hobbs do a couple summersaults as his front end sunk.

  5. Kentaro Dennis

    The second ski trip of the year was really good. I was originally sad that it got delayed, but it ended up making it a lot better. The weather was amazing and the sun was out, so I got some nice pictures. The snow was also perfect, so it definitely made it worth the wait. I had a lot of fun skiing and thankfully didn’t die. The bus was slow picking us up (again) but this time we were prepared for it, so it wasn’t as boring. I played some card games with friends and it was fun. Next time I might try a black diamond, but we’ll see about that…

  6. Conner Pow

    On January 6, all of us students went up the mountain to go skiing and snowboarding. It was great to get up on the mountain again for me. It has been awhile. I had fun skiing with friends too and we all stayed in a group when we did runs on the hills. One thing I learned when I went on this trip was how much the mountain has changed, because I haven’t been on Sasquatch Mountain in a very long time, or never went skiing there at all. So I was surprised of how lots of hills and lifts have changed overtime. I learned about myself is that sometimes you have to be careful on some hills or routes you go because sometimes fall badly or lose balance of yourself and can be hurt bad. One thing I wish I think should of gone differently is the bus, we had to wait until 5:40 or so to come back and to get us. But luckily we had a deck of cards and our phones to play with until the bus driver got here. I think I should have prepared for the trip better by packing more food because I was hungry a little bit still when we were on the bus and I had to wait until we got off the bus to eat. Overall though, I had a lot of fun and a lot with friends to get up on the mountain again as I haven’t been in a while since March of 2020.

  7. Alex Kemp

    This trip was first scheduled for December 18th but the bus driver wanted to stay home and called in sick; this can be forgiven because Wayne the bus driver is a legend. After hearing the news I was going to see if I could get a ride up but that did not work so I ended up just going home cause I did not have any of my stuff. When the trip actually happened on Jan 6 it was a great time. The weather was as bright as can be with the sun shooting at us with light, it was so bright one time that I had to shield my eyes. The day was fun I tuned up my skiing skills and overall just a chill time up on the mountain.

  8. CJ

    January, 6, 2021

    I learned how to put skis on, stop, walk up hills on skis, skiing in general, and how to turn down the hill while going down. I learned that I’m bad at skiing, I’m hard to teach and I learned that it takes me long to get used to something I’m not used to doing. I wish I had no photos taken of me, I didn’t fall as much, that I was more prepared for it, and that my ankle didn’t hurt while I was skiing. I would pack food for the bus there and back and food to eat there.

  9. Jocelyn

    January 6,2021

    The january 6th ski trip was a very fun and interesting experience. I learned more on stopping and turning. I learned that i really enjoy skiing. I wish we had more time to ski and less time waiting. Even though while we were waiting was fun I still wish we could have skied longer. Next time I won’t bring as many layers because I only needed two layers. I also wouldn’t bring goggles because I didn’t go down any hill that I needed them. Overall this was an amazing trip that I really enjoyed being a part of. 🙂

  10. Cyrus

    This ski trip, is quite literally a part 2 of the last trip. But, like what I wrote on the previous blog about getting comfortable on board and really learning. This trip enhanced it. I could go out of my comfort zones until it became the comfort zone. Trying out new things, going down steeper hills, going much faster than before. Shortly after I went to Big White and could apply my skills learned. My trips to sasquatch mountain was fun, and a great learning experience, especially this one. I look forward to the final two trips.

  11. sarahthiellll

    This trip was by far one of the best ski trips. mainly because a bunch of my friends came on this one and there were not too many people which is always nice:) on this trip I didn’t really learn much except for learning how to have patience for beginners (I’m still not very good at it). I’m so glad the bus didn’t take forever this time! Last time we had to wait for 2 hours….. Here’s a tip: never the poweraid of the food thingy. It just gives you monster energy. But unless you like that. Go for it.

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