Snowshoe/tubing-Mt. Seymour January 8, 2021

The snowshoe/tubing trip looked to be in jeopardy as a serious car accident on the highway delayed students arrival on the mountain. However, everything worked out and students spent the day learning winter survival skills, while trekking through deep snow off the groomed snowshoe trails. Morning highlights included Karanveer spending more time in the snow than on it, and students digging snow caves to learn how to protect themselves against the elements. The afternoon saw students tube on a newly opened tube park, and enjoy a break in the clouds that resulted in a breathtaking sunset over the city.  Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.


34 thoughts on “Snowshoe/tubing-Mt. Seymour January 8, 2021

  1. Jot Toor

    I enjoyed this trip even though it was made clear to me that I didn’t dress properly I had just worn a Heavy hoodie and sweats and my yeezys and got roasted by a lot of people for it. My favourite part was falling out of the tube on tubing and rolling down the hill. I got to spend time with Brandon a friend who i haven’t talked to in person for a while. I also talked to people I’ve never met before so it was a fun trip throwing snow at one person I think her name was maddy. Yeah it was very fun and i’d recommend it to anyone who likes snow

  2. Sienna

    This was my very first trip to the mountains. When we all got there we immediately got ready to go snow shoeing right away. Along the way almost fell a couple times, but other than that it was a great time. Along the walk we stopped at a spot to make snow caves and had 3 options to choose from in groups. The highlight of that was when Maddy accidentally hit Athena in the head with the shovel, we all had some good laughs. Tubing was a good experience as well then going back up the hill while sitting back and relaxing. After the whole experience it was a joyful time and never a dull moment especially waiting for the bus while sitting ontop of a mini mountain of snow over looking the view of the sun going down with a group of people. Looking back at it now I wish I brought extra dry clothes since nothing really dried when I laid it out at the lodge so I had to keep cold wet clothes on me which wasn’t that comfortable but it was alright. Next time for a snow trip I’ll remember to bring extra warm clothes. I would definitely recommend this trip for anyone who likes the snow, or just being adventurous in general and with an amazing view of the sunset!

  3. Kentaro Dennis

    Despite being late and a little short on time, I still enjoyed this trip. It was snowing/raining quite a bit, but cleared up near the end. I liked the making shelters part, and I think we could have made some pretty impressive stuff if we had more time. The snowshoe trail was pretty nice and peaceful through the forest. After that, the tubing was pretty fun. They go pretty fast so I had some races (didn’t win any) and almost crashed into the metal poles… Once that was done we had to wait for the bus which was pretty lame, but I got some nice pictures of the sunset.

    1. Athena Maarsman

      I think the experience was really good. Put sadly we left later then I was thinking so we only got about 15-20 mins of the snowshoeing and I was expecting more but when our instructor was showing us the different kind of caves we could have made I thought that’s was really cool to see the if you are stuck in the mountain with no shelter you can make one. When maddy, sienna and I were making one maddy hit my in the head with her shovel and we all started laughing and then started shoveling again. It was definitely hard work to get back up the hill but once we were done I was sad because I was ready to keep going. With tubing it was funny the first couple times but after awhile it started getting repetitive so I got bored but I give the experience like a 8.5/10. I would do it if we had more time snowshoeing

      1. Yes it was unfortunate that the accident delayed our arrival on the mountain. However, I’m glad you enjoyed the experience and that there is no permanent damage from Maddy’s attack on you…

  4. Gurnoor grewal

    This trip was very fun, we got there later then excepted but the funny falls in snowshoeing made up for it. We even learnt how to make snow caves so we could keep our self warm and safe. Then we went tubing it was super fast and fun I kept spinning while going down the tubing track, I didn’t want to stop going but then our time ran out. Then we had to wait for the bus to come which took a long time but, while we were waiting I slipped on the ice while running, Then I just wanted to go home.

  5. Karan Sharma

    I thought it was a good experience other than some parts…It was pretty fun in all honesty, I had a few issues with the snow shoes which led me to falling about 42 times or somewhere near that number. Some other things that were a bit annoying was my friend stepping on my snowshoe and causing me to fall even more but it wasn’t all that bad. I liked the part where I didn’t fall which did not occur much but was a time I enjoyed. If I could change a few things I would not wear cotton clothes because It got cold pretty fast. I should have also worn two pairs of socks when I had gone. This trip was a decent experience but some memories that were made were nice especially of the sunset.

  6. inosh

    I really likes this field trip because I learnt a a lot of things about snowshoeing and snow safety which is really interesting and really fun to learn about. we also learn what to do when your lost in the snow and we also learnt how to build a snow cave to keep you safe and warm.

  7. Jashanpreet Sidhu

    The trip was fun and filled with adventure even though we arrived a bit late. I enjoyed the snowshoeing trails because we traveled through deep snow and avoided tree holes. We also learned to make a snow shelter while on the trials. Tubing was also fun and I wish I had brought some sort of goggles or glasses next time because zooming down the slopes made it hard to fully open your eyes due to the wind and snow. Also next time I wish I had brought waterproof gloves since my gloves got wet. Next I wish we had more time to go snowshoeing into more trails. Something I learned about myself is that I can snowshoe decently well without falling. Overall the views at the end of the day were nice and I would recommend this trip to anyone who is considering going.

  8. Aryan Khurana

    Even though we were a bit late, the trip was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot. Some things that I learned was how to snowshoe and while snowshoeing we learned about what a tree hole was and we learned what to do if we ever got stranded out in the snow, we learned how to also build shelters. I feel like if we had a bit more time we could have built some very cool shelters. Tubing was also very fun, the tubes went fast and you can race your friends. If you do go you should remember to bring layers of clothes and gloves, also it would be smart to bring a toque. This trip was very fun and I would recommend it to people that are thinking of going.

  9. Ajaya Grewal

    The bus ride there was a little annoying, but I had a great time there. The sunset was beautiful, I came well prepared except next time I shouldn’t where sildes there. While we were snowshoeing one of our fellow classmates kept falling which was funny. The tubing was very fun, we got to race each other. During tubing I was trying to get on the tube but instead I slipped and fell, which was quite funny. Overall this field trip was fun and I would love to go again.

  10. Jasmine Sidhu

    The bus ride to Mt. Seymour was quite long but besides that the whole day was a lot of fun, while snowshoeing one of the most memorable things was whenever someone fell over. We also got to learn how to make shelters out of snow which was a new experience for me. Throughout the day I didn’t get cold at all but I should have brought an extra pair of gloves because mine ended up getting wet. After snowshoeing we also did tubing which resulted in some competitive races to see who could finish first. Towards the end of the trip the sun started to set which was very beautiful and a good end to the day, the trip was amazing and I would definitely want to go again.

  11. Brandon Saran

    The trip was fun the view on the sunset above the clouds was a sight to see, it was foggy at first so we couldn’t see and experience all around us but later on it cleared up, I loved learning how to build a “cave” into the snow for warmth even thought snowshoeing there and back was exhausting, it was a great trip and I loved going there with friends they definitely make the trips and all trips better. I also couldn’t get enough of the tubing that was fun. Over all the trip was a blast and I would go again sometime.

  12. Pavneet Sandhu

    When we were going to Seymour Mtn. The bus ride was really long and my friends and I were literally suffocating, until we were going up the mountain we opened up our windows and felt a little better. I also made the mistake of listening to Ajaya to wear slides, because we ended up putting on our snow boots and snow pants by the area where you get the snowshoes. After that i was struggling to put on the snowshoes and it was really hard but after i got them on we went to the trail. It was really fun when we went off trail because one of my classmates kept on falling down and everyone was laughing including the person, but when i fell i would laugh and could barely get up. After that snow tubing was really fun, I won a race against Mr.Rae and he wanted to rematch because he said that I cheated, but he was just embarrassed he lost against a student. Besides all that, at the end the sun came out and it was very nice and the bus ride back was very tiring, besides all that I had a really good time with my friends!

  13. Shae thomas

    On the snowshoeing and tubing we went snowshoeing at the beginning into the forest and I learnt how to use snow shoes and snow safety. We learnt how to dig shelter in the snow which was really helpful because now I can build some really good snow forts. We learnt about ways to stay warm and what to wear and what not to wear, cotton clothing and thin clothes. During tubing I learnt that goggles are a good piece of gear to have in the winter and that it’s good to wait 30 seconds before going down the slope if the conditions are bad for seeing. I enjoyed the tubing more than snowshoeing but I learnt more on the snowshoeing because the instructors taught us more about the safety and how to survive in the cold conditions.

  14. Sarah Wooffinden

    january 8th we went on a snowshoeing and tubing trip i didn’t learn too much about tubing other than i’m happy i brought goggles that day and that you wait 30 seconds before you go to make sure no one is ahead of you. i learnt lots about staying warm and building shelters when we went snowshoeing. snowshoeing was really hard for me because it was so warm with all the snow gear. i learnt that i actually love the mountain and snow activities i was really surprised. i wish that the bus ride hadn’t been so long because i felt sick towards the end but it was still really fun. next time i would bring sweatpants for after so that i’m not so cold but overall it was a great trip.

  15. The trip to Seymour mountain was great! I have never been there before nor have I snowshoed or did tubing before, this was my first time and I really enjoyed it. Snowshoeing was a bit hectic when you would reach tall deep piles of snow. When you would step in a big pile of snow you would either fall or slip which was annoying, but luckily I didn’t fall that much. Seymour mountain was very gorgeous, the view was amazing of the sunsets and the snow . Tubing was a blast, me and my friends had a race when doing tubing which was really fun, because it would go pretty fast. Also learning how to make a little cave for yourself in the snow when your cold was super cool, because I had no idea people do that. My cave that I made was pretty big I was proud of myself for that. I hope we can go on more trips like these!

  16. eulalia

    I thought it was pretty fun it was funny to see what some people wore, i suggest layering because you are not moving very much except when you are snowshoeing you might get a bit hot we did not go very far. Bring food I packed two water bottles and both my parents packed two more etch so i had six you definitely don’t need that many i barely drank any water. Sit on the bus alone across from your friends way more comfortable and more space for your stuff. I learnt how to put on snowshoes it is weirdly hard.

  17. Madeline renee carter

    This was my first time snowshoeing, and it was nice. I do wish we had more time out snowshoeing but it was fun to go out and enjoy nature. I do feel bad because when we were learning how to make shelters I accidentally hit Athena with my shovel in the head. She made it and there was no bruising. That was my highlight though.

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