Skiing/Snowboarding #4-Sasquatch February 26, 2021

The groups just keep getting larger and larger! This time a record 35 Mouat students ventured up to Sasquatch Mountain for the fifth ski/snowboard trip of the year. While there wasn’t as much fresh snow as on previous trips, the snow conditions were quite good given how late it is getting in the season. The trip ran much more smoothly this week and students were able to maximize their time on the slopes as a result. Highlights included introducing several new students to the great sport of snowboarding, and getting several Outdoor Ed students up on the mountain for the first time in their lives. It has been great to see the growing confidence that many students are gaining over the course of several ski trips, particularly those who are overcoming their fears and expanding their abilities. Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.

25 thoughts on “Skiing/Snowboarding #4-Sasquatch February 26, 2021

  1. Zachary labelle

    That trip was a blast the second I got up parking was easy we got out gear fairly fast to,got kn the lift and snowboarder away, my friends and I had a blast and it wasn’t even cold.
    10 out of 10 was a great trip and would totally do it again and best thing was it was organized way better then the previous.

    1. I’m glad that the experience was much better on this trip for you. The mountain definitely learnt some lessons from the week before and things went more smoothly this time around.

  2. sahij waraich

    This was the very first time I went on a mt. to snowboard. I was super nervous and scared at the beginning. I did struggle a lot. At times I couldn’t even get up. But I went there to have fun so I didn’t let that get in the way. Even though I was super bad at it, I challenged myself. I went on the yellow mt. which may not seem like a lot, but to me it was. Sadly, I couldn’t get up again so I ended up walking down the mt. I found it so hard to being strapped to two feet on the board, because during the lesson we only had one foot strapped. That was so much easier and during the lesson I was fairly good. The bunny hill at first was so challenging but towards the end I could go down it without any problems. One thing I would do differently is maybe dress a little warmer, as I was kind of cold in the beginning. At the end, I had a super fun time with my friends, and I had fun. Would definitely go again!

    1. Everyone needs to start somewhere and as I said in the morning meeting the first day or two is always rough. It is a personal highlight for me when I get the opportunity to introduce people to the mountain for the first time, and I hope that you decide to go back up again in the future!

  3. Vinay Waraich

    On February 26th, we went snow boarding on the mountain . It was an great experience my first time snowboarding. Me and my friends stayed together and had an amazing time. I fell a lot and was sore the next day but it was worth it. I learned all about snowboarding and what I need. Now I know how to stop and turn next time will be better. One thing I am gonna bring next time are googles. But this was a good experience for me.

  4. Ewen Devlin

    On the February 26th trip, I made a goal for myself. That goal was to get better at 180 spins off jumps and to ride a couple of black diamonds. At the beginning of the day, me and Jakob when to the top of the green chair and rode right down the face. It was amazing because it was pretty much fresh powder that nobody had went on because it was the beginning of the day. Then after I went on a couple runs down the blue chair I went on the yellow runs to try out my 180s, On the last trip I first attempted them and I fell quite a bit, but then when I went that day I didn’t fall once doing 180s.

  5. Jordan harmes

    Trip was fun and exciting, felt surreal, snowboarding was easy to pick up though lessons had flaws, chair lifts could go a bit faster, but in the end the pros outweigh the cons.

  6. Deklan

    I had lots of fun on the 26th of February. I really liked going on the powder and practiced getting better at doing turns on powder. I learned that you can sit down while skiing and it’s lot’s of fun. When I went down a really easy trail I enjoyed just chilling and talking with the people who I was skiing with.

  7. Jakob Kwan

    This was the third ski trip that I have attended. It was a great experience, there were a few bumps in the road, but we all had a great time. One of the first problems we encountered that day was when we were up the top of the blue chair, we found out one of Logan’s board straps was broken, and he was unable to ride it down without falling. We solved that problem by having him switch boards with me since I was a more experienced border, and we made it down the hill in good time. When we got to the bottom, Logan went and exchanged his board in the rental shop and got one with a good strap. Jordan had broken my goggles at some point during the day so next time I wont be lending him my gear. All in all it was a great trip and I’m super excited for the next one.

  8. eulalia

    i lost my goggles so if you have an extra pair i would bring them. If you’re going hard down the slopes you’re gonna get hot so i wore a tank top underneath my second layer and it helped a lot. I went on a black run for the first time and i would suggest the one on the green chair you have to hike up a bit to get there but it’s not far it’s super powdery so it kinda feels like you’re on a wave it’s so pretty.

  9. Daman kaler

    I have never been snowboarding ever, and going for the first time left a great experience! I did struggle in the beginning, getting up was really hard on the mountain, strapping both feet was really hard because I couldn’t even get up but thats how the instructor taught us, my friends helped me learn a lot. This trip left great memories and I would 100% go back!

  10. Jaeya

    I had a lot of fun on this ski trip, the process of getting there and skiing went faster than the previous times which was nice because then I could get more runs in. In the junior ski instructor program I learned how to teach people to ski in parallel and how to stop doing pizza turns. The skiing conditions were really nice and I had fun doing a small hike and then dropping into baby bowl for the nice powder. I found one of my favourite runs in the trees and enjoyed watching Rebecca try and do it. I learned how to do a cliff drop better as well.

  11. Karnveer Aulakh

    This was my first time going to sasquatch and oh this definitely not my last! I haven’t had this much fun on a field trip ever. I had a awesome experience there and also have never in my 15 years of living never been so soar and so gassed out in my life but it was totally worth it! I learned many things like how to turn right,left how to stop and how to fall down safely. Some more things were to smoothly get off the lift because the first time I went on I just straight face planted in the snow! I learned I’m not the best at snowboarding but slowly I’m going to get it.Something that I wish that went differently I asked the instructor more questions so it would be even easier.Next time I would bring goggles and definitely my water bottle because I was dying for water! Otherwise this was a awesome experience me and friends had a lot of fun and would definitely go again also the food was very good too not the price though. Otherwise I would definitely go again!

    1. It was great to introduce you and your friends to the mountain. Don’t worry about the lift faceplant-we’ve all been there!!! Guess the next step is to convince your friends to head up on the weekend with you 🙂

  12. Sienna Seaton

    Great trip, even though none of my friends went I was able to make a new friend! Tried the green run for the first time and did super good on it as well. Something I want to approve on is my toe because I definitely have majority of the basic stuff down except for my toe. I’m sad this is the last trip. Cant wait for next year though!

  13. Conner Pow

    February 26th was a fun trip for skiing, I got to ski with Joseph, Zac, and his mom I have never skied or snowboarded with them before which was very fun to do. I had a lot of fun with them and it was a good day. What I did learn on the trip was that I have to try and ski without getting much snow on my skis, because I went down a green and by the end I fell and I couldn’t get my boots back into my skis. I walked all the way back to the front and shook all of it off and it was fine after the fact. Something I learned about myself on the trip was I should slow down at some points because that’s what happened when I couldn’t get my boots into my skis, I forgot to slow down and I went off a bump and I fell into the snow. I think I wish we got to be at our usual spot because this was the first time we had all our stuff at the lounge area near the tubing park, it was tiring sometimes to go back and forth every time to there. I think for next time I will prepare for the trip again, I will bring headphones because I like to listen to music on the way back, and the way there. I keep forgetting every time to bring them, so I don’t have to put the phone speaker up to my ear to listen to music.

    1. Yes it is definitely annoying when your skis won’t latch back onto your boots. Remember to kick off the snow next time by banging your boots together and it might save you a trek down the mountain!

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