Paintball-Millionaire Paintball April 13, 2021

The Q3 paintball trip saw a record 32 students take to the field at Millionaire Paintball for an afternoon of paintball competitions. The pristine spring sunshine added an extra element of awesomeness as students dodged bullets from foe and teammate alike. Highlights of the trip included Hobb’s epic recovery of the flag, Athena choosing mercy over annihilation, and Alex “one shot” Kemp taking out Mr. Rahe on multiple ocassions (I may forgive but I will never forget so you better watch it next time Mr. “one shot”!!!) Some with left stains, some left with bruises, but all left with a smile on their faces from another epic outdoor education trip! Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.

47 thoughts on “Paintball-Millionaire Paintball April 13, 2021

  1. Ewen Devlin

    Today I went to millionaire paintball, this was my first time going to do paintball and it was a ton of fun. Me and my friends Alex, Conner, Jay were all on the same team (yellow) and we played a bunch of different game modes like team deathmatch, capture the flag, and rise and defend. When the game first started I was scared because I didn’t know how much it would hurt so I was very careful. But eventually, I got hit and it didn’t hurt that bad. Except for the next day, there was a big bruise even though it felt like a pinch on your skin when it hits you. I think I hit a total of 7 people which I don’t think is that bad considering it’s my first time. But overall I loved this trip and I would totally recommend it!!

    1. That’s crazy I didn’t realize it was your first time!!! That’s great! I can sympathize with you regarding the welts, even those I feel I may have been targeted a little during the day! haha

    2. Inara Garcia-Ram

      This was my first time paint balling but definitely an enjoyable first experience and a memorable one was glad to be able to participate in this trip. My friend and I, Sarah had tried to strategize around the course and figure out a blind spot to shoot from but had trouble doing so. I don’t think we hit a lot of people but definitely got some wins. For our first time we survived pretty well and for the paint ball hits we got a couple marks but all healed now. Still was a great experience to be apart of.

  2. sahij waraich

    It was my first time ever going paint balling, and all in all I did enjoy it. I was super scared in the beginning, and the first time i got hit, it hurt super bad. But the longer I played and the more I got hit, I got like pretty used to it. Something I would do differently next time is maybe remember closing the lid of the gun. Because I forgot too, and all my paint balls fell out. LOL. Another thing id do differently is wear running shoes, because I was wearing shoes that were super hard to run in.

  3. Lina

    The paintball trip was so much fun, exhausting and a little bit thrilling! After our lunch break we headed straight to the Millionaire Paintball field in abbotsford. The weather was super hot and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. We got divided in two teams and I was really happy that a girl from my class joined my team, we paired up and decided to stay together. During the games we kinda split up but we always knew where the other one was. Especially Mr. Rahe and most of the boys took the game really seriously, that’s why I had to pay attention all the time. Working in such a big team was interesting and difficult to coordinate. At the end my team won most of the games, although I mostly missed. The adrenaline you get while hiding and the atmosphere made wearing black clothes on a 20 degree day worth it. I hope I can get a chance to play Paintball again and that I will improve my shooting skills 😉

  4. manveer sandhu

    This trip was extremely exhilarating. The activities were very fast paced and high speed action. The biggest recommendation is having multiple layers of clothing should be your number one priority. If you get shot in a part that isn’t protected like your HEAD or BACK then it will hurt. Alot. Having a chance of being shot is still worth the fun and speed of the game. The ‘’ capture the flag’’ was the best game format. It was a generic “capture the flag” but the scenery and grounding is the greatest. It wasn’t a randomized game either. It was almost entirely skill based which was great when you got someone.

  5. Sara Lange

    This was my first time playing Millionaire Paintball and it was so much fun. After we got introduced to the safety rules (how to use the paintball gun, that we have to wear the face shield all the time on the playing field…) we were allowed to start playing. I learned fast to cover when somebody shoots at you and to shoot back. All the different strategies and the teamwork made this experience unforgettable. It was so much fun to run around and try to protect your teams flag… The weather conditions were optimal too. I really enjoyed all the fun games and even though it hurted a bit, when I first got hit…I paid it back:) I will definitely go paint balling again!
    Thanks for that opportunity.

  6. Ryan Tandiama

    I went on my first paintballing trip on April 13th 2021. I really enjoyed this team sport and I see lots of similarities between other sports like soccer or basketball. You have to learn to work together as a team and come up with different strategies in order to succeed. The main goal is to not get hit, in any mode, but at the same time try to hit as many people as you can. I learned that paintballing is extremely fun even though people said that it hurt a lot. I learned that it was very tiring to go paintballing for a long period of time. It was really good weather and it was really hot. I learned that it is not a very good idea to wear a bright red jacket; good thing I brought an extra jacket! What I learned about myself is that I can enjoy some sports even though I am not good at it. I wish the intermissions were a bit shorter, as I felt that they were too long, and I wish I had been more prepared. Next time, I will not shoot all my paintballs early on so I do not have to spend an extra $10. I would bring different clothing and more water. Maybe more money as well. It was such a fun and unique experience and felt like I was really in an “Outdoor Education” class.

  7. Josiah Kayser

    I don’t know if you can see who’s name is who, but Josiah here:

    I enjoyed the paintball trip, I was on blue team. For the first half of the games I stayed back to protect and have an advantage on any would be runners. However, their weren’t any so I ended the first 4 games with only having shot 6 balls.
    Then in the 5th game, I one yellow team member approaching and hiding in a building and for half the match the two of us were locked in combat as my teammate covered me. Neither one of us got hit however. During the rise and defend game I got hit a total of 3 times, only one of them hurting because it shot the leg, where I didn’t have any extra layers.

    I really didn’t like the helmet/mask things, they were bulky, kept slipping, were difficult to tighten properly, made me dizzy, and discolored everything. I also really hated how the paint smelled, and since their was paint left everywhere, the whole place stank.

    I learned that it is really exciting being locked in combat with someone, diving in and out of cover.

    I learned about myself that I am a terrible shot IRL since I didn’t hit everyone. I saw IRL because I generally hit most of my shots in games I play.

    I wish I could have been able to contribute more too my team, but I do think we won more game anyway.

    I would prepare for the adventure next time by just practising and maybe being prepared to run in instead of staying in back a lot.

    1. 6 shots in 4 games may be the record for fewest shots taken! Yes real life is definitely different and harder than video games. Hope to see you out on future trips honing your skills!

  8. The Q3 paintball trip was a fun experience. Playing with a larger team made the experience much livelier and much more fun. It was great playing with a few friends hiding behind bushes and cable reels trying to shoot at the enemy team. At first, I was scared that I would get hit and get hurt, but I realized getting hit was not so bad. Even though I have bad aim, one of my highlights was shooting a few people, especially the people wearing bright colours. If I were to go paintballing again, I would try to be more vigilant to not get shot and bring gloves for better protection. Overall, the experience was excellent, and I would love to do it again.

  9. Jordan harmes

    Paintballing for me was very fun although it hurt a bit I had a great time, my favorite moment would probably be pulling the other teams ball down in the last ten seconds

  10. This trip was my first time paintballing, and it was very fun I had a good time.It felt really real i tried my best not to get shot. I got shot a lot of times but it was a good time. Me and my friends were on the same team so it was fun to be with them and help our team win. I would for sure go again with family and friends in the future. I did leave with a lot of bruises but it was fun at the end of the day. I bruised a lot of people too. My favorite game was the capture the flag.

  11. Ryder Weatherall

    paintballing was a very fun experience and it was nice to see new people and get out and just play some games of paintball. what I learned was that paintball can be quite tiring and it’s easy to run out of ammo, but I was lucky enough to bring enough money next time ill probably use it a little more sparingly though. some of my favorite parts of the day were being able to hit Mr. Rahe and also just playing with some friends. I don’t believe anything had to have gone differently I think it was a very fun day altogether except maybe getting hit in the ear, that sucked.

  12. Jakob Kwan

    This paintball trip was super fun for me. I had an amazing team and we wired really well together. During the matches, we played very offensive and I think that is why we ended up winning the majority of the games. We played three or four types of games such as team elimination, rise and defend, capture the flag and I think one other but I can’t remember. I think the highlight of the trip for me was when I saved the win for us on the very last game. Someone was hiding in the bushes and I shot at them, but I was out of ammo! Both the enemy and my teammate heard me say I was out and the enemy got up to run to the flag. M{y teammate threw me one single shot that I threw into my gun, spun around and hit the enemy in the shoulder with only seconds before the game ended.

  13. Norah

    The paintball trip on April 13th was very fun. It was my third time going paintballing with the school but it was very enjoyable this time because of how sunny it was and It was not very muddy. The first couple games I didn’t get hit but I started to move up more in later games and I was hit a lot more, and I thnik there was a couple times I got hit and I didn’t even notice after looking at my jacket afterward. it was very fun sneaking around the paintball field and trying to hit others while not being seen, although I hit a couple people successfully one of them was my teammate, I felt really bad about hitting them afterward. I feel like my team worked together really well as team mates, a definite highlight is having Mr. Rahe trapped in a building long enough for Athena to be able to run up to him and make him surrender. If I would do anything differently I would’ve tried to keep the left side of me under cover more as I kept getting hit there. All in all the trip was very fun and I’d definitely go again!

  14. Alex Kemp

    Arriving at million paintball everyone waited to get started myself included. I’ve only ever done painting balling once before this trip and it was an ok experience but this time it would better. For the first few games, I had to get used to how the paintballs dropped and swayed and how accurate the gun was, once I got used to this I felt much more confidant. Everyone on the field knew the dreaded Mr. Rahe was playing, our team got pitted against Mr. Rahe and I had two notable encounters with him. The first encounter I was ducking behind a small tire with some sticks on it, there were multiple people around me there was no getting out of there, Mr. Rahe rushed me and tried to shoot me around a corner I responded by shoot back around the corner before jumping out and shooting Mr. Rahe in the leg after Mr. Rahe was hit he proceeded to shoot me three times in the chest, the Paintball man owner guy deemed it a mutual kill, even though I clearly shot Mr. Rahe first. My second encounter with Mr. Rahe happened near some buildings, Me and my friends got shot at by a bush wookie, I gracefully dodged the paintballs and fired three shots back two shots missed and one hit, turns out the bush wookie was Mr. Rahe and I hit him right in the thenar webspace. On another note, I got shot in the neck twice, which sums up my experience of paintballing. I both want to and don’t want to go again, I found it enjoyable but I might wait a bit before whooping everyone again.

    1. 0/4 on this blog for inaccurate information… j/k 🙂 You were my nemesis on the field this day and I look forward to our next encounter. Bush wookie? I hope that nickname sticks!!

  15. Daman Kaler

    It didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would, it was really worth the experience, I had a couple of bruises but again it was worth it, I would definitely go again.

  16. Patrick

    The paintball trip on April 13th was a fun experience. It was my first time going paintballing and it was very enjoyable because of how sunny it was. I got hit in the first round once because i wasn’t paying attention lol. I enjoyed sneaking around the paintball field and trying to take others down, it was like playing COD in real life. I feel like my team worked together really well as team mates, a definite highlight for me was sneaking up on a bunch of people in 2 different buildings making them surrender but having to shoot a couple because they wouldn’t. If I could do anything differently I would’ve stuck with more people instead of pushing alone most of the time. In the end the trip was very fun, and I hope to go again.

  17. Raman Samra

    It was my first time going paint balling it was really fun . I thought the bullets would hurt really bad but it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought .It was really scary running around and people aiming at u and the mask made it harder and scary and I would totally come again

  18. Karnveer Aulakh

    I was definitely very excited going on this trip and had a awesome experience when the first round started it felt like a full on movie to me and at the same time time I didn’t know what to do so me and my friends just camped the whole time. But then we we’re getting bored so we started pushing right then right boom booom boom paintballs started flying at us and we ran right back. While we were running back my friend accidentally tripped and I fell pretty bad. But it was a adrenaline rush so I didn’t really even feel any of the shots. Then I was out, next round started then whatever paintballs I had I used them up in a minute. But I got many people out so it was worth it overall it was a awesome experience and would definitely do it again! Also I learned many new things that I will use next time I go!

  19. Conner Pow

    On April 13 I had a lot of fun with friends at paintballing, I may have gotten hurt and shot a couple times but I had a lot of fun once again for a nice sunny day. One thing I learned about that day and previous trips was you got to use your bullets wisely because this time when I went, I got 100 bullets that lasted me about 3 hours until I was down to 8 bullets at around 3:00. I then pushed it a little further and bought 50 bullets around 3:15 to last me for the last part of the games. I learned about myself that you got to really look at your surroundings closely because at one point I shot some of my own team mates thinking it was the enemy side. I looked twice again and then I realized it was my own team mates when they quietly yelled, “team.” I really wish what had gone differently was when we all played this game I can’t remember the name of and during the last 30 seconds of the game, I was on the hunt to get my team flag up to win the game for my team. I was one of last people left on my team during the end of the game but I was hiding in the bushes near my flag to pull it up at the last second, and I made a move last second because Jakob on blue team was out of bullets hiding in the red building. I was going to run to get the win for us but then Jakob got handed 1 bullet from a team mate and shot me in the shoulder when I pulled the flag up and the game ended. I was sad that I lost and I just wish I could have gotten the win for us because blue mainly had all the wins so far. I think next time when I go paintballing again I will bring protective gloves because I got shot in the hand area and the paint exploded on me which was kind of an odd feeling on my hand, and it started bleeding and mixing with the paint. To sum it all up I had a lot of fun again paintballing in the sunny weather, mind you I got hot from running around the entire time but I had fun with friends. I can’t wait for the next game to occur again in May.

  20. Adam Wilson

    I had a blast on Tuesday. I learnt alot about paintball, as well as paintball strategy. My strategy was to go to the far left side, and try to get behind the opposing team. That way, we had clear shots on unsuspecting enemies. On this trip, I learnt a few things about myself. I learnt that I am more careful with my movements than some of my teammates. I would rather wait for a better shot than scream ‘Leeroy Jenkins’ and unload a clip on an enemy with a much better angle. I also learnt that I am very stingy with my ammo. One thing I wish I did differently is that I should’ve used up all my paintballs. By the end, I still had like 15 left. Next time, I think I will be a little less cautious with my movements and the preservation of my ammunition.

  21. Hrithik Kandola

    Paintball for me is always fun and having so many people you know playing at the same time makes it way better and more competitive, my favourite part was probably running out of paintball and just running through the middle to pull the flag

  22. Deklan Dickinson

    I had dun running around sneaking up and shooting people. I got shot few times but it didn’t hurt. I had lots of fun shooting people with my friends.

  23. This was my first time paintballing and I had a lot of fun shooting people but not so much fun getting shot. During the first round I got shot in the collarbone multiple times, whoever shot me did not stop even though I had my hand up. I thought it would have hurt more than it did from what people have described to me. The only time I got hurt was when I got shot in the head, it was very painful. I thought the paint in my hair was blood and I started panicking. For once I actually came prepared and I dressed appropriately for the trip. The last game we played was definitely my favourite. I had a really good time and I’d definitely go paintballing again-Amandeep Lillian

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