Biking the Vedder Loop-Chilliwack April 29, 2021

A new trip on Extreme Outdoor Education schedule saw students participate in a 22km bike ride along the Vedder Rotary Trail in Chilliwack. Trip participants were greeted by the beautiful views of the river, and the diverse ecosystem of the surrounding area. Students learnt about basic bike safety and usage, as well as large group management and communication on the trail. Highlights included Josh’s several wheelies, skipping rocks on the river, food trucks, and Jimmy’s choice of bicycles. All said students saw and experienced first hand what makes this trail system so popular, while learning how to ride as well and absorbing some Chilliwack history in the process. Special thanks to Mr. Radons and Mr. Loewen for lending their expertise on this trip. Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.


14 thoughts on “Biking the Vedder Loop-Chilliwack April 29, 2021

  1. Griffin Phillips

    My favourite part of the trip was when we rode along the Vedder River. The most shocking part of this trip was when I rode under the power lines! I was surprised when we arrived at the food trucks and I wished I brought my wallet. The hardest part was near the end when my legs started hurting. My least favourite part of the trip was the three days after when my leg muscles were very sore. The coolest part was when we went down onto the riverbed and walked around. The scariest part was when we went across the bridge. Overall this trip was a fairly easy ride. It was the longest bike ride I’ve ever done but I enjoyed it.

  2. jimmy

    my favourite part was when we went through the water and were skipping rocks.I really hated the fact that Race gave me the TR-PRO when he could have gave me any other bike. If we could have done b\something better is go the simple way unlike how rare decided to take a “quicker” route and ended up in nowhere. the trip was alright but it would have been better if I had gotten a better bike.

  3. Kentaro Dennis

    This trip was not very hard, but still very fun. The trail itself is long, but almost completely flat and is very easy. However, I found the scenery to be very nice, especially due to the good weather. That meant perfect conditions to jump in the river, but I didn’t wear anything to swim in… Overall, the trip was pretty relaxed and I had fun.

  4. Alex Kemp

    During this first biking trip, my bike was in poor condition so I borrowed it from my friend and then we got on the bus and headed to the trail. Once the trip got started I realized it was flatter and longer trail than I first thought so I geared up and kept a steady pace. A little way into the thinner trail the chain on my bike fell off, so I got up and looked at it when someone came and repaired the chain, I then continued the trail. About halfway through we stopped at a park to eat some snacks, at the park, there was the legendary green ball, a hollow spherical object that spins and you can get inside it after I went in the green ball Mr. Rahe when and got spun around. We took another long break by the river and it was a nice chance to meet some new people and skip some stones. The rest of the trip was mostly just biking back to the bus.

  5. Jimmy Brar

    the bike ride was an amazing experience for me. riding under the Power lines was super cool because of the mini shocks we got from the electricity passing through them. I liked the food from the food truck. the worst part was when I got my shoes wet from the river. my legs had given up once Rahe took us on his “shortcut” which ended being a dead end. I liked the part where we all crossed the bridge because of the view of the water. I offered Aniket $500 to double but he said no.😭 If I was to get a better bike than the TIARA PRO I feel the bike ride would have been a lot better. Personally I would not come bake for a bike ride again.

  6. Kentaro Dennis

    This trip was a nice leisurely bike ride and I enjoyed it a lot. It was very beginner-friendly, as there was no change in elevation throughout the whole ride but I found that the awesome view kept it interesting. The weather was also really nice, so we got to enjoy the ride and the view fully.

  7. Aniket Sandhu

    My favourite part of this trip was watching Jimmy ride a little girls bike, it was the funniest part of the trip. I was surprised it took us five hours to do 22km I thought it would only take an hour. At first it was very tiring but as we went on it got easier and easier to the point where I did not feel any pain. This was an amazing experience as I had not done anything like this before and it taught me so much about how fun and exciting the experiences we learn in this class are. It was also very scary sometimes like when I was making tight turns very fast I thought I was going to fall off and get hurt very badly. It was also very funny when Mr.Raye decided to take us on an alternate route and we kept going into dead ends.

  8. K Mac

    A bike is nothing but metal and plastic if it is never ridden. Far too often bikes are just placed in the shed and simply not thought of for long periods of time. People might claim that they just do not have time for it or that they just do not think it is a good time to bike ride. But for those that find themselves in that kind of position I would just say that that was me. I tend to not spend that much time on my bike, I typically play it off as though that bike riding would not be the best thing to do with my time. But it does not mean that I never held different beliefs when I was young. I would ride my bike all the time. It was a major part of my day to day life. When i saw this i am not aiming to make an excuse but odds are the reason for why that is just not the case. When I was young my mom had a face planted while traveling the road. From there my life seemed to have been shaped in such a way that there are other things taking up my life. One of the things that took my time up was the outdoor education program at the school in recent times. The way that this trip came up was that I was looking at the possible trips to get all of the points that I needed for the class. But that does not mean that this was a bad trip; it was just not what i was expecting when i think about trips that i would have done. Quite frankly I think that was a good thing as these kinds of trips make you think, make you consider the life choices that you have made and whether the direction that your life is heading in should be changed or not. I have never really considered myself against it. I just did not really consider exactly why I didn’t do it as much as I did in the past. I find that this has been a common feeling that people have had in the past year as we deal with a every changing pandemic to the point where if you were to ask someone what will the new normal be they will not even be able tell you an answer not because they think that the idea of normal is a fundamentally flawed idea as a result of the individual variants of identity that we all have but because the environment has changed so much since perpandementic in ways that many have trouble possibly rapping their heads around it to expect that post pandemic will not be somethings that people have not seen in their life times. If that is not enough, tons of people have a lot more free time then they had for most of their life as a result of the type of resections that are not only in place around here but around. A common thing that I have heard from many areas of my life is people wishing that they have spent more time with their loved one as they do not know when that will be taken away from them. People took things out of their life by choice to make time for the things that they care about. Unititmetly putting concussions to things while having knowledge of what they can provide comes down to for example “A bike is nothing but metal and plastic if it is never ridden” Considering if it is a good thing or not or not.

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