Sailing/Canoeing-Jericho Beach May 20, 2021

I remember years ago my wife and I talking about the prospect of living in Vancouver to which I emphatically said there was no chance of that ever happening. However, when you’re cruising around Jericho on a small sailboat or canoe, or sitting on a sandy beach looking out over the beautiful waters, you understand why people pay so much to live in this area. Once again the weather cooperated in making this trip an unforgettable experience, changing rain forecasted a week out to beautiful sunny skies on the day of the trip. Students spent the day learning sailing and canoeing terminology and skills, and then put their lessons to the test in a practical setting on the water. Highlights included Mr. Rahe dumping Mrs. Finch into the water during the sailing portion, the Chinese exchange students spending more time in the water than on their crafts, and an epic game of ball tag while in the canoes-watch out for those sneaky German exchange students whose sneak attacks proved fruitful on multiple occasions. Students were even able to go crabbing in the bay, and while they didn’t take home any keepers, they definitely benefitted from the fishing experience. Any day on the water is good, but being able to spend it with such awesome humans makes it a truly memorable experience. I don’t know about you but I’m in the market for a sailboat!!! “I’m on a boat…” Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.


20 thoughts on “Sailing/Canoeing-Jericho Beach May 20, 2021

  1. Abi Faber

    On this trip I learned how to sail, the terminology, and how to capsize a sailboat. What I learned about myself was I panic easily especially when the thing I’m sitting on is slowly filling with water. I wish me and Jessica didn’t get a faulty boat, and that we didn’t sink it! Next time I may try and work on my reaction time when it comes to trying to not sink. At least canoeing went okay!!

  2. Sara Pimenta Lange

    The sailing/canoeing trip was the first time I ever tried sailing. After the bus arrived near the beach, we got introduced to the basics of sailing and how the different parts of the boat are called. Then we got changed and were ready to go in the water. At first, it was challenging to get a feeling for the turns, but after a bit of help from our instructors, it became easier and easier. Also, we got really lucky with the weather which made the whole experience even more enjoyable. After sailing we had a short lunch break before going on the water again, this time canoeing. We played some games and that was a lot of fun. I learned a lot about sailing, canoeing, and crabbing that day. The only thing I would do differently next time is that I would bring a pair of flip-flops, to walk around because that would be a lot more comfortable than barefoot.
    Thank you for the opportunity to go on such an unforgettable trip:)

  3. Madeline carter

    The sailing trip was more difficult than I expected it to be. I thought sailing would be relaxing but i found it to actually be challenging and to test my patience. Thankfully we didn’t capsize, and eventually Inara and I got the hang of it. Canoeing was very fun, we played a game for awhile and it was a fun way to end the day. There was a few times where I thought Mr.Rahe was gonna capsize our canoe but thankfully we went the whole day on the water and not in the water. We also put down a crab trap and at the end we lifted it up to see that we did indeed catch some crab. Unfortunately they were all too small to keep and we had to return them back into the water. Before releasing them some of us (including me) got to hold them. Overall it was a good day.

  4. Rebecca Dyck

    What an amazing sailing and canoeing experience! Two years ago I embarked on the same excursion at Jericho beach. Yet again it didn’t disappoint. After some figuring out, Jaeya and I were mastering the open waters. With her manning the sails and me controlling the rear we were cruising. The canoeing was slightly less invigorating yet still calming. An experience that I’ll always think back to. This time we had the opportunity to go crabbing. While waiting for the bus Jaeya and I, with an employee of the sailing company, tried to catch something on the pier. This was interesting as there was a bit of conflict between the employees and the local fishermen.

  5. The sailing and canoeing trip last thursday was great! Although we struggled in the beginning and me and my friend had never sailed before, steering the boat and catching the wind wasn’t too difficult. The first 8-figures were complicated, but as soon as we figured it out it became more and more fun. Sailing in front of Vancouver’s skyline was a great experince. After our lunch we started canoeing and set up some traps for the crabs. We actually caught two but I had no interest in petting them. To end the day we played beach volleyball. That trip will forever be one of my favs!!!

  6. Ewen Devlin

    The sailing and canoeing trip was a blast, the bus ride itself was fun because we went through Vancouver and got to see all the cool shops. We started with sailing and I loved it, we learned how to sail and the different parts and components of a sailboat. I, Kentaro, and Alex were all in a boat. I was at the back steering, Alex was at the front turning the sail, and Kentaro was the counterweight. When we were first out there learning how to turn we almost capsized, but we didn’t. I climbed up the boat to try and turn the boat from falling all the way over. Kentaro ended up falling out into the cold ocean water which was pretty funny. Next, we did canoeing, which was a lot of fun as well because we were playing this game where you had to throw a tennis ball into the other people’s boats, it was a lot of arm muscles. After we finished sailing and canoeing we went swimming, not everybody went in though. It makes sense though because the water was freezing but quite refreshing. After a while, in the water, you get used to the cold and it was quite fun.

  7. Ethan

    Today we had the opportunity to do some sailing at Jericho beach. This was very fun and I would highly recommend it to anybody. We got to learn about the basics of sailing and the parts of the sail boat. Then we got to go onto the water and do some actual sailing. I was put into a group with one of my friends and we had a great time on the water. This trip taught me a lot about team work and coordination. We then got to do some canoeing, I wish we had more time on the water in the canoes but overall it was an amazing experience and I would not hesitate to go again.

  8. Jessica Purdon

    The beginning of the trip, we all sat down at the tables in the scorching sun and cool wind and learnt how to sail, and later after sailing learned how to properly canoe. My favorite part of the trip was when my friend and I decided to go on the same sail together. We ended up having a ton of fun even though our sail ended up sinking. Turns out the one we chose had repairs earlier and it didn’t fix it properly. It was all good fun in the end though. I would definitely recommend going on this trip, it was very cool traveling through the water at fast speeds.

  9. Inara Aurora Garcia-Ram

    For a first time experiencing sailing I didn’t realize all of the body movement, communication, and strength which was needed to properly sail the boat and have a relaxing ride. But, after enjoying a step by step lesson and receiving tips from the more experienced workers, Maddy and I were able to put our skills to the test and my strength while pulling riding the sail and we rode very smoothly. Favorite part was definitely the view while we had gone on a long sail and just to be able to float and breathe in the sun was an amazing feeling. Even while getting soaked with the high waves. The last game we had played was ball tag and then had we gone to the beach. Canoeing while playing ball tag tested my teams communication as it was very easy to capsize but we made it safely while having a lot more fun than expected. Lastly, favorite part was the beach and being able to tan and relax. Really a dream of a trip and very grateful I was able to be apart of it.

  10. Kentaro Dennis

    This trip was my first time on a sailboat, and it was pretty awesome. Having to operate the sail and rudder with my friends was a great experience, and once you get it feels really good. We cruised a fair distance from the beach and back which was pretty exciting. The only thing that would have made it better is if I brought my speaker and blasted sea shanties… Oh well

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