Sailing/Canoeing-Jericho Beach May 20, 2021

I remember years ago my wife and I talking about the prospect of living in Vancouver to which I emphatically said there was no chance of that ever happening. However, when you’re cruising around Jericho on a small sailboat or canoe, or sitting on a sandy beach looking out over the beautiful waters, you understand why people pay so much to live in this area. Once again the weather cooperated in making this trip an unforgettable experience, changing rain forecasted a week out to beautiful sunny skies on the day of the trip. Students spent the day learning sailing and canoeing terminology and skills, and then put their lessons to the test in a practical setting on the water. Highlights included Mr. Rahe dumping Mrs. Finch into the water during the sailing portion, the Chinese exchange students spending more time in the water than on their crafts, and an epic game of ball tag while in the canoes-watch out for those sneaky German exchange students whose sneak attacks proved fruitful on multiple occasions. Students were even able to go crabbing in the bay, and while they didn’t take home any keepers, they definitely benefitted from the fishing experience. Any day on the water is good, but being able to spend it with such awesome humans makes it a truly memorable experience. I don’t know about you but I’m in the market for a sailboat!!! “I’m on a boat…” Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.

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