Paintball-Millionaire Paintball May 27, 2021

Cold, rainy, with a threat of thunderstorms-sounds like a great day for paintball! Another large contingent of over 30 extreme outdoor education students camo’d up to take to the paintball fields of Millionaire Paintball. The dreary weather was sharply contrasted with the vivid colours of paint splattered on participants clothing, sometimes leaving a mark on their egos, and sometimes on their bodies (eek…sorry Jess). Ultimately students learnt teamwork skills while at the same time developing strategy which sometimes worked and other times led them into a building where the opponent had laid the perfect trap for them (cough Billo and Hrithik cough). Some left with stains, some left with bruises, but ultimately all left with smiles on their faces, and a deeper appreciation for those who choose to enter combat for our Nation! Oh and Caelan, I could still see you despite the leaves growing on your shoes.  Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.

37 thoughts on “Paintball-Millionaire Paintball May 27, 2021

  1. clea

    Last Thursday I went paintballing for the first time with my extreme outdoor ed class. Although nearly late for the bus, I made it to Millionaire Paintball where I received a gun, paintballs, and a helmet with a green tag. For the first few rounds I was awful, I could barely see, I didn’t know where anything was, and I got shot in the back of the head, twice! After getting over the initial confusion, I improved, I managed to hit a couple people, and nearly survive until the end of the round. Although I had to leave early, I still managed to get covered head to toe in mud and yellow paint. If I ever go again, I would definitely invest in some protective clothes!

  2. Jakob Kwan

    This week’s paintball trip was wet, but great fun. We had a really stacked team so we dominated most of the rounds. Me and a few people found that we worked well together so we suck together for most of the time. A few of the highlights for me were a cross map snipe, a massive spray at the van while playing run the flag and sneaking behind the enemy lines and taking out a big group who were hanging back. One last funny thing was when Caelan MacKenzieate it while running to the bus. Can’t wait for more games next year in better weather.

  3. Josiah Kayser

    Paintball this time was less fun for me than the first time, I still didn’t hit anyone, but this time I only got hit once, however it was right on the vent of the helmets, meaning most of the paint got on my mask. Good thing I was wearing one!

    This time I learned how to fight back while getting cornered, as nearly every time I played, I was backed up against a wall as multiple opponents approach. Two of those times I survived, however the first time I surrendered when they got the jump on me.
    This made me learn that my preferred position on a team is holding up the back line, and I am decent at scaring people off (even if my aim is terrible).
    I wish that it wasn’t as rainy or muddy as I sat out a couple rounds due to not wanting to run in the rain. I also sat out a couple rounds because I was getting headaches and my friend got a really bad bruise early.
    If I were to take a paintball trip a 3rd time, which I won’t as I won’t sign up for this next year (personally I only chose this because it was the only co-ed gym class and I had to take one), I don’t think I would prepare differently, other than maybe taking some more money. I had enough protection from my jacket and hoodie, both from paintballs, and the rain. I guess the only thing I would change would be not wearing a white mask, as now the mask is dyed slightly yellow in the middle (not the best forethought but we didn’t have any other clean masks).

  4. Ariel

    I went in this trip thinking it would hurt and I wasn’t going to like it but then when I got there and got shot a couple times it was fun and getting hit doesn’t hurt as much as people think unless you close! And even though it was raining a lot it made it sooo fun because the other team was slipping and sliding everywhere and it was fun! And I recommend going on the trip because it’s a great experience and lots of memories to go back on!

  5. Sienna

    The weather was amazing for first time paintballing. By the end of the day I was covered in both mud and left over paintballs that had hit me. Despite the rain being on and off continuously throughout the time it was enjoyable but intense since for me I couldn’t really see far with my glasses not on. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes intense field trips with possibly getting a welt on their skin lasting a couple weeks after.

  6. Jordan harmes

    Fun trip again as it was my second time attending, though it was very raining and very muddy I fell and slide a ton on the little hills, with that I still had a great time

  7. Keira Thompson

    To be completely honest, this was the most terrifying trip I’ve ever been on. We arrived at the paintball place and the weather was very rainy and cold but luckily (as I’ve learned from the past) I was wearing a good warm yet comfy outfit that was perfect for running around in the mud. I had never been paintballing before so I was quite nervous and I had also never even shot a gun yet everyone else there seemed to have at some point in their lives so I was very scared. In the first round, I hid behind a car and did not get shot or even shoot my gun. In the second round, I actually managed to shoot someone which was pretty fun but then I surrendered to Mr. Rae when I should have just shot him. The next capture the flag rounds were super fun and I was on the defensive side both times. I don’t think I will ever go to paintball again but it was a cool experience and now I can say that I did it. I don’t think I would have changed anything except for next time I will try and not get hit because I still have a red mark on my back from that day and that was more than a week ago.

  8. Griffin Phillips

    My favourite part of the Paintball trip was when I was hiding in the bushes with a bunch of my teammates. We were on the yellow team. Our strategy was to ambush the other team, but we were unsuccessful. We were hiding but no one came down the path that we were on. I have played paintball before, but this was the first time I have ever been hit by a paintball. It did not hurt as much as I thought it would, but I do have a few bruises. The worst part was that it started raining. It was still fun, even in the rain.

  9. Maddie

    This was my first time going paintballing with the school and it was lots of fun! Luckily I was on the same team as most of my friends which made it more interesting. The first round was not as fun because I was lit up by my own team behind me, but the rest of the rounds were good. It was especially fun when we were able to sneak through the bushes and get a clear look at the other team. The weather was kinda sucky near the end making the whole field muddy and gross, but it was also refreshing. In the second to last round, I was hit right in the knuckle which hurt a lot but the stinging died off pretty quickly. Overall, it was awesome and I’d definitely do it again and hope to do it again.

  10. Ailie

    As my first time going paint balling I was very excited as I was going with a friend of mine who hasn’t gone either. You can imagine the excitement we got when we got the guns and helmets. We where shown around where we would be shooting and where we would return after getting hit. There was a few different types of paint balling we did like Capture the flag, elimination, and some normal team games elimination being my favourite. The weather was good at first and was easy to hide and get people, then it started raining but I still had so much fun with the rain coming down. Yes I did get hit multiple times but that didn’t end my fun I got to bring home those cool looking bruises that did hurt at first. I would definitely do paint balling again, so fun with your friends.

  11. Tony Nguyen

    This was my first experience of Paintball and I loved it! The excitement of getting someone out is truly amazing but getting shot is horrible. The first time I got out to the paintball field I was sacred at first, but seconds later I smoothly got over it and slowly started to run forward to the opponents, that is where I got shot which was on the neck and it hurts a lot, which left a bruise. But after that it was fine and it started to get fun! Our team had god strategy’s that won us the game! The one thing that I learned was not push forward to the opponents side unless you have teammates with you or it is cleared to go. But at the end I was having lots of fun!

  12. Patrick

    The paintball trip this time around wasn’t as good as the last one. The weather this time around was bad and it got worse over time. It was raining and the clouds looked as if there was going to be a storm. Overall though, it was a fun experience. It was my second time going paintballing and i enjoyed it more since I had previous knowledge so this time around I only got hit a couple times. I made a couple of people surrender even though I was out of ammo, I was also surrounded, had some o bluff my way out lol. I had a great to despite the weather.

  13. Matthew Cracknell

    My experience with paintball was defiantly a wild one, it was my first time in about 5 years. I Found it a lot of fun seeing everyones different strategies and just looking to see how everyone plays the game. My favourite strategy was to sit in the bushes and wait for someone to walk right past my so I could nail em right when they didn’t expect it. Even tho I was covered in cuts and scrapes from the thorns, and soaking wet from all the rain, it was still so much fun and ill definitely be doing it again next year at every opportunity. ( and hopefully Mr. Rahe is on the other team so I can get him a few time).

  14. Aman

    I had lots of fun shooting people but not having too much fun getting shot at. It was a great day and it was my second time going paintballing and it was amazing. I got to learn more strategies in the game then before and I got a lot better then late time. I hope to do it again bc it was the most fun I had.

  15. Jimmy Brar

    the trip was amazing mostly because I was able to shoot Rahe, and I don’t care if it happened once or if he got me multiple times but it was a crazy experience. The one thing that was horrible about the trip was the ugly nasty looking weather. this trip helped us with teamwork and communication so despite having all the fun we were still able to learn something from the field trip.

  16. this trip was lots of fun and is a way you can hurt your teacher without getting in trouble for it. I liked everything about the trip except for the rainy weather. IT ruined my shoes and it also got slippery cause people to slip and get their clothes ruin ed as well. but I would go there again if I have the chance to do so. I got to shoot at Rahe all though I shot him once but it still felt good. This trip was a lot fun but it also helped teach the importance of teamwork. I would have really liked to play on the other field with the barrels only. It looked more cool and fun.

  17. Ryder Weatherall

    When I went to millionaire paintballing again it was very fun and had a blast I was very excited to be able to go out again. This time, I was more confident in my knowledge of the map, so the strategy was more possible. The highlight of the day was probably being able to play on the other area which I have never played on before and to be honest, I think I liked that one better it was more open and just seemed more chaotic. I thought the rain was going to be really annoying, but honestly, it was pretty fun for how much it did rain it was pretty fun and it didn’t seem to be that bad overall. All an all it was a good day.

  18. I left the trip with one confirmed kill and a lot of paint marks. I played with around 30 other students hiding behind bushes and obstacles trying not to get shot by the paintballs constantly bombarding us. This trip was unique to the other paintball trip because of the cold and rainy weather conditions during that trip. I did make one mistake from the weather because I should have better prepared for this trip by probably bringing an extra jacket or coat. However, I found this trip to be equally as enjoyable as a paintball trip in nice weather. I liked how there was lots of teamwork with the groups. I enjoyed how the team formed plans together, shared paintballs and helped each other to win against the other team. I especially enjoyed it when we tried to get the flag and rush to the other side of the map even though I was blinded most of the time since my mask was foggy. Overall, it was fun playing paintball in the rain, but it has also made me more grateful for hot showers and dry clothing.

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