Grouse Grind and High Ropes-Grouse Mountain June 3, 2021

Another new excursion on the Extreme Outdoor Education calendar this year was this trip to Grouse Mountain to tackle the Grind and complete the high ropes course at the top of the mountain. Successful “grinders” are treated to a panoramic view of the Vancouver skyline, spanning all the way from Coquitlam to the North Shore. This trip was originally booked as a hike coupled with a zip line tour, but Covid delayed the re-opening of the zip lines, and the trip was therefore changed to a hike and completion of the high ropes course at the last minute. However, whatever disappointment students may have had at not being able to complete the zip lines was soon erased as they traversed challenging obstacles and zipped through the tree tops on smaller lines. Highlights included every student making it up Grouse Mountain, the grizzly bear exhibit, snowballs thrown at an unsuspecting teacher (poor guy), and the gondola ride back to the bottom of the mountain. Props go out to these students as when one of the high ropes guides was asked if a lot of groups tackle the Grind and then do high ropes he said he’s never heard of anyone doing it. Clearly, he’s never heard of Mouat Extreme Outdoor Education then!!! Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.

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