Grouse Grind and High Ropes-Grouse Mountain June 3, 2021

Another new excursion on the Extreme Outdoor Education calendar this year was this trip to Grouse Mountain to tackle the Grind and complete the high ropes course at the top of the mountain. Successful “grinders” are treated to a panoramic view of the Vancouver skyline, spanning all the way from Coquitlam to the North Shore. This trip was originally booked as a hike coupled with a zip line tour, but Covid delayed the re-opening of the zip lines, and the trip was therefore changed to a hike and completion of the high ropes course at the last minute. However, whatever disappointment students may have had at not being able to complete the zip lines was soon erased as they traversed challenging obstacles and zipped through the tree tops on smaller lines. Highlights included every student making it up Grouse Mountain, the grizzly bear exhibit, snowballs thrown at an unsuspecting teacher (poor guy), and the gondola ride back to the bottom of the mountain. Props go out to these students as when one of the high ropes guides was asked if a lot of groups tackle the Grind and then do high ropes he said he’s never heard of anyone doing it. Clearly, he’s never heard of Mouat Extreme Outdoor Education then!!! Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.

14 thoughts on “Grouse Grind and High Ropes-Grouse Mountain June 3, 2021

  1. Lina

    Hiking the Grouse Grind was a challenge and a great experience. I didn’t know how much of a difficulty it would be for me. The first couple of minutes were tough on my thighs and I started to breathe heavily. The whole trail is divided into 40 parts so it was interesting to see how far we’ve made it each break. It took us 1 hour and 40 minutes which isn’t the best time but at least we reached the top. To be honest, the view wasn’t as spectacular as I expected it to be. For the afternoon, we did high ropes. There were three different courses, I tried each of them. The first two were easy, the advanced one really challenged me though. Looking down didn’t scare me but sometimes I felt unsecured. The gondola ride gave us an amazing view and the bus ride home was fun! The hike gave me a feeling of accomplishment and I was proud that I made it.

  2. Jakob Kwan

    The Grouse Grind was much more difficult than I expected. The first quarter of the hike seemed long but it wasn’t too bad. It was at the quarter marker that things really got difficult. The trail went from a steady incline to an almost vertical climb. A small group of four of us made it to the top in just under an hour. We had lunch at the top while we waited for the otters. The food there was super expensive. Later on in the day, we went and did the high ropes course. It had a lot of fun challenges up there in the trees. One thing I learned about myself on this trip is that if I really push myself I can do harder things than I thought I could do.

  3. Ariel

    It was a fun experience off hiking there was many times were I wanted to quit but getting to the top is the best achievement and my time was 56m which is pretty good for my first time! The view was great at the top! Doing the zip lines were a bit scary at first but doing them and the ropes were the most fun and at sometime you feel like your going to fall but if you fall your still strapped in so you can’t fall! I would recommend wearing sunscreen it but it was a great experience

  4. Luke Wittenberg

    The grouse grind and high ropes course was a good way to test your endurance as the steep climb just kept on getting steeper. But then you also have the high ropes course after you get to the top. All though you’re mostly using different muscles in the high ropes course compared to the grind it still tests you. By completing these challenges you are rewarded with an amazing view of Vancouver and the ocean as you ride down the gondola. I would highly recommend this hike to adventure to anyone as long as they are a little physically inclined.

  5. Jakob Kwan

    This hike was more challenging than I expected. We took the bus from the school and got there in about an hour and a half. The start of the hike is misleading. It’s a slight incline on a gravel path, but after a little while it turns to dirt and stairs. It’s relatively easy up until the quarter mark which felt like it took so long to get to. Once you got to the quarter mark things got real. The path became almost vertical and the stairs were huge. A small group of us pushed hard and we made it to the top in just under an hour. We rested and ate, then went and saw the bears. The high ropes course was super fun and we had a great time. One thing I learned about myself this trip is that I can push through the pain and do really well.

  6. Kentaro Dennis

    The Grind was a pretty gruelling hike, but thankfully it was pretty short. At the top, we got a beautiful view of the city and thankfully, the weather was also nice. We also got to see a bear exhibit before the high ropes course. The ropes course was fun, and I found it to be a little harder than WildPlay. At the end, Mr. Rahe got hit with snowballs (which is always a good thing) and then we got to take the gondola down the mountain.

  7. Tatianna

    While preparing for this trip, I was not anticipating the extreme incline that came with endeavoring the Grouse Grind. I remember doing this hike a few times when I was younger but completely forgot how strenuous it really is to complete. The hardest part for me was definitely trying to keep up with the rest of my group as well as keeping our pit stops short. The scenery along the way was absolutely breathtaking. It was a gorgeous day, the sun illuminated the trees, making them a glowing bright green. I tried my best to take as much footage as I could with my GoPro, but after looking through the videos I realized that technology couldn’t truly capture the true beauty that was in front of me. After making it to the top, I had lunch with a friend. Unfortunately, by the time we returned to the group, they had already ventured off to the bear exhibit. So my friend and I made our way to the highropes. Though I regret missing the bear exhibit, the highropes did not dissappoint. In the beginning, I was terrified because at first glance, the structures look rickety and outdated. But with some reassurance and help from the instructors and the rest of my group, i was quickly able to turn my fear into excitement. Overall, this trip was a blast and I’m so happy I was a part of it. 10/10, would recommend!!!!!

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