Ocean Kayaking-Deep Cove June 10, 2021

The sea was angry that day…it was a mile high if it was a foot. OK I’m old, and I’m sure that no one actually gets that reference, but I will admit I was a little wary of this final extreme trip as the group stood in the middle of a torrential downpour and received their marching orders for the day. However, Jakob and Caelen, munching on their Uber delivered A&W offerings during this monsoon, knew better. The group put out from Deep Cove under the threat of rain, but as soon as the paddles hit the water the weather sorted itself out, and students spent the day paddling in mostly sunshine. Highlights of this trip included paddling on the shores of giant North Shore mansions, seeing harbour seals following the group, having lunch on a secluded point, and playing the paddle game which only got a little out of control. Students learnt paddling and steering techniques for ocean kayaks, and came to understand the serene experience that is travelling in an ocean kayak. The day concluded with Mr. Rahe finding other uses for the bilge pump and teaching Omran (and several others) that it’s never a good to try to ambush the teacher! Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.


10 thoughts on “Ocean Kayaking-Deep Cove June 10, 2021

  1. kayla

    This trip was really fun, it was my first time kayaking and I 100% thought I was gonna fall in the water but I was just being over dramatic. It started to rain as we got ready to get into our kayaks. I got very cold and extremely wet; a few things that I wish I had done differently are worn more layers of clothing and a rain jacket. Being with my friends definitely made the trip so much better. After we finished eating our lunch on a secluded point we played a paddle game which was really fun and I really enjoyed it. I felt bad for Ravneet but I couldn’t stop laughing because she got caught in the middle of a water war between Omran and Mr.Rahe. When we finished kayaking we walked up the street and we were able to go to a bunch of stores and buy some food. Although I wasn’t prepared, I had a really good time and I learned a few new things.

  2. Ariel

    Going kayaking was So fun I had all my friends and we all played with the water squirter for the kayak and was spraying each other on the water. At first kayaking was a hit scary because it was pouring rain and you couldn’t see the mountains at one point and we were all soaking wet but then the sun came out and it was great I even hit a little burnt! And we went around most of the ocean on the one side we had to go around an Island and that was pretty insane to look at!

  3. Jakob Kwan

    I had an amazing time at deep cove. We arrived by bus, on which Caelan and I ordered Uber Eats so we would have a snack for when we arrived. Best idea ever. We picked it up and as we were getting ready for the introduction, it started to pour with rain. So we ate burgers in the downpour. We were in double kayaks so Caelan and I went together. We got super lucky and just as we were getting in the kayaks, the weather cleared up and it was sunny all the rest of the trip. We paddled over to a small beach and ate lunch there. We also played a game that involved balancing our paddles, which I made to the final four. We paddled back to the kayak center and then walked to a little area for food while we waited for the bus.

  4. Ailie

    The weather was switching off and on that day I was worried we would be kayaking in the rain the whole time but the weather turned up and it got really warm and nice out. So nice that Ray even started to sneek up on some people and spray us with water. We got to learn new techniques of how to kayak and how to Steer as I wasn’t very good at it but got the hang of it. We adventured to different parts of an island where I found lots of sea creatures like crabs and starfish. Also on the island the instructions showed us really fun games with paddles and it was also just as fun because my arms were getting tired. But I would definitely do it again.

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