Chadsey Lake and Sumas Mountain Hike-Abbotsford October 8, 2021

The second extreme outdoor education trip saw students tackle a long hike into Chadsey Lake and then on to the peak of Sumas Mountain. Although the week was mired in unsettled weather conditions this trip took place in pristine conditions as Mr. Rahe’s weather luck came through once again. Before embarking on their trek students learnt the value of trip preparation, particularly as it applies to the 10 essentials. The first part of the hike involved the 5km trek to the lake, where students gained over half of the overall trip elevation. Once at the lake the group experienced a practical lesson on the leave no trace principles, and prepared for the most difficult part of the journey, the intense climb from the lake to the summit of Sumas Mountain. Once again the students demonstrated great resiliency as they conquered the summit, and were treated to one of the most spectacular views in the entire Fraser Valley. Overall the group travelled over 15km in 6 hours, gaining over 1000m of the elevation in the process, increased their capacity, and made lasting memories-not bad for the first real hike of the year. Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.


16 thoughts on “Chadsey Lake and Sumas Mountain Hike-Abbotsford October 8, 2021

  1. Snooky

    I went on the Sumas hike and as someone who doesn’t hike much, it definitely wasn’t always easy. I learned that hiking requires time, exposure and experience to get better and stronger. I also learned I’ve gotta get into better shape core and stamina-wise. If something could have gone differently I suppose I’d say the climate, if it had been really hot we probably could’ve swum. I was well prepared except for the fact that I wish I had brought two water bottles, and not so many spare clothes. Would go hiking again, the nature was beautiful and the top of the mountain was very nice, would go again but probably on an easier trek

  2. Brayden

    The trip to mount Sumas was amazing it was quite the hike but it was worth it to see the view from the top of the mountain. If it is ever done again you guys should do it.

  3. Micah

    It was the perfect day to go on a hike and a great intro to the program. The hike itself was tough, rated moderate. It was hard on our legs, hiking for 6 hours, yet all of us pushed ourselves to the finish line. Some of us were faster than others but we learned to help the weaker. We learned how the 10 essentials can save your life in many situations, and how to properly respect the environment around us. Most importantly, it taught us mental skills like resiliency and persistence. The view at the top of Sumas Mountain made the hike worth it!

  4. Yuvraj Johal

    I learn that the path was very old. I wish that the hike path was a little bit shorter cause I got really tired between but the brakes helped me along the way. Next time I would have brought more water.

  5. Caelan MacKenzie

    This trip was marvelous to say the least. Once again we arrived at the trailhead(well not exactly because the bus dropped us off like 1 km away from the trailhead when he could have just driven us there but oh well) bright and early. This time there were no outhouses for us to be lectured by but we still got lectured by Mr.Rahe and his niece Ava. This time Mr.Rahe gave me a walkie-talkie and assigned me with the oh-so-familiar task of THE SWEEP as I was obviously the most responsible and trustworthy individual on the trip. After a long trudge up the mountain filled with the familiar tunes of ACDC and Despacito in an attempt to get some weaker hikers to hurry the heck up we finally made it to the summit. And the view was so hot! Breathtaking I would almost go as far to say. The reward was rewarding to say the least and we got some beauty photos with Mr Rahe which will be added to the album don’t worry. We then practically ran down the mountain as we were on a bit of a time crunch to get the bus. I lost control and came tumbling down onto the ground multiple times and I’m quite sure both my knees are shot and I hit Jakob Kwan in the face with a stick but I was alive along with everyone else so that’s all that matters. I also didn’t loose anyone as the responsible sweep I am and I put that walkie talklie to good use and Mr.Rahe dubbed me and Evan the official hype men of the senior girls volleyball team. Next time I would bring more water. Thank god Jakob brought a water filter because I would have been screwed if he didn’t. Overall a 7/10 trip. Was an awesome hike and would recommend to all my friends and family!

  6. Darius Justin

    Well to start this off, this hike was a really beautiful and scenic hike. I learnt about the different elements of nature and more about hiking safety precautions. I learnt that I am capable of doing a 16 kilometer hike which I had never done before. However, one thing I do wish went a little differently was the time we got back. We were supposed to be back by 6:00 but we ended up getting back a bit later which messed with my schedule a bit but it was no big deal. Next time I do a hike this long I’m gonna bring more food and water. 1 bottle of water was not enough for me at all. Overall this hike was great and I really enjoyed the experience and I’d consider doing it again.

  7. Jakob Kwan

    This was a very nice hike. The weather was perfect, not too cold and not too hot. I was perfectly prepared for this trip, I had enough food and I even brought a water filter to refill bottles at the lake. I found that there were a few people who weren’t prepared for the difficulty of the hike and kept slowing down the group. I had to help a few people but in the end, the trip was great. Next time, I think I will bring even more food because l like to snack as I walk. I would totally recommend this hike to other people, it’s got a great view at the end, just be prepared and know your boundaries because it’s not as easy as you would think.

  8. Alex Bol

    This was a pretty nice hike. I think i brought enough food and water for the whole hike for me. We hiked for what seemed like forever and we had short breaks along the way. Once we got to the lake we stopped for lunch. We walked a bit around the lake and found a rope swing. It was a bit too cold so nobody swam. After lunch we got back to hiking. Once we made it to the top of Sumas mountain we sat down and had a break. The view was pretty cool. After our break at the top of the mountain we started our trek back down. Nothing really happened on the way down, It was just hard because we were tired from walking all day. When we got back to the bus we waited for everyone at the back of the group to catch up. Once everyone was caught up we got on the bus and left for the school.

    In summary the trip was pretty good. I’m not a big fan of hiking in the first place but the view was pretty cool. I brought enough food and water and wore the right clothes. Some people werent prepared. But now they know for next time

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