Chadsey Lake and Sumas Mountain Hike-Abbotsford October 8, 2021

The second extreme outdoor education trip saw students tackle a long hike into Chadsey Lake and then on to the peak of Sumas Mountain. Although the week was mired in unsettled weather conditions this trip took place in pristine conditions as Mr. Rahe’s weather luck came through once again. Before embarking on their trek students learnt the value of trip preparation, particularly as it applies to the 10 essentials. The first part of the hike involved the 5km trek to the lake, where students gained over half of the overall trip elevation. Once at the lake the group experienced a practical lesson on the leave no trace principles, and prepared for the most difficult part of the journey, the intense climb from the lake to the summit of Sumas Mountain. Once again the students demonstrated great resiliency as they conquered the summit, and were treated to one of the most spectacular views in the entire Fraser Valley. Overall the group travelled over 15km in 6 hours, gaining over 1000m of the elevation in the process, increased their capacity, and made lasting memories-not bad for the first real hike of the year. Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.

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