Othello Tunnels Hike-Hope October 4, 2021

The first extreme outdoor education trip for the 2021-2022 school saw students travel out to the Othello Tunnels in Hope. Beautiful Fall weather greeted the class, as they walked through the five Othello tunnels, while learning about the history of the KVR and in particular the challenges of building a railway through a mountain.  Following exploration of the tunnels students continued on the wooded path to Kawkawa Lake, absorbing themselves in the beautiful Fall colours. At the Lake they ate lunch, and explored the Physics of wave dynamics, as they attempted to retrieve the red ball from the Lake without getting wet-kudos Atticus mission accomplished!!! Overall this trip was a big thumbs up! Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.


32 thoughts on “Othello Tunnels Hike-Hope October 4, 2021

  1. Emma Olson

    My first extreme education trip I went on this year was the Othello Tunnels trip which took place in Hope. I had learned many new things on this trip about the Kettle Valley Railway that went through the tunnels and I also learned that there was a movie filmed in the Othello Tunnels called Rambo First Blood which I found quite cool. The weather on this trip was perfect weather for the fall season, a nice medium temperature, with a crisp breeze and shinning sun hitting the trees perfectly. Once we had walked through all five of the tunnels we kept on route to make our way over to Kawkawa Lake where we enjoyed a nice lunch and got to talk and hangout with friends. The water was beautiful there. The highlight to my trip though was definitely watching Atticus getting this dog ball from the lake by throwing rocks at it which surprisingly worked!

  2. Leo Lippert

    We started our hike by walking through the tunnels where we learnt about the history of railroads and construction. I primarily remember how the workers used to have to run away after lighting a fuse to avoid getting blown up! We also saw the river which was moving incredibly fast that day. We walked over the trail and got to appreciate the early autumn leaves. We then took a short walk to Kawkawa Lake where I investigated the seashells that washed up on shore and appreciated the nice fall weather. We took a few group photos throughout as well as many photos of the environment the trail was surrounded by. Overall it was an easy but enjoyable walk that allowed me to appreciate the natural beauty of Hope.

  3. Atticus

    The walk through the tunnels was honestly very fun and interesting. We got to learn about and see the old tunnels and how they were built. It is quite interesting knowing that all those years ago before all the technology we have today that the tunnels were built by hand and mostly excavated with a pick and shovel. I also learned that the tunnels and lots of other places up the Coquihalla were named after names in Shakespeare’s plays. It was beautiful seeing the fall colours that were just starting to show on the trees. Kawaka lake was also very pretty especially with the fall colours on the steep mountains across the lake. We also got time to hang out at the lake and I used the physics of wave dynamics to retrieve the ball without getting wet. All in all this trip was a very fun experience for my first trip with the extreme outdoor program.

  4. Shayla

    I learnt that being in nature is a great way to relax and get your mind off of stress and anxiety. I learnt that many men had to risk their lives to create the tunnels. Something I learnt about myself is that I have a relationship with nature and that it always helps to go out for a walk. If anything could have gone differently it would’ve been to spend a little longer enjoy the views. Next time I would’ve brought a jacket and a flashlight to see in the tunnels.

  5. Noor Sandhu

    The trip to the Othello Tunnels was a trip that I had been wanting to go on for a while, so the fact that I got the chance was great. Before the trip, I had no idea that it was an old railroad track, and when I found out, I was kind of baffled at how workers had made them. I discovered that I really liked seeing all the nature while we were hiking through and after the tunnels. I wish that we could’ve gone into the water, but I know that there probably wasn’t enough time and I also know it wasn’t a part of the trip which was a bummer. I also wish that I would’ve brought actual hiking shoes instead of normal runners, because by the end I couldn’t feel my feet.

  6. Yuvraj Johal

    I learned about the history of the tunnels and how they were made. I do not wish that things went differently because it went well for me. I would have brought some water cause i only brought a small water bottle and some more food.

  7. Jael Okoti

    The hiking trip through Othello Tunnels up to Kawkawa Lake was a great way for me to go out and be in nature. I learned that I need to go outside more often and appreciate nature for what it is, because I’m surrounded by it. While on the trip I read about the tunnels, and learned about the struggles workers went through to make them. It was amazing to see that they’re still here today all these years later. I wish that Kawkawa Lake didn’t have swimmers itch because it was so beautiful, and it was quite warm that day.

  8. Caelan MacKenzie

    This trip was an absolute banger to start off the program with. After a delayed bus we finally arrived at the beautiful trailhead and Mr. Rahe lectured us right beside the outhouses for about 30 mins. He then assigned me and Evan with the daunting task of the sweeps. We had to make sure we didn’t loose anyone on this treacherous hike and make sure no one littered. We took this job very seriously and publicly shamed the few guilty of littering. We also didn’t loose anyone which was a plus. The walk was calming and filled with lots of nice-looking trees. The majority of the hike was spent trying to get Jakob Kwan and Emma Olson together after finding out they were neighbors. Plot twist they arent actually neighbours but still that is a match made in heaven if I’ve ever seen one. After the walk we strolled to the lake cockawa and ate lunch. It was a very nice lake and Adicus demonstrated bending the laws of physics there when he lost his dog toy in the lake. I proceeded to accidentally throw his dog toy even further out into the lake just after he got it though. Then the bus picked us up. I would rate this trip an 8/10 it was a lovely experience. I would bring better shoes next time because my vans arent too good for romping around in.

  9. Sophie Van Schaik

    This was such a fun trip and easy for people who aren’t generally good at hiking! I had done the Othello Tunnel hike before and I really enjoyed it. This time it was even more fun because I was with friends and the sun was shining so bright. It was so cool to see the tunnels and learn about the history behind all of them. The rocks were so cool and the waterfalls were so pretty, I loved the way the sun was shining on them! I hope everyone has a chance to see this hike because it’s one well worth it.

  10. Ailie

    Going on the Othello tunnels trip was a great adventure although I’ve been there a few times before. What made this time different and more memorable was getting to enjoy it with my friends. Escaping my stressful thoughts and getting to walk around the falling leaves of autumn. We learned that the tunnels were old railways and those huge tunnels that were once rock were blown up so crazy. I liked walking over a passing bridge with a river flowing under us there. Definitely a trip to go on again and have more fun but to also have a break or to learn more about the Othello tunnels.

  11. Sarah Castillo

    I had a great experience and time on our trip. Learned about how the othello tunnels were once for a railway that was decommissioned I believe and I saw a frog as well which was so cute. The view was amazing too. There were trees, mountains, rivers, and animals too. I found it amazing how they even managed to blow and work through the mountains I believe now called the othello tunnels. It was so cold, dark, and wet in there too. I cant imagine what torture workers went through creating an opening and continuing it on five times. I noticed graffiti in them as well but some were actually nice art like cake and a robot. The sweetest thing I noticed though of all were the many locks with couple names on them. Even after all that there was more though like the lake and park. I must admit it was very satisfying swinging on the swing feeling the fresh breeze and air on me while watching the beautiful view after the hike. Even the bus ride there and back home was a nice experience and if I had the chance to go back there again I would. Thank you.

  12. ayesha

    This was my first trip in outdoor education this year and I had a really good time. I got to explore a place I had not seen before and saw some really pretty things, such as the trees, the tunnels, trails, the lake and the bridges in between. I got to learn about why it is called Othello tunnels and learn more about the place along with getting a walk/hike for excercise. Eating lunch by the lake was relaxing and it was very calm, it was worth the walk we had taken to get there. For my first trip I had a really good experience with the amazing views of the Othello tunnels and I am glad I got to join this trip because it was definitely worth going on.

  13. jenna

    I had such a fun time hiking the Othello tunnels, they were very cool and also super interesting. It was such a beautiful experience to be a part of as well as the, what had felt like, the never ending forest surrounding us. I’m glad i had the opportunity to be able to have gone on this trip and enjoy the nice outdoors with my friends and have been able to disconnect from the internet as well as social media. I’m glad that it was such a nice day to be able to go on the hike, i had lots of fun and had made a lot more memories with my friends.

  14. julia

    it was super fun! but the bus ride was super cold. On the bus I was super excited and I thought it was gonna be a short walk. the walk ended up being way longer then I thought it would, because I’ve been to Othello tunnels with my family and it was short. I didn’t know that we would be walking to kawaka lake. But it wasn’t bad and it wasn’t that hard to. my favorite part was hanging out with my friends at the lake at the end. Oh and eating lunch! on the bus ride back I slept the whole way and it was the most relaxing bus ride ever.

  15. Sarah

    This was one of my first of many outdoor education trips! I learnt many things about this route. I had no clue that it would take you to a small little complex! I had never been that far before. I do however wish that I had worn les layers because man that day was hot! But the rest was a truly great experience! I got to visit and talk with friends and we walked in and out of old tunnels that used to me a train track!

  16. Ava

    The Othello tunnels was a really cool trip. I never knew they were man made tunnels and how much history was behind them. This was a very fun trip because i got to see these interesting tunnels in person. They were huge and it was so cool learning about them. It was extremely creative how they used shake spear to name different things back in the day. Especially these tunnels.

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