River Rafting and Caving-Chilliwack October 21, 2021

A trip that was two years in the making finally came to fruition on an overcast day in October. Covid played havoc with river rafting trips last year, cancelling both, and the need to get on the river was evident as 20 students registered for the trip. Students travelled out to Chilliwack River Rafting and then hopped the resort bus to Chipmunk Caves. At this point they donned program helmets and headlamps and traversed their way through two naturally formed caves on the banks of the Chilliwack River. The first cave saw the whole group work their way through a beginner cave, only requiring them to crawl at one point through a semi narrow opening to complete the challenge. The second cave saw students enter cave 3 and gain over 50m of elevation as they wove their way through narrow openings, deprived of all natural light and sound. Following this the students returned to the resort for lunch, and then prepared for their rafting excursion on the Chilliwack River. On the river students split into 4 rafts, and learnt how to paddle as a group, braving the identified hazards associated with whitewater rafting. After many big hits, many laughs at Mr. Rahe falling out of his kayak 7 times, and a visit to a gorgeous waterfall, students successfully navigated Tamihi Rapids without anyone falling out of their rafts. In the end there were tons of smiles, a sense of accomplishment, and great memories made. Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.

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