Paintball-Millionaire Paintball November 3 & 10, 2021

In classic Outdoor Education Paintball trip fashion the skies were overcast and grey, and the rain reared its ugly head a couple times during the trip. However, that didn’t stop the Outdoor Education students from stealthily creeping through the muddy forest course to enter combat against their opponents. Highlights of the day included Ashton “Let the Paintballs Rain” Gouttin showing up to the trip with a suitcase of paintball terror. Once on the field he did not disappoint eliminating over 30 players from the game during the day proving that if you can see Ashton be afraid, if you can’t see him you’re likely moments away from elimination. The yellow team may have pulled more battle victories, but in the end the blue team was still standing as yellow players ran out of bullets, therefore winning the war!  For many this was the first paintball experience of their lives, and given the abundance of smiles throughout the trip I would assume that it won’t be their last!

The second paintball trip took place under sunny skies with nearly 30 participants. This time Mr. Rahe decided to splurge for the sniper attachment, which resulted in a cross field shot on Ava that will live in infamy, and a shot on Tyler as he retreated from the melee. The teams were fairly even and the battlefield was littered with paint. Highlights included Daven making a mad dash for the flag and winning the game for his team and Ashton trying to crawl underneath a tire and finding out that paintballs on the shins don’t feel the best. Kai, an exchange student, may or may not have has someone leave their mark on his Canadian experience (and also his neck). With the excitement in the trenches, and the cries of battle, I’m sure students are already looking forward to the next trip! Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.

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