Paintball-Millionaire Paintball November 3 & 10, 2021

In classic Outdoor Education Paintball trip fashion the skies were overcast and grey, and the rain reared its ugly head a couple times during the trip. However, that didn’t stop the Outdoor Education students from stealthily creeping through the muddy forest course to enter combat against their opponents. Highlights of the day included Ashton “Let the Paintballs Rain” Gouttin showing up to the trip with a suitcase of paintball terror. Once on the field he did not disappoint eliminating over 30 players from the game during the day proving that if you can see Ashton be afraid, if you can’t see him you’re likely moments away from elimination. The yellow team may have pulled more battle victories, but in the end the blue team was still standing as yellow players ran out of bullets, therefore winning the war!  For many this was the first paintball experience of their lives, and given the abundance of smiles throughout the trip I would assume that it won’t be their last!

The second paintball trip took place under sunny skies with nearly 30 participants. This time Mr. Rahe decided to splurge for the sniper attachment, which resulted in a cross field shot on Ava that will live in infamy, and a shot on Tyler as he retreated from the melee. The teams were fairly even and the battlefield was littered with paint. Highlights included Daven making a mad dash for the flag and winning the game for his team and Ashton trying to crawl underneath a tire and finding out that paintballs on the shins don’t feel the best. Kai, an exchange student, may or may not have has someone leave their mark on his Canadian experience (and also his neck). With the excitement in the trenches, and the cries of battle, I’m sure students are already looking forward to the next trip! Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.


61 thoughts on “Paintball-Millionaire Paintball November 3 & 10, 2021

  1. Atticus

    This was my second ever trip paintballing and it was tons of fun. I learned more about how to play better and different tactics. It was lots of fun working as a team to beat the other team. The paintballing experience is one that I will never forget as it was an amazing experience. My team (the blue team) won lots but also lost a couple due to bad communication and the other team pressuring one side very hard and getting up across from us. But overall everyone won an amazing experience and hopefully a lifetime memory. Next time, I would definitely make some changes to what I was wearing because I forgot my boots and found out that running shoes on very slick mud are not easy to run in and around corners quickly. I can’t wait to go again and be even better.

  2. Jakob Kwan

    All in all this was a pretty good first paintball trip. The weather was not amazing but that didn’t affect how much fun I had. I dropped 30 kills throughout the day with the highest game being 13 ish kills. I had quite a few good teammates including Ashton who plays regularly so we dominated many of the matches. I think my highlights of the day were the fact that I landed quite a few headshots, two of which were on Rahe. Next time I won’t bring some of the extra stuff I had because I wasn’t allowed to use it.

  3. Jakob Kwan

    Second paintball trip of the year and it was pretty bomb. Had better weather than last week which made it just that much better. This trip I was not on Ashtons team but that didn’t stop me from taking 27 names on the field. I was responsible for eliminating Ashton quite a few times which was a good accomplishment. I have to say my highlight of the trip was taking out the camper in the tiny window with the wood bars with a headshot through that tiny gap (you shouldn’t have tried me ;-), you thought you were safe in there but I got you). I was better prepared this time with less unnecessary gear.

  4. My first extreme outdoor education trip was amazing, by trying something new for me with my friends and classmates, it made the experience more welcoming. The experienced players around me also made it more helpful. The actual game experience was stressful, competitive and most importantly fun. One of my highlights from the trip was absolutely nailing Cameron with two close shots to the back (lol). I would love to join in on the paintball trips next semester after my first wonderful experience.

  5. Leo Lippert

    On Wednesday I got to go paintballing with my school. I had never previously been paintballing so it was an interesting new experience. I spent most of my time on the field following Trevor and shooting at anyone who came into view. I didn’t get shot once although I did somehow still end up covered in paint. During capture the flag I held down our base so no one would be able to take our flag. Overall it was a pretty fun, new experience and it was nice getting to miss the first few blocks and hang out with my friends.

  6. Brayden homer

    It was my first time doing paintball and it was amazing. It doesn’t hurt as bad as people make it seem but it all depends on your tolerance. But if you didn’t come this time sign up for the two trips in spring I swear you will love the trip.

  7. The paintball trip on November 3rd was a new experience for me. Going into the trip, I had very different expectations than what I was met with. I was expecting it to be a quick few games of running around and shooting paintballs at some general direction, and somehow score hits. The actual games were a lot more dragged out, with everyone hard to hit from behind cover, and the guns not nearly as accurate as I imagined. The terrain was muddy and slippery from the continuous rainfall, and my pants turned from gray to brown on the knees after a few slips. I still managed to score some long range hits, despite my gun being quite different from the other rentals, having possibly a broken gas valve(it was going full auto somehow), which made it terribly inaccurate. Although the intense fire rate would give me a strategic advantage in close quarters, the map was more open, and my newcomer skills and lack of confidence didn’t allow me to push too hard. Besides, my money was flowing out the barrel rapidly. I think I should’ve asked for a replacement, but the confusion and exhaustion left my brain struggling to even process the act of walking forward. I think the teams were unbalanced, as one team had won numerous games while the other scored like, 1, I think. I was unfortunate enough to be in the losing team, and as one of the only ones to be able to advance, I was burdened with watching mostly the flanks, and of course, got outflanked hard. I learned to be more aware of my surroundings, and stop tunnel-visioning on just one sight line. Last game, I managed to flank the enemy’s left side, and took out quite a few enemies hiding behind the rear huts.
    Overall, it was something I would definitely recommend once, but question going twice. Unless you are a dominating player, then it’s just all fun and games, and I wish that a dry one hits you and doesn’t pop.

    1. Great reflection on the trip. I think that under better circumstances you might find more enjoyment with the next trip-equipment definitely matters and should be something you fix if you don’t think it is up to par.

  8. Owen

    Where do I begin, this paintball trip was so much fun. I was on the blue team and there wasn’t a dull moment throughout the whole thing. Probably my highlight of the whole trip was when Mr Rahe was trying to sneak up on our flag and thought I did not see him but at the last second I shot him in the mask before he could shoot back at me. I think I had more fun watching when I was out then when I was in the arena itself, I saw people getting some very creative angles and people being shot in places you definitely don’t want to be shot in. All in all, people were very fun and took part in it, which was nice. I 100% loved every second of it and will be going on the next one come spring.

  9. Tyler Heinrichs

    Paintballing was super fun we got to crawl around in the dirt and hit people with paintballs. my Favorite part was last team standing because a team always won in capture the flag it was very difficult to get to the flag which meant that a bunch of rounds didn’t have a winner. I learnt that paintballs hurt especially when you get hit on the neck.I could see that mr Rahe was a good paintballer but with his age you could tell he couldn’t move as well. But ashton on the other hand was crawling around and getting inside of tires for better angles.

  10. Shayla

    On Wednesday, I went on a Paintball trip. It was terrifying and fun at the same time. I learned how to use a gun and how to shoot people. One thing I learned about myself is that I like when I push myself out of my comfort zone because I end up having fun. If something could have gone differently was trying to move more around the course and try to get hit. Next time, I will bring a black jacket and not a bright red jacket and try to move around the course and shoot people.

  11. Elisa Kaur

    My first extreme education trip that I went on this year was Millionaire paintball. I had learned that paintballing is a competitive team shooting aport in which players eleminate opponets from playing by hitting them with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules. In other word paintballs that break upon impact. I learned that I also enjoy playing this sport but in the same time scared. You never know where the other competitors are and when they’ll start shooting you. It was alot of fun though. I never thought I will be able to experience this acivity. The weather was perfect! It was nice and muddy because it started to rain, perfectly tensed to play in. Next time, I should definitely bring gear with me. When I get shoot it won’t hurt as bad.

  12. megan

    Paint balling was an interesting experience for me. I am not usually a fan of guns but it was kind of cool learning to shoot them, it was not cool getting shot. I was really scared to get shot because people had told me how much it hurts and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t hurt as badly as I was expecting it to although I still ended up with about three quite large welts on my badly which was not awesome. I think I only actually hit about two people which was disappointing considering I got hit about 10 times. I don’t think that paint balling is for me I’m not a big fan of getting hurt.

  13. Angad Toor

    The paintball trip was great. It was my first time going paintballing and it was a very good memory. When the paintball first hit me it shocked me and I got startled however after that round I got used to it and played way better next round. Something I learned was that I should wear more layers next time I go paintballing. Something I learned about myself was that I am very bad at aiming but next time I’ll be better. I would have wished that I brought more money than I thought I needed since you run out of paintballs pretty fast. A way I would prepare differently next time would be that I would wear two hoodies and bring a bit more money.

  14. Ella Gabriel

    This was my first time paint balling so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but it ended up being a very fun trip and I’m glad I went. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t all that great so I did fall in a trench a couple times. I learned that getting shot can leave a bruise for weeks, so that’s nice! I also learned that I’m not very good at shooting people. However, I am very good at letting people sneak up on me and forcing me to surrender. I wish the ground hadn’t been so slippery, but oh well. I think I was pretty well prepared. I didn’t use all my paint balls, and even had a few to spare. I did bring some extra money, though. If I ever decide to go again and suddenly get better at shooting, then I would be sure to buy extra paint balls.

  15. sophie

    The day that I went it was cloudy and the sky was grey but this didn’t stop us from having a great time! We started by getting sorted into our teams then we received all of the equipment and headed to the field. Immediately both teams started to get very competitive which was very fun. My team (yellow) won more rounds but most of us ran out of bullets so blue took the win. Somewhere mid-game I slipped on a very slippery patch of mud and both of my legs bent sideways resulting in a purple bruised knee for a week. At the end of the game, we were all soaking wet and covered in paint. We took a photo then headed to the bus. This was my first paintball trip and I thought it was a very fun experience that everyone should try at least one time in their life! It teaches you to be stealthy and quick to shoot the other team. You have to remain focused to make sure you don’t get knocked out of the game. So overall it was fun!

  16. Micah

    On November 10, we were blessed with amazing, sunny weather as we played paintball at Millionaire. This was my second time paintballing and I forgot how intense it is. When your under fire, your body goes into a full survival mode where you have to kill or be killed. It was far more physically demanding than I expected it to be and that night I was sore. I loved being there with a massive group this time where as last time I only knew another guy. It added a whole other layer of competitiveness since we wanted to impress each other. It was so competitive that I only managed to get one kill, but it was a beauty. My shot zig zagged in the air before sniping someone right in the forehead from 100 meters away. I am excited for upcoming trips so I can improve my game.

  17. Angad Dhillon

    The first paintball trip was much slower paced then the second, which allowed for sneaky pushes along the side paths with Mr Rahe, which permitted me to get behind the enemy team and take a few out. The first trip was marked by long pauses broken up with short fast paced combat, such as when I pulled up to a hut with 3 people huddled inside it and got a 3 tag streak! The highlight was at the final “dump your paint” round, however, when the owner got a great photo of me rushing Atticus while he was making my teammate surrender, and clicking a pic of me giving his arms a few bruises. The second trip was also quite fun, with a lot more shooting and moving, as there were more people. I got a nice flank on the last round, and got a couple of kills here and there, but surprisingly never got hit, except for getting a ball straight in the forehead on round 3. Overall, the trips were muddy, painful, and miserable at times, but it was great fun and I look forward to going next semester!

  18. Ailie

    This was my second time going paint balling, it was just as fun and Exhilarating as the first time. All the games were very fun especially being on the same team with your friends although I also enjoy shooting them as well. You’ll find some kids hiding out in the bushes or in tires, possibly even in wood stacks were you can’t even see them. I have to say my favourite games were capture the flag and the free4all where anyone can get shot you more then once, so that’s a little scary but mostly fun. I’m looking forward to shooting more people (Mr. Rahe) up on the next paintball trip.

  19. Michael Almeida lee

    First of all I absolutely loved the paintball trip. I enjoyed being with friends and doing something that’s super fun. I showed up excited and a little nervous because it had been a while since the last time I went paintballing. Went in with Ashton rushing the enemies team, but ended up getting a few welts. Got 2 on my left arm, 1 in the gut, 1 on my right leg and a couple on the top of my head. Got around 22 eliminations and a couple of them were me shooting Mr. Rahe on the top of his head when he was peeking his head through the bushes! Overall had a great time.

  20. Kendra Janzen

    This was one of the most awesome days of paintball I have had! Even though I’ve done this before, I wouldn’t say I’m the best at shooting but I really enjoyed attempting to shoot my classmates and the adrenaline rush. One thing I really enjoyed was the way the “arena” was set up. They had really cool shelters and coverings. The rain added a nice touch too. Another thing I really enjoyed was how many rounds we could play and the different games. One thing I learned was to never turn your back on your opponent. Or else you’ll get a nice hit on the back from Mr. Rahe 🙂

    Thanks for making this possible!

  21. elliott

    It was a really fun experience we left the first and second block and went paintballing all day a lot of people came so we we’re able to full team on team games it was a blast

  22. Jackson Di Guistini

    Pretty skies, and all ready to fly. I was on the November 10th trip, (with the better weather) and might I say a great experience for not having been paintballing in quite some time. Before this when I used to go paintballing I would always camp and hide cause I didn’t want to get hit, looking now all you want in the action. When you first go in, you may be scared of getting hit (or I’m a baby) but when you get hit after the first time, you’re eager to go back and fight! Definitely something I would recommend to my friends!

  23. jenna mitchell

    I had a really fun time paint balling with everyone, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be able to go on this trip. I was really excited for this trip at the beginning of the year and I’m glad that it was such a nice day out and had the chance to go and enjoy the whole paint balling with my close friends. It was a very fun learning experience because now i know how to shoot a paintball gun as well as act under stressful situations and it also honed my ability to when it comes to quick thinking under pressure.

  24. Michael Donohue

    this trip was one of the best ones I’ve been on it was fun and action packed. One of the best moments I had on this trip is when me and my friends Nate and daven were all pinned down to win corner and our friends walked over to us without realizing everybody on the other team was right there and got shot about 10 times, unfortunate for her but it was really funny for us and then we ended up getting all shot seconds later. One thing I would do differently is make the teams ourselves like with captains rather than rentals giving the teams unevenly.

  25. Sasha Villa

    On November 10th, me and all of my friends went to a paintballing trip from Mouat Extreme Outdoor Education and it was extremely fun. Something I learned from the trip was that you need to have really good cardiovascular endurance to run with a weapon and like ducking while trying to sprint to make it harder for the enemy to hit you. Something I learned about myself is that I need to work on my cardiovascular endurance, I wasn’t like gasping for air 24/7 but when I would run to cover and try to make a distraction for my teammates it’s really tiring Ever since the paint balling trip I actually have been trying to get my cardiovascular endurance better I go to the gym around 4x a week and do around 30-60 minutes of cardio from 3 minutes of walking in an incline to jogging for 5 minutes then last minute I will run then repeat. Something I wish that would have gone differently would be getting shot at, there was this one shot that went straight to my gut and I had the bruise for like 2 weeks. If I went on this trip again next time, something I would bring with me would be water… I stupidly didnt bring water with me, and non of my friends had water either. So next time I would definitely bring water. In conclusion this trip was extremely fun and would definitely go again!

  26. sarahthiellll

    This was my first ever paint-balling experience. And although I got pelted in the neck many times it was so much fun. I think the one thing I would change is me not being such a scaredy-cat when it came to running up to people and shooting them… I defeated learnt that I have a pretty good aim haha. But yes I r
    Truly did enjoy this trip! Thank you mr Rahe!

  27. Ava

    Last week I went paintballing and had a really great time. I didn’t have many of my friends but the ones I did have made it awesome. In the first round I got 3 people out which was really good for me. I didn’t have much luck in the rest of the trip but I still got someone every once in a while. It was nice being able to spend some time with people I don’t often hangout with. It was fun getting shot sometimes because it either hurts or doesn’t really at all. I can’t wait for the next trip!

  28. Cameron

    It was my second time going paintballing, got to go with a bunch of friends, and all in all, it was a lot of fun we were there for a long time with different game modes and stuff it also felt good to see daven getting hit with a paintball too overall it was a lot of fun thanks, Mr. Rahe!

      1. Cameron

        it would’ve probably been to wear more monotone colors I was wearing a bright blue shirt and that definitely didn’t help, and also maybe not shoot so many paintballs so fast so I don’t have to spend a lot more money.

  29. brett homer

    This was my first time going and I was so exited to go. My favourite part was going around the bush and spraying down the other team when they did not know I was behind them.

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