Wildplay-Maple Ridge December 9, 2021

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s an extreme outdoor education student flying through the trees at Wildplay! Students spent the day overcoming their fears as they traversed three progressively more challenging high ropes courses, which became higher and more difficult with each level. The most adventurous ones in the group even decided to tackle the extreme course, completing challenges over 60 feet above the ground. Beautiful December sunshine greeted the group of students who learnt how to properly fit a safety harness, how to navigate physical challenges while attached to a safety line, and how to push themselves out of their comfort zone to be able to complete the course. All in all lots of smiling faces and pride in terms of accomplishments were seen at the end of the day. Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.

18 thoughts on “Wildplay-Maple Ridge December 9, 2021

  1. manveer sandhu

    I really enjoyed this trip. It starts out kind of dumbed down for the beginners but when it gets hard it gets hard. It feels like playing the first few levels in a game and then skipping to the final level. What I am trying to explain is that it is an enjoyable and memorable trip with many luxuries included. The most entertaining parts of this trip were the ziplines and rope swinging. I would suggest bringing at least 2 other people you know with you because scaling these heights is terrifying without them. If I could go on it again I would but a third time would be a bit too much.

  2. Aleese Henley

    I think this might be one of the best trips to go on. You learn so much about how to use there equipment which is quite cool and you really learn how much upper body strength you have once you get on the nets. I learned I might need to work out my arms. That part wasn’t very fun! But overall a great experience. Will definitely be going again

  3. Crystal

    For me, the Wildplay trip was loads of fun. We were lucky enough to have pleasant weather for our time there after weeks of having rain and snow, which was nice. I loved the courses, but my favourite part was definitely the ziplines or the cargo nets. I didn’t like it at first, but the higher I got, the more I realized that on the lower stages, I hadn’t even been that far off the ground! It was fun to be able to experience this with my friends. Personally, if Outdoor Ed had another trip to Wildplay, I’d go again. I didn’t try the extreme courses because my shoes were a bit loose-and parts of their courses were quite rickety- but I’d definitely try it again if I get the chance!

  4. jenna

    the wildpay trip was super fun, i had a great time. it was also super cool being able to go on this trip and try to conquer my fear of heights, it didn’t really work considering i was still scared but i did go on the extreme course which was 60ft in the air, and being able to complete the entire thing was still a huge accomplishement for me. im glad that it was such a nice day and not raining and not snowing, it was still super cold but once i actually got start to do things i warmed up, but my hands wear sore and were starting to hurt after

  5. Brayden homer

    If you give wild-play a try you will be so amazed because how fun it is it hurts you hand a little but while your having fun you barely notice. I have a fear of height but once your up there you almost forget. If you haven’t been you should try.

  6. Megan

    I had so much fun on the high ropes course at wild play. I love the feeling of being really high in the air and feeling like you are going to fall, so being 60 feet in the air was so fun. I really liked getting to test my boundaries and see if I would be able to do everything that they had. Being outdoors in the fresh air was super nice and a good change from having to stay home because of the floods, I’m super glad this trip got rescheduled. This trip was a great way to push myself to face my fears and to get outdoors.

  7. Ava Vinet

    Being on the ropes course was amazing! It was crazy to be so high up in the air, and when you look down everything is tiny. I learnt I have much better upper body strength than I give myself credit for, and how much I enjoy being in nature. I learnt how to be safe on different courses, and for next time, how not to bang your head into the bar at the end of a zip line. Everything went very smoothly, however I wish I had realized a little earlier exactly why it’s so important to be facing perfectly straightforward on a zip line (see « how not to bang your head into a zip line »).

  8. brett homer

    For me personally i loved the trip over all it was very exiting but also scary since your so high I think people should go to wild play because you get the full experience of being a monkey also get a lot of exercise.

  9. Michael Donohue

    At first I was scared out of my mind on the smallest level and then I was scared even more when my friends made me to the extreme level. Either way I really enjoyed this trip I learnt that I have a fear of heights and also that I probably wont ever get over my fear of heights because that level kind of just traumatized me and left me shaking but overall the trip was fun and the only thing I would change is bringing my Gopro next time.

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