Ski/Snowboard #2-Sasquatch Mountain February 16, 2022

After a minor setback due to Covid and inclement weather the first ski/snowboard trip of the 2022 took place as Extreme Outdoor Education students went to Sasquatch Mountain. This trip was notable for two reasons as it marked the return of district International students joining Mouat Outdoor Education students on trips, and it was also the biggest trip of Mr. Rahe’s career as 47 students filled the charter bus!!! While the snow conditions this year have not been the most favourable, the weather luck of Mr. Rahe saw the mountain receive a few centimeters of fresh powder the night before and decent weather conditions on the day of the trip. Students took advantage of this opportunity to improve their carving and riding skills, and while the end of the day saw some sore bodies and tired legs, it was filled with smiling faces, good stories, and students already looking forward to the next excursion! Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.


20 thoughts on “Ski/Snowboard #2-Sasquatch Mountain February 16, 2022

  1. Carlo Roehrsheim

    I always love our skiing trips to Sasquatch. The bus rides are really entertaining, furthermore the skiing is awesome, because barely any people are on the mountain.

  2. Shae Thomas

    This trip was my second time boarding this season so I took it slow and worked on basic skills. We only hit a few runs this day but we had a great time because the mountain was basically empty. I didn’t fall as often and had a much easier time getting my speed up. I want to learn to do some sort of trick soon or something that looks impressive. The snow was really good this day and the weather was perfect. This trip was one of my favourites so far.

  3. Atticus

    As all trips with the extreme outdoor course are, it was another amazing experience. Although the snow was not the best it was still a very pleasurable experience skiing down the steep slopes and every once and a while taking a little tumble on the big moguls on a couple of the black diamond runs. Had a good, however extremely overly expensive lunch at the lodge. With friends. After checking in with Mr. Rahe we hit the slopes again to get every little bit out of the day we had there. With this trip, I have definitely learned a lot. But there is not much I would do differently next time except maybe try a couple more blacks.

  4. Michael Donohue

    With mediocre conditions a day on the mountain with friends is one of my favorite things.
    My best experience on the mountain that day was when we all got stuck in the powder and it took us like 15 minutes to get back onto the run. One of the things I learnt was how to get off of a rail safely and how to avoid injury’s in the park. Something I would do differently would be staying for the night skiing because that is a whole other experience and it is awesome. At the end of the day we were all ready to go home and I guarantee we all learnt something new and useful.

  5. Natalie

    On the snowboard/ski trip we enjoyed the great day and snow with friends. We got on the mountain very quickly and it was a fun day. I didn’t get any lessons but on the lifts I saw people doing jumps and carving which was fun to watch. It was a good day to get more comfortable on the mountain and I am excited for the next trip and hopefully the weather is just as good

  6. vayda l

    Today was my very first time going on a ski trip with the school and it was super fun. Most of the time I go up to the mountain, I’ll just go with my family who all skis, so it was really nice to ride with other boarders. Some of my friends were trying to teach me how to do a 180 and I guess I did it and landed, but I definitely have lots of room for improvement. The weather was pretty foggy once we first got there and for most of the morning but in the afternoon it cleared up and we got to see a bit of a view.

  7. Megan

    This trip was super exciting and I, as expected had a lot of fun. It was my first time at Sasquatch mountain and I was worried that I wouldn’t like it that much because I had heard that it wasn’t that good in comparison to other mountains but I was pleasantly surprised, although it was smaller than the mountains I’m used to there were quite a few runs that were actually lots of fun and that I did on repeat throughout the day. I have never been on the mountain with people other than my family so I was pumped to finally be able to go out with my friends. From the weather conditions to the people around me I had an overall great day!

  8. Caleb O

    Second day of the season for me, this time I was more prepared for what level I was. I got into the appropriate level lesson and got close to how good I was last season and had a blast with my friends. The weather was super nice and sunny for most of the time and the snow wasn’t too bad. Highlight of the day was watching one of my friends completely eat it in the snow and we had a good laugh about that for the rest of the day. Unfortunately a different friend did hurt his wrist and was unable to board for the rest of the day due to a bad fall, although you can’t do much about that after it is done. There was nothing much that could have made the day better (besides maybe the resort staying open later) but in the end I had a great time!

  9. Justin Kim

    The trip was most wonderful. I sadly could not join the December 17th trip to sasquatch, so I was looking forward to the next opportunity. The early day snow was very good, smooth resort runs with some powdery black runs, as wells as some good sunlight. I had a good time with my friends and did some wacky stuff off side hits, and thankfully didn’t break any bones. The afternoon snow was unusually sticky, especially in the Yellow chair. It was so bad that I could point straight down and flat base the entire run on the snowboard. If that were the whole day, it would have been disastrous, but a little bit of funny snow was only a boost to my enjoyment.

  10. Sam Klaassen

    I absolutely loved this trip, I would suggest anyone who loves winter sports to go on this trip. Mr. Rahe ensured that everything went smoothly, in fact we only had a few minutes once we arrived before we went on the slopes. The snow was a bit icy however this did not ruin in the day in the slightest. I tried a few new runs I had not had the chance to try yet, as well as learned a few new skills.Will be going again the next chance I have.

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