Ski/Snowboard #3-Sasquatch Mountain February 23, 2022

Another Mouat Extreme Outdoor Education ski/snowboard trip, another full bus of students heading up the mountain. The second ski/snowboard trip of 2022 saw the mountain receive a good accumulation of snow less than 48 hours before this trip. While the weather threatened to be bitterly cold and windy, the reality was that the sun came out and students spent the day skiing and rider in mild weather, with most of the day taking place under clear blue skies. The snow was better than the previous trip, which allowed for some of the more adventurous participants to tackle more some of the more difficult runs, and ride the entire mountain. It was most exciting to see the number of first time skiers and riders who decided to take a chance and find out what the mountain has to offer. Based on the smiles seen during and after the trip I think we’re going to have some repeat customers in the future! Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.

19 thoughts on “Ski/Snowboard #3-Sasquatch Mountain February 23, 2022

  1. Carlo Roehrsheim

    I always love our skiing trips to Sasquatch. The bus rides are really entertaining, furthermore the skiing is awesome, because barely any people are on the mountain. The snow this time was really good too!

  2. Atticus

    As all trips with the extreme outdoor course are, it was another amazing experience. Although the snow was not the best and the powder was awful it was still a very pleasurable experience skiing down the steep slopes. Every once and a while take a little tumble on the due to the weird and heavy powder on a couple of the runs. After checking in with Mr. Rahe we hit the slopes again to get every little bit out of the day we had there and one of my new friends and I hit the last run barely cutting time by making it to the very top at 4 o’clock and being back at the lodge by 4:02 and making almost no turns on the way down the mountain. With this trip, I have definitely learned a lot, especially with the powder. But there is not much I would do differently next time except maybe try a couple more blacks and do the “face” run that has a few exposed cliffs on it again.

  3. Michael Donohue

    Even with cold air and snow a day on the mountain with friends is one of my favorite things.
    My best experience on the mountain that day was when finally went down the park without falling once and it took me a lot of try’s to get it perfectly. One of the things I learnt was how to get off of a rail safely and how to avoid injury’s in the park. Something I would do differently would be staying for the night skiing because that is a whole other experience and it is awesome. I learnt alot of things that were new and useful and maybe next time I will learn some more.

      1. Michael Do ohie

        I learnt about rails and boxes in the lesson but it didnt change tge way I enjoyed my day with friends

  4. Jazzi

    This was my first trip of this years season and I had a great time. The weather was perfect for a day of boarding. During my lesson in the morning I worked a lot on linking my turns and I think I made big improvements from last year as I can now link turns comfortably. For the rest of the day I mostly went on blue runs with my friends and I went out of my comfort zone a lot. I had a great day and I look forward to going again this week.

  5. Luke LeClair

    Skiing was a novel experience for me and I got to try something I’d never even considered doing before. learning the basics was the hardest and most laborious part. With very little experience even ice skating it certainly had a learning curve. After gaining some confidence and some new friends I eventually made it to the top of one of the peaks for a slightly more difficult run. It was daunting to me but I was with a lot of experienced skiers and snowboarders so I had the support I needed. I ended up bailing when I was going too fast on the steepest part of the hill and hurt my knee a bit which took m out for the day but the friends and lessons I learned were worth it.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you hurt your knee on one of the runs but I’m always excited when a student tries something new! Hope we’ve hooked you in and will see you on the mountain again!

  6. Caleb O

    Sadly the last boarding trip with the school but it was still quite fun. The weather conditions were not that great however, it was still ride-able. The mountain had been closed two days prior due to rain and there were some ice chunks hidden in the snow, and ended up being a pretty wet day. The snow was a little harder to ride on but we managed and still made memories with my friends. Highlight of the trip was the last run of the day I got with some friends, we just took it slow, had some mid run snowball fights and had a good time. Something that could have made it better however is allowing the other international students on this trip too. I don’t know the details or why they weren’t allowed but it would have made it more fun. That aside, I had an awesome day.

  7. Taylor Harder

    I really enjoyed having the opportunity to go to Sasquatch Mountain to learn how to snowboard for the very first time. I learned how to move around with a snowboard, how to slowly move down a hill, how to slowly go backwards down a hill, how to go forward down a hill and, most importantly, how to stop. The instructor I had was very patient with my group and I, was really nice and helped me persevere through the times I wanted to give up. I had a lot of fun learning, even though most of it was falling over. I did fall on my tailbone which hurt a lot, but I would still definitely try snowboarding again.

    1. Yep the first few days on a board are definitely challenging but trust me when I say that it will keep getting better each time you go out. I’m so glad you chose to try something new!

  8. Sahib

    The snowboarding trip to Sasquatch mountain was a lot of fun. It was my first extreme outdoor ed trip. I learned that, after the lesson and practicing a bit, I was able to go down the bunny hill really well. I didn’t go down any of the other hills because I was too nervous but I kind of wish that I did. Maybe next time I’ll step out of my comfort zone and go on one of the bigger hills. I also learned that you don’t have to wear your ski mask all the time. To better prepare for next time, I will wear a thinner jacket because the one I took kept me warm but was a bit too thick and made it a little hard to move around. Hopefully I can go again next year.

  9. Sehaj Brar

    This was the first time I went skiing. At the beginning of the trip, I found it hard to stop and slow down, but my instructor and friend were able to help me learn and correct my mistakes. During the trip, I challenged myself to do some stuff I wouldn’t normally do, like going on a big run. Although I fell at the bottom of every run, I really enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone and learning something new. My highlight for this trip was accidentally going on a green run while I was waiting for my friend and going really quickly and not falling once throughout the whole run.

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