Ski/Snowboard #4-Sasquatch Mountain March 2, 2022

Sometimes it rains, sometimes it pours, and sometimes it does both on a ski hill…eek! The last ski/snowboard trip of the school year saw students experience the local mountains at their finest as the day was a mixture of snow, sleet, and rain. On the upside the mountain had been closed for the previous two days which meant the majority of the runs were untouched, resulting in some good conditions in the morning. Those who managed to stay relatively dry were able to get in some good runs, though as the day wore on trying to find runs where the snow was not choppy and compacted became harder and harder. However, at the end of the day the snow volume allowed students to try new things in a relatively safe environment, and a day spent on the mountain with friends is always better than a day at home. Kudos to you Extreme Outdoor Ed-ders for finding the positive in what to some could be called less than ideal conditions. Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.


27 thoughts on “Ski/Snowboard #4-Sasquatch Mountain March 2, 2022

  1. vayda l

    This ski trip was not as good as the previous one I went on. The reasons being, that the weather was quite rainy and snowy which are not my preferred weather conditions when i’m out. The snow wasn’t the greatest either; it was really wet and sticky, harder to ride on. But I learned that when I’m going fast and the snow pulls me back, I need to lean farther back on my back foot to maintain speed. I also learned that one reason that might be is because I probably need to get my board waxed. I was also really tired so I was lazier than usual. I was getting clumsy which resulted in me falling more often. Besides that, it was a really fun day and enjoyable to hang out with my friends.

  2. Snooky

    On the mountain we enjoyed LOTS of fresh pow especially hard to plow through but it was a good learning experience. Overall it was really fun and I rode with some awesome people, I’m really glad I went and got more confident on my board.

  3. Megan

    I love to ski but this trip was in all honesty not very fun. The weather was awful, it was raining and snowing at the same time so it was really unpleasant and the snow was fresh so it was not at all packed down but it was not powdery either, it was kind of thick slushy and sticky. My coat was mostly waterproof but after getting rained on it got pretty wet and my snow pants were almost soaked through so when we went on the chair lifts my arms and legs would freeze because the temperature dropped as we got higher. After we were inside it was okay I had fun sitting in the lodge and talking to my friends while trying to warm up after being out in the wet snow for such a long time. It was definitely not my favorite trip that I have done this year but if only had the weather been better i would imagine I would have had a much better time.

  4. Sienna

    Had a great time up on the mountain with a comfortable ride on the way up in the charter bus. Once getting up to the mountain rentals didn’t take that long thankfully so lessons could start right away. I was excited because I was finally able to use my new board after not being able to use it after having it since January. Besides the odd weather it was a good time up on the mountain with me finally being able to get my toe edge in and finally being able to carve in the snow. After lessons and lunch a whole group of us went altogether which was a nice way to end off the 2021/2022 season with a whole group going together encouraging one-another and having a good laugh. Everyone got along very well and waited every here and there for each other. Besides the weather I rate the trip a 9.5/10 and it will definitely be a memorable run. I’m hoping next season to have a car good enough to be able to go up on the mountains much more so I can get more runs in and even maybe work up on the mountain like a lift operator or something like that to get more comfortable on the mountain. I would definitely love to become a volunteer next year and join along on the trips again with Mouat!

  5. jael okoti

    This trip is definitely going to be one of my favourites by the end of the year. This was the first time I’ve ever gone on a mountain to ski or snowboard, so I’m pretty sure I won’t forget it any time soon. I decided to try skiing and let me tell you, it was a lot harder than I thought it was. Learning how to maneuver through the deep parts of the snow was especially hard, because the mountain was closed for the past two days so the snow wasn’t packed down. However, one of my friends was skiing too and was able to help me and give me some tips to make it easier. Because it was raining and snowing the whole time we were there, next time I’ll be sure to bring and extra jacket and extra pair of clothes because by the end of the trip I was completely soaked! Even though I was soaking wet, cold, and I fell million times, I still had a blast and I’m definitely going to try to go on all the skiing/snowboarding trips next year. Next time I go I would like to try out snowboarding to see which I like better though, but I’m sure it’ll still be great and I’ll still probably wipe out a lot.

    1. This was definitely a tough day to start out on the mountain, but it sounds like you enjoyed yourself and took away some important lessons. Hope to see you out again on the hill soon!

  6. Michael Donohue

    this trip was very fun again, but the snow was so sticky there was no way you could build enough speed to make it to the bottom of the mountain. I took lessons today and The instructor taught me so many things that I never even knew of even as an experienced rider. Its always nice to learn something especially from somebody whos super good at what they do and are very good at teaching you all the tricks and techniques you’ve always wanted to master. With the instructor I learnt how to pickup speed while turning (carving). If i could go on this trip again I would have loved to have seen nicer snow and better conditions but the trip was great either way.

  7. Kyle Grange-Chore

    It was my first time snowboarding in 3 years and i candefinetly say that i was pretty rusty at the start. By the end of the trip, i can definetly say that i improved though, which is amazing. Sadly, even though we had 7 hours on the hill, it still didnt seem like enough for me. I think i learned that it takes alot of skill to do snow sports, and that its not as easy as it looks. As for myself, i learned how to properly steer my snowboard and how to slow down and speed up. I also learned how to not fall down, which helped alot. I definetly shoulve pasked some warmer clothes for the next time i go on the hill and specifically gloves, because i brough 2 pairs and they both got very wet very fast. But, despite all the fresh wet snow and wet clothes, this was an amzing trip and i am looking forward to coming on it next year!

      1. Mathis Gottschalk

        It was my first time skiing and I think it can be better because it was raining and the snow wasn’t god but it was a good first experience of skiing.
        By the end of the trip can I say it was hard to start but after a time was it great and I had a lot of fun with my friends.
        It was a 7hour trip and it wasn’t enough for me I could do it longer that I can get better I really enjoyed it and would do it again.

  8. Kv

    This pogger bonanza first started with a crusty ski lesson, which I thought would be unpog because I thought I was the next Mason Rudolf. Still, I was humbled by some 9th graders because I hadn’t been skiing since I was young poglin. But, after this lesson, I met up with the pog squad. After doing some pogger runs, I ate and drank 600 ml of caffeine to unleash my full potential to become the most excellent skier alive. Then I went back on the lifts all excited like Ark2005 saw someone hop on osu. After a few insane runs by me, I was on the lift, and my ski pole got smacked off the lift. I thought I would get hornswoggled when I got home, but thankfully some troglodytes found my pole. Anyways the weather was worse than sam pratts drip, which was unpog but was still a very poggie time, and if I could go back and change something, it would be to drink more water before so I don’t get dehydrated

  9. Nixon Unger

    This trip didn’t start out good. It was raining and the snow was terrible. I was wet, cold and wasn’t having fun. But after lunch it stopped raining a bit and we just went down easy runs and it was a lot more fun. We just messed around in a large group of friends joking and cruising together. The day turned out to not be that bad. I still wouldn’t recommend skiing Sasquatch in March though.

    1. Good recommendation though it seems to be hit or miss during this time. Anything you might change with regards to your preparation now that you have experienced skiing at this time of year?

  10. Tyler Heinrichs

    This ski trip was so fun I had never gone before so I took a lesson no one else chose snowboarding that trip for level 1 so I got a private lesson with a super nice coach he was super talkative and a good teacher. After that I went up the blue runs with my friends although the snow was not very good it was still fun. I fell a lot because it was my first time and i was very sore afterwards. By the end of it I was starting to get the hang of it but I also fell on my face at least like 10 times which was not fun.

  11. Nic

    I learned that bringing an extra pair of socks is a good idea, and not just an extra pair of gloves. If I knew that the mountains were basically going to be fresh powder, I would’ve stuck to the easier trails, instead of the ones I normally go on. I learned that even when you biff it, you gotta get back up because nobody wants to carry you down a mountain.

  12. Jazzi

    This trip was another great experience on the mountain. Although I was soaking wet from the rainy conditions I was able to have a great last run of the season with my friends. During the lessons I improved a lot on linking my turns down the mountain and I was able finally implement this skill through the whole day. I can’t wait for next season and to continue my development in snowboarding.

  13. Sam

    This was the only snowboarding trip i went on with outdoor ed this year and it wasn’t a great one, not the people or hill or anything it was the weather. the rain was pouring and the old man was snoring. it weighed down the snow so much when i fell it was like i was trapped in quicksand trying to get back out, it was more of an effort to get up from snowboarding than the actual snowboarding. when my front end would dip beneath the snow because it was so soggy i wouldn’t even fall forwards i would just keep boarding deeper into the ground. at the very end the snow was at least bearable and i was able to gain some speed and slickness.

  14. Sam Klaassen

    I absolutely loved this trip, skiing has always been a passion of mine. This trip actually let me ski during school hours which is amazing. I got to try lessons, even though I have been skiing for years the tipsI got helped me improve on some specific things. I suggest any skiers or snow boarders to try this trip.

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