Paintball-Millionaire Paintball April 19 & 27, 2021

The first paintball trip of 2022 saw students travel to Millionaire Paintball in Abbotsford under the threat of unpleasant weather conditions. However, when the over 40 students arrived at the field they found ideal weather conditions for paintball and boy did they let the paint fly! Highlights of the trip were definitely the multiple smoke grenades that provided cover to the combatants as they stealthily moved up the field. Some students hid behind barriers, some crawled through the mud, and some aggressively pushed their way through the colourful onslaught as they advanced. At the end of the day while some left with bruises and others with welts, everyone definitely left the field with a smile on their face! A reminder to Mathis to always know who you’re shooting because no one likes friendly fire, and to Atticus that if you see someone out for a casual stroll on the paintball field it’s best to shoot them just in case…

The second paintball trip of the second semester was rescheduled due to low trip sign ups. This proved to be an excellent decision as the new trip date maxed out at 56 students, making it the biggest outdoor education trip of Mr. Rahe’s career. The large number of participants made for excitement on the field as paint was flying in all directions as players stealthily maneuvered themselves up and down the field. Highlights included several first time paintballers getting their feet wet in this new sport, and the seasoned grizzled veterans showing their prowess with new targets to fire upon. In the end there was lots of splatters, many smiles, and a new found love for paintball. I’m sure many people are already counting the days until the next paintball trip! Outdoor Education students please leave a 100 word blog response below.


85 thoughts on “Paintball-Millionaire Paintball April 19 & 27, 2021

  1. Kyle Grange-Chore

    This Paintball trip was alot of fun! Lots of paintballs hit were being shot, and thankfully most of mine hit (I think). I learned about some proper gun safety, because even though the paintball gun isnt a gun that shoots bullets, it can be real dangerous. I also learned that mathis has a very big spending limit. For myself, I learned that I was very good at jumping over baricades and getting behind cover, and I also learned that id prefer to not get hit with paintballs, because they hurt. I wish that in the rounds where we had more lives, I had been more aggresive. Not in the sense where im going up to people and hitting them, but moving up farther with my team and laying down fire to support thier runs. For the next trip, i wouldve brought clothes fit for the weather.

  2. Elliott

    This trip was absolutely bananas. It was like a all out war between two sides everyone was playing extremely fast paced and its some of the most fun ive ever had on a trip. I recorded the whole thing through a gopro and looking back at it I wish I could go again with that many people. At first we started off on the first map which was fun. But once we went to the second map it was even better. The weather held up nice the whoel trip and overall it was a awesome experience cant wait to go paintballing again next year.

  3. Mathis Gottschalk

    This Trip was pretty fun to run with your friends in the mud and play a tacktic paintball makes a lot of fun.
    I learnd how to play paintball and its nice as team game.

  4. Nic

    Paintball was sick, once you get in and you get your first hit it hurts a lot, but that’s why I’d recommend wearing layers, I’d rather be hot than covered in welts. It’s gonna hurt at some point, I learned I had okay aim, and that paintball is really fun rain or shine. Next time, I’d take the extra time to find a pair of gloves, cause hand shots hurt a lot.

  5. Mathis Gottschalk

    this trip was very busy which maybe made it better, it was awesome to spend time with friends while enjoying paintball as a sport with the strategy and team work that comes with it overall it was a very fun experience and thanks Mr Rahe for organising it!.

  6. TJ Masson

    This trip was very fun and exhilarating (and painful). I enjoyed shooting, and being shot, as much as I might’ve complained about it. My first hit was to the finger and it hurt like hell, but it was very epic. I’m very happy that the bus driver was also kind enough to drive us all the way instead of making us walk the rest of the way up the trail (Not that that would’ve been all that bad). Overall, I feel like this trip was even better than I had originally expected it to be, and I am so lucky to have been able to go.

  7. Karamvir Shina

    This was my first outdoor field trip and probably one of the most fun field trips I’ve been to. It was really fun hitting people but it really hurt when I got hit. One of the downsides of the field trips was that there were a lot of bugs coming at your face. When you were in the safe zone. Other then that I learned how to shoot a paintball, although I did get shot in the finger and it really hurt. Overall this was a fun field trip because all my friends came and I can’t wait for next year’s paintball trip.

  8. Jessi

    Paintballing was one of the highlights of my year even though I got shot more than I can count on one hand, it was still extremely fun. I learned on this trip that it is more fun to die together than to die alone. One of my favorite parts of this trip was when I was in a group of like 12 people and we cleared houses one by one. We still lost the round but when I heard the people on the other team complaining that the people in the large group were annoying it brought me joy. I learned that I love seeing people enjoying themselves even if I have to get shot in the head to accommodate that. What do I wish had gone differently? It was an awesome day with fun people and the weather was perfect, but it would have been cool to not have been shot in the head. And if I was going to do it again what would I do differently. Wear a hoodie with a bigger hood. Jokes aside, this was a great trip and I had a great time.

  9. brett homer

    Is was very exciting to be able to go on the paintball trip. It was fun running around and crawling threw the bushes then shooting them in the backs. I would definitely recommend going to millionaire paintball it was very exciting adventure

  10. First, I want to start with the fact that I have never been paint-balling ever. This was really my first time and I really did enjoy the experience.
    What did you learn? I learnt that paintballs actually hurt a lot more than I had suspected. I was not prepared the first time I had gotten hit and screamed in pain LOL. Even though it hurt, I learnt how to aim my paintball gun and try to shoot at others. Which was way better than getting hit yourself. I also learnt how wars work and they don’t get a second shot after getting hit or survive and start a new game and that it is more difficult than I ever thought.
    What did you learn about yourself? I learnt that in stress situations like this I did not like to be upfront and take shots. I liked to hide more and take shots from there.
    What do you wish had gone differently? I wish that we had played on more dry surfaces, since it was really wet and slippery with the mud and easy to fall.
    How would you prepare for the adventure differently next time? I would have liked to be more prepared with the layers I wore. I think more layers could maybe have protected me from the pain of the paintballs. Another thing I would do differently is try to get more upfront and shoot more while being hidden. Since this was my first time, I had only gotten used to how to use the gun.
    Overall, I had a great experience and would love to go on this trip again.
    Thank you Mr. Rahe!

  11. Jashandeep Sandhu

    I really enjoyed the paint ball trip, It was my first time and it was a blast. I liked how we got to play lots of games and the weather wasn’t bad too. I good time I had was when we were with our teams and made plans on how to get the others team flag. I had some nice shots too like when In one game a was all the way in the back and got like 2 to 3 people on the other side of the field. One thing I would of liked is if we were told to bring more than like 30 dollars because the paintballs ran out like after two games. I am looking forward to the next paint ball trip.

  12. Kathy Wang

    I decided to sign up for the paintball trip since I have never paintballed before and wanted to try something new. I was feeling both excited and nervous for the trip because I had heard that paintballing is quite painful. When we arrived and received our gear, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to put on the helmet over my glasses, but that didn’t turn out to be a problem. The first paintball game did not go very well for me, because my team didn’t realize the game had started and the other team ambushed us. However, I gradually improved during the next few games and survived for longer periods of time. The paintball trip taught me how to be safe while paintballing, such as the correct way to put on the barrel sock. I also learned some things about myself, such as I prefer hiding during the games and that I actually found the impact of the paintballs not as painful as I thought it would be. One thing that I wish had gone differently is the weather, because I prefer sunnier weather when going on trips. Finally, I would prepare for the adventure differently next time by wearing multiple layers for more protection against the paintballs.

  13. manveer sandhu

    I really enjoyed this trip for the second time. Much of the experience was very action packed and full of different opportunities. At every turn you don’t know if there is someone else. It is a really fun trip to go on, especially if you have 1 or 2 people to go with. It is a great leadership building activity with much strategy being required. You do not need to have strategy but if you want to get good, or even to win, you either need it or need to go on the best team. It was a solid trip and I would suggest it to anyone who hasn’t gone

  14. Ajaya Grewal

    At first I was really really scared to try this out. I was worried it was going to hurt so bad and I would have bruises all over me plus my dad scared me more. Overall this was such a great experience, honestly if I wasn’t in outdoor education I would probably have not gotten to experience this trip. This trip brought a lot of memories and laughter. My heart was racing at some points in the battlefield. I got shot on the top of my head and it didn’t burst so it hurt so much, Japleen got hit on the arm and she was bruised for a couple of days. At the end before leaving I got Japleen to shoot me and then I sneaked up on Pavneet and shot her in the back.

  15. Bill

    This was the first time that I have tried real life combat other than video games. It did not fail my expectation. The one thing I learned was that, getting shots hurt more than I thought it would and should definitely wear extra layers next time.

  16. Bill

    This time, I wore extra layers, yet the opponents still managed to shot the not-too-thick parts of me. I was very prepared, took note on the recent trip that how many paintballs would be enough for this trip. The opposing team was too slick, got behind our line and shot us in the back, lucky it wasn’t my head that got shot. I really enjoyed it and would go on this trip again next year.

  17. Evan Meng

    Unlike the trip on the first semester, this trip was a cruise. Being able to take part an activity I have some experience in, it definitely was a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Having some experience I performed much better and didn’t run around blind. I forgot how sudden everything is, so much fun to play with and against friends too. My most favorite moment was definitely sneaking up the middle and getting some people out, exhilarating up to the point where Daven decided to shoot 5 paintballs in your side. A funny moment of this trip was getting rushed by Elliott, where he told me to surrender but before I could surrender he shot me regardless.

  18. This was my first time paintballing so it was terrifying but it was still entertaining. while I was there I learned a lot about using the paintball guns. like you need to have a good grip on the gun so it doesn’t fall and spill all your bullets. And I also learned something while someone else got yelled at by the owner of the paintball place. “Never trust an unloaded gun because it could be loaded up”. I also had to learn how to be tactical. For example, there was at a point through the game where a bunch of people tried their best sneaking around we were jumping over stuff and mostly trying to hide. But overall this was an enjoyable trip and I give do it again next year if I can.

  19. hannah

    Had a tone of fun, getting hit in the same spot roughly over and over again sucked but overall it was the best time. honestly wish the face coverings were easier to see out of but it is what it is. it was an awesome trip and the best expierance of getting hit with paint/ balls.

  20. Atticus

    the first paintball trip of 2022 was a blast with paint flying in every direction you can think of. the smoke grenades were definitely a big hit and worked well forcing people out of the building they were hidden in due to the awful smoke smell. I definitely learned my season that I should always shoot the people that are walking casually toward me especially if they don’t have their hand up. the only reason I didn’t shoot Mr rahe was that I assumed he was dead because he was walking with other dead players. now I know for next time I see rahe shoot him!!!!!. no mercy just shoot. i cant wait to go know another trip next year with the outdoor ed program.

  21. Harkomal

    On April 19th, 2022, I went paintballing at Millionaire Paintball for the first time. I learned new skills and techniques on how to be successful in the game. I learned how to aim properly, saving ammo, and how to communicate better as a team. It was fun even though my team, which was the yellow team, had lost some games. The highlight of this trip was probably when I was giving ammo to Harmander. Someone from the other team was on the other side of a wall and when he walked past us he did not see us. I thought it was going to hurt when I got shot but it stings at first then it becomes ok. Something I would change differently would be the clothes because it got somewhat cold and I would change on bringing extra socks which I didn’t bring. I would also check if the ammo lid is closed because I dropped quite a bit of ammo and I did not notice until I got out. Overall this trip was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

  22. Olivia

    I think this trip was really fun! I learned a lot about team building and collaborative ways to work with people individually. It also gave us a chance to make up fast plans in short time, strategic plans, and getting to know people who we may have never talked to before. We could team up and give tips to each other on where’s the good hiding spots, who we should look out for, and ways to improve. Though a hundred bullets only go so far it was really funny trying to figure out a way to get more bullets. It was also ironic how we attempted to use a smoke bomb to blur the opponent’s vision but the breeze kept it in our direction. Overall I really enjoyed this trip and it was really cool to do!

  23. Brian Tibbles

    I learned that paintballing is actually really fun but that I should probably wear gloves next time. One thing I learned about myself was that my aim sucks and I cant hit very many people. somethings i wish had gone differently is that I wish that I wore gloves and that I hit more people. another thing I wish had gone differently is that I wish I didn’t hide so much. I may have been a little scared of getting hit but after getting hit a few times I got used to it. If I were to go again, I would wear gloves and bring better footwear as I brought converse the time I went.

  24. This trip was really fun even though the paint balls hurt and my phone was dead, this was an amazing experience. My highlight of the trip was when I fell off a little hill and then got someone out.

  25. Prabhleen Pannu

    It was a lot of fun even more than I thought. I learnt many new things about paintball and first was teamwork. I like that sight very much, it was an amazing experience as it was my first time to play paintball. It doesn’t hurt that much that everyone thinks about it. In a few words I just want to say that everyone should try paintball once.

  26. Kento Harmel

    Paintballing was very fun and was a great first exposure to it. I hope now to go again if there is an opportunity with friends. It was great to play in large groups as it was more chaotic but also not as pressuring. The staff there were nice and made sure to be very clear about the rules making it safer. Even an inexperienced player like myself felt involved as there was such a large number of people with around the same experience. It was also a great chance to learn as some of the teammates were quite knowledgeable about paintballing. Overall, a great first time paintballing and urges me to go again.

  27. When I went paintballing, at first I was nervous because it was my first time, but as we picked teams and I got pretty excited. All of my friends were on the same team, so it really felt like we were in a war! At the start, I really did not want to push foreword because I thought paintballs were extremely painful, but I was wrong. In the end. I shot a decent amount of people and I only got shot once. Overall, for my first time, paintballing was amazing, it has lots of action and movement and I would definitely go paintballing again!

  28. Daven Pemble

    The first trip was very fun and packed with adrenaline. Mathis bought 15 smoke grenades and most of the time when we used them they did not help us, they looked pretty badass on me and elliott’s go pros though. The second trip was just chaos, there were like 50 odd people on the field and once you heard “go!” all you can hear is pinging and splatting. I shot a lot of people, and not a lot of people shot me.

  29. Danvir Aulakh

    This field trip was way better than I thought it would be. I expected it to be boring and difficult but it was really fun and simple to do. The weather was perfect and it felt like a nice day to be outdoors. The games we played were fun and intense and I’d love to play different ones too. The accessories were great like the body armour which helped me not get hurt and kept my hoodie clean haha. I’d love to be back there with my friends shooting eachother with paintballs. It was a good price in my opinion but buying extra paintballs were kind of expensive. Field trips like these are ones that we will remember for a while.

  30. Fabiola Ortiz

    The paintballing trip most of us participated in on April 19th was one of the most exciting trips I’ve been on, mainly because I had never been paintballing before up until that point. Naturally, seeing as it was my first time going paintballing, prior to the trip, I had asked multiple people who had gone paintballing before whether or not the paintballs hurt when they were fired at you—and naturally, they all told me that it was the worst, that I might cry, and that it was incredibly painful. That is when I learned two things: 1) all my friends are pathological liars and 2) they’re also all babies.
    I went into that arena that first time with death on my mind. Not other people’s, but my own. I thought, “Wow, Fabiola, you’ve really done it now. You’re about to get killed.” However, I left that arena a champion. No one touched me. Not even a knick. I immediately figured out that I was incredible at paintball (just as I am with everything else, obviously), and I went back into that arena with my opponents’ deaths on my mind. I thrived. In fact, I was so good that I managed to hit—-drumroll please—-one. whole. person. It was incredible. People shed tears in my presence. Everything went perfectly and I learned that paintball really is as fun as people say.
    However, there was one downfall to this glorious trip that I forgot to take into account: I have no money. This somewhat significant issue caused me to have quite a big problem, that being that I could not buy more ammunition, and seeing as Mr. Rahe was indeed NOT the generous teacher I thought he was, I went into my last round with 5 little paintballs left. Subsequently, if I could change one thing about that trip, it would be that I had either brung money with me or that I had had a more generous teacher that would gift me with the 12 whole dollars that I needed.
    Additionally, next time to prepare myself better, as stated before, I will bring money with me to buy more ammunition (or if all goes wrong, I will make friends with Mathis and ask him to buy me some).

  31. Elliott castaneda

    Was absolute blast went with a bunch of my friends i think in total there was around 30 of us and it was so fun smoke grenades engulfed the entire field and it was fairly decent pased. Most of the time was spent was playing games and the intermission inbetween games is fairly nice to get a break to recover from the constant running that you go through. Only thing I can suggest for this trip is bring water lots of it you will be running ALOT. I think this trip is also really good as a form of exercise because you are having a ton of fun but your esentually doing cardio each game by rushing sides. Overall this was one of the most fun trips ive ever been on. If you need to get a trip done definitely go paintballing its crazy fun!!!

  32. Elliott

    This trip was even crazier then the first I think there was like 60 of us. It was complete warfare on both sides. Our team got whooped the first round and it seemed like all was lost. But then we came back and completely dominated every game. This was byfar one of the funnest trips ive ever been on. Every round was just back to back gunfights and lots of rushing from both sides. Nobody really just sat in one area which lead to lots of close corders action. 30 vs 30 paintball is something you have to experience to understand how insane this trip was. We played on two diffrent maps that had various ways of playing out. The second map was sick with lots of cover that could easily be shot through if you didn’t position yourself correctly which lead to many sick shots I got on people. This was probaly the best paintballing trip out of the three I went on this year. If you want explosive action and to shoot paintballs at people you hate definitely go on this trip next year.

  33. Inosh Fernando

    The paintball trip was very fun! I had an amazing time with my friends and I learnt a lot of new things! It was also my first time going paint balling so it was very fun. I learnt many tactics during the game that helped me a lot, I wish my team (blue team) did more communication, we didn’t communicate a lot which caused us to lose a few games, it was also very muddy which made it kind of hard to run. Next time I would wear thicker clothes because it hurts a lot when u get shot, But overall it was a really fun trip and I wish to go again next year!

  34. Asha Sangha

    I had such a fun time going paintballing especially since it was something I had never done before! I was a little nervous before trying it out, but when we actually started playing the paintball games I was too focused to even think about how I felt! The weather was also very perfect! Now the one thing I learned was that being strategic was one of the most important things to keep in mind while playing. My team mostly won the games when we came up with a solid plan. I also learned that It was very important for me to be aware of your surroundings and to watch your back. Doing that would have saved me from getting hit MANY times. Next time I go paintballing I will make sure to be more aware! It was definitely a great thing to experience and I will be more prepared next time!

  35. Pavneet Sandhu

    I have never been paint balling ever, and this trip was amazing! I thought that that it wouldn’t hurt as much, but when you get hit that hurts so bad!! Some things that i did learn were some good hiding spots and how to properly aim the gun to reach the target. Something I learnt abut myself was that i am not strong at all because those balls hurt like a lot. Something that i wished was done differently was if we had more time because it was so much fun. One way i would change getting prepared for this trip is wearing way more layers of clothing and actually go in the front to play instead of hiding. In the end this trip was the best by far i’ve been to. All thanks to you Mr.Rahe!

  36. CJ

    I forgot to do this butttt the trip was really fun. I was super scared though because I went paintballing once before but I didn’t get shot since I hid the whole time. This time I hid less but got shot multiple times. Some were painful (the ones that did not pop right away) and others were like 1 second of pain then you forgot about it. I think if I were to go again I would be much much better then the other 2 times. Yeah it was super fun, I am happy I went with all my friends

  37. Taylor Harder

    This trip was my first time going paintballing. I gotta say I really enjoyed it. We learnt how to properly hold the gun, and that it is super important to have the cover over the end of the gun when you’re outside of the game areas. Shooting the gun was really fun and I hit Mr. Rahe a couple times but other than that I didn’t hit anyone; I still really enjoyed hitting trees and seeing the paintballs exploding. I thought the paintballs were actual paint and not colored corn starch but that was nice because it was easy to wash off. The part that I didn’t enjoy was when I was hiding in one of the houses and someone came up right behind me and shot me directly in the head which made my head spin and my hearing go high pitched for a second. At the same time I also got hit in the back. The last round, someone from the other team hid in the house behind me and shot me a bunch of times, which was kind of annoying because they kept shooting after I already said “Ok, I’m out.” out loud to them. Other than those two situations, it was pretty fun and I’d definitely do it again.

  38. LT

    This was a really fun trip to go on, and luckily I didn’t get hit by any paintballs. It would have been even more fun if we could’ve chosen to be on a team with our friends because I didn’t really know anyone on my team. But aside from that, I really enjoyed it and recommend it for others to go on.
    I think it should be an option for a trip next year, so others can also enjoy the experience. I hope I can go again next year.

  39. Jorawar Dhadda

    This field trip was very fun and was a nice experience also it was very intense hitting people but i hated getting hit it burned and i got hit in the neck but it was still fun and after we were done my clothes were a mess and covered in paintball overall i think u should go paintballing it is a nice experience.

  40. Ansh Manju

    This field trip was really fun and was really simple as I thought it was going to be hard and difficult. It was really intense as the game was going on longer and was fun hitting people and winning some games, as it was not fun getting hit as it would sting for a minute but otherwise I thought this trip was fun and intense.

  41. Jorawar Dhadda

    Everyone go paintballing it is very fun and i highly recommend it it is a lifetime experience and is very intense and will perpare for things you need and also make your accuracy better while shooting paintballs.

  42. Sam

    The first paintball trip that I went on was quite bonkers not gonna lie. I finally had my own money from working so I could buy all the cool stuff from the guy in his little tin can hut. Like the extended barrel helped me light up some of the nerds on the other team like Elliot, although I probably didn’t need it because Elliot is a big enough target anyways. The teams were even enough so it was fun and fair, it was an enjoyable experience and I would definitely do it again. One thing I would change is maybe getting a hoodie with a longer hood because I got shot right above the helmet and right under the hood so the paintball smacked my head real hard, this happened twice.

  43. brett homer

    This trip was my favourite by far there was a lot of us there there for on the paintball field it was very hectic but fun at the same time because of the back to back gun battles the the first round we dominated the others team but then they got us on the next couple of rounds

  44. mason

    It was lots of fun and a good way for people to be introduced to a fun game. Plenty of teamwork skills were put to the test when we were playing strategic game modes

      1. Mason Beattie

        My takeaway from the trip to paintball was how important communication skills were as a team. When we communicated well, we were able to overrun the other team and win games! The next time I go paintballing, I would change the time of year. That’s because it was really cold so some of the paintballs wouldn’t explode.

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