Fishing-Fraser Valley Fish Hatchery May 11, 2022

Another trip that went away due to Covid returned in the form of this fishing trip to the Fraser Valley Fish Hatchery. On this trip students learnt about fish identification, setting up a rod and lure, casting, safe fish handling and sustainability practices. They then descended on the trout ponds at the hatchery and put their angling skills to the test. While some were more successful than others-Atticus is a beast but perhaps also a cheater (not my words) :)-true to Mr. Rahe’s guarantee everyone came away with a catch. Highlights included the numerous first time anglers getting exposure to this addicting sport, and Ella Bohn finding out that she must have fisherman DNA as the fish wouldn’t stop attacking her bait. While Daven “no sleeves” Pemble scared the fish away with his intimidating biceps, even he and Mr. Rahe weren’t shut out of the action. At the end of the trip students were treated to a fish cleaning demonstration so they know how to process the future fish they catch for eating, and lucky Crystal Rinke was allowed to bring the cleaned fish home for dinner. Overall, a good weather day in the midst of an otherwise dreary week and a memorable trip for all those who attended! Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.

9 thoughts on “Fishing-Fraser Valley Fish Hatchery May 11, 2022

  1. Elliott castaneda

    At first me and all my friends kinda just signed up as a joke and to go fishing and have a little fun. But the trip was actually really fun and just kinda of a chill trip. It started off with the people teaching us about fish and general things like the organs of a fish, how to handle them,etc then it got to fishing for around 2-3 hours I think. Catching a fish is actually one of the most fun and engaging things ive done in awhile. After you catch a fish feel free to take a picture of you kissing a fish. Never thought I would experience that but I guess life throws random things at you. Overall if you want a sort of chill trip and to have some fun with some buddies defiantly go on this trip.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this experience. While it may seem basic and not as “extreme” I think there are a lot of good takeaways that you can use to pursue fishing in the future.

      1. Sarah Castillo

        I had a great first time fishing and learned so much. I enjoyed the fact that there were ways to keep our fish alive and safe after catching it and would love to do it all again if I could. Seeing how to open up the fish as well was interesting to see because I only ever see the fish already gutted cleaned and cooked. Then if there was anything I would change it would be to be more careful because I accidently got the hook stuck in my finger just a tiny bit and needed help getting it pulled out. Now I know to be more careful next time though and I love being able to say I have seen and touched a fish in real life to everyone I know. It was a lovely trip and I had a great time. Thank you for allowing me to participate and having me included in the group!

  2. Gurnaj

    I had a great time at the fishery, this was the first time I had fished with proper training. I learned how to handle the rod and how to cast the line. At first I was scared and nervous, and didn’t know what to do after catching the fish, or what bait to use, but after some help from Atticus and catching multiple fish, I got familiar with the whole sport. The highlight of this trip for me was when i kissed a fish, never in my life would i have thought of kissing a living fish. I had to leave early because of a track meet, but the whole ride to the track I kept talking about how fun the trip was. I’m glad I took part in this outdoor education trip , and I would love to go back and learn some newer techniques!

  3. Ella

    I had an amazing time at the fish hatchery, I had never been taught how to fish. When we first arrived we learned a lot about the fish and lakes in BC, which sounds boring but the instructors kept the lesson entertaining. We then learned how to properly handle the rod, and put bait on the hook. We were then given a few hours to catch and release fish from the ponds, I didn’t ever think I could catch that many fish in 3 hours. Some people just have fishermen’s DNA, who knew!? Finally, we were offered the opportunity to learn how to gut and prepare a fish for dinner! Overall I gave this trip a 10/10 experience. if you are looking for an easy but super fun trip this is the one to take. I am very happy with my experience and I would definitely go again.

  4. Eshan

    I had a lot of fun, and thought it was a great trip. This was my first time fishing, and I learned how to fish properly, and actually caught a fish, even if I only caught one. Something I learned over time, and something I would definetely do differently next time is to be patient, because I would cast multiple times in a short span of time, and didn’t catch a fish because I was being impatient, which is something I would do differently. For me the highlight of this trip was being one of the first people to catch a fish, which was a bit of a fluke, but still the highloght of the trip for me. Overall, I thought it was a really fun trip, and would definetely go on this trip again.

  5. Atticus

    it was definitely a fantastic trip even tho we didn’t get to go to a proper lake it was nice to go to the hatchery again. being taught by the professionals about how to hold, inspect, and keep them alive after their amazing fight there was a lot of teaching however it was very engaging and was not boring like I thought it would be. after all that we finally got to fish. we got plenty of time to fish. I decided to bring my fly rod and ended up catching over 42 fish. it was non-stop. one time, I was fighting a fish and it got off and my line was still in the water and another fish had already taken the hook. I called that the special and quick release of the fish never even brought it out of the water. I helped a few other people catch their first fish and gave them confidence in reeling in fish and properly holding and calming one down while it is flopping around trying to escape. catching tons of fish non-stop was a blast and I can’t wait to return again next year.

  6. Taylor Dowsett

    I had a really fun time at the hatchery, at first I did it for the simple reason that I had too, but now I’m glad I did it because it was actually fun. There we learned how to determine what fish were looking at by the shape, colour ect. We got to learn what fish were in the hatchery and how to tie the knot. We learned how to cast, and reel. I even caught lots of fish. I learned not to reel in too fast and to be patient. I also used fake bait, and it sucked, once I switch to real bait I caught fish back to back. I had a few friends I know we’re going and almost everyone I knew, everybody was kind and funny and I in all felt comfortable and had a fun time, and let me tell you the satisfaction when you reel in a nice fish. I took so many pictures and even kissed a fish, tasted terrible. But my first I caught got away when I picked it up, I was pissed. After all this fun we got to see a fish dissection and ask tons of good questions. And at the very end everyone got a gift bag and a book with all the fish we learned about. Overall amazing experience and if I could do it again, I would for sure.

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