Grouse Grind Hike and High Ropes June 2, 2022

This trip represented a first for program as students were given a choice of what trip option they wanted to attend. For the second time in as many years students set out to tackle the Grind and then brave the ziplines at the top of the mountain. However, for the second straight year the ziplines were not ready in time which meant that students were left with completing the high ropes course instead. What seemed like initial disappointment turned to smiles as students spent their afternoon flying through the treetops and tackling and overcoming challenging obstacles. Highlights of the trip included students overcoming their mental and physical barriers to conquer the Grind and make it to the top of Grouse Mountain. Mr. Rahe even learnt a new lesson that it is important to remind students not to bring their school binders and textbooks with them while trying to tackle such an imposing hike-trust me carrying two backpacks up the mountain is not an enjoyable experience! Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.


3 thoughts on “Grouse Grind Hike and High Ropes June 2, 2022

  1. Brandon Saran

    This trip was hard but rewarding. the hike is something everyone should do at there own pace if you are going to do it, Definitely should bring more water than you think. on the top of the mountain is not what I expected to be honest, looks like a resort with Ziplining, high ropes and even a little restaurant, all and all a fun trip and hike that everyone should do at least once.

  2. Kayden Ste.Croix

    Before the hike even started I was already dead from leg day the day before because I forgot that we were doing the climb the next day. Although I had already started the day with sore legs I knew that I didn’t have the option to take the lift up so I began anyway. At around the 6/40 mark we started to feel the strain of the backpacks we were carrying and the slight burn in our thighs but we went on anyway while taking short breaks to recoup and heading further up the mountain. At the half way we stopped for a bit and ate some snacks before heading the rest of the way up while still taking breaks on the way. Once we saw the snow at the top we felt the relief of having finished the first part of the day. After a break at the cafe at the top and eating some crazy expensive food we went to do the ropes. After doing the first course I gave up because I didn’t want to do the rest and hung out with some others in the cafe while waiting for the rest of the people to finish their courses. Thankfully we took the lift down and got some much needed Starbucks where Mr.Rahe bought the pinkest thing on the menu and we got on the bus and went home.

  3. Eshan

    I had a lot of fun on this trip although the grouse grind was very difficult. Something I learned was how to complete a high ropes course, which was really fun. Something I would do differently next time, is do the grouse grind slower next time, because it was very tiring to go up the mountain quickly. The highlight of the trip for me was the ziplines that were a part of the high ropes course, which were a fun part of the high ropes course. Overall, it was a really fun trip.

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