Sailing and Canoeing-Jericho Beach June 9, 2022

To say that this year of outdoor education has been unpredictable would be a major understatement. From floods to Covid, from snow weeks to crazy mild weather, this year has certainly had it all. This trip to Jericho Beach was no exception as a lack of district bussing availability threatened to derail what is arguably one of the most memorable trips on the Outdoor Education calendar. However, thanks to several parent volunteers stepping up this trip was able to go ahead and the trip filled up with many keen participants. However, true to form for this year a mild Spring climate resulted in a rainy day on the beach. Though this didn’t stop students from making the best of a less than ideal situation as they found enjoyment in the water during their sailing and canoeing. Highlights of the trip included Kayden and Brandon dumping their canoe, and students braving the cold Jericho waters for a little bit of swimming. Usually this trip does have great weather so I guess you can’t win them all! Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.


12 thoughts on “Sailing and Canoeing-Jericho Beach June 9, 2022

  1. snook

    Sailing was an interesting experience, we got carpooled with parents our carpool mom was great. We learned about the sailing parts and how to do it, we were lucky to get to sail as a group since the weather was still doable. Even though it was hard it was fun and a challenge. The weather was really bad which honestly made the trip not as good but I had my friends there so that saved it! Canoeing was different, Peter made us get out of our boat and flip it back over while he sits in his boat doing nothing so that was really painful but sailing and the free chips made it worth it

  2. Jae

    sailing and canoeing is something ive always wanted to try and probably would have never gotten to if i didnt take this class

    the intructors were all super nice and always willing to help when they were teaching us it was super clear on what was what and what we needed to once we started sailing me and group had a little difficulty and they were so quick to help us with canoeing we didnt have as much trouble and when we played the tag game (i cant remember what they called it)

  3. CJ

    Going sailing and canoeing last week was actually really fun. Sailing was really nice even though me and Brian were the only ones that tipped from our group of people that sailed first, it was still really fun! The people that showed us what to do were really nice and I liked all of them a lot. Canoeing was also very fun and the game we played was very entertaining. I made some new friends when canoeing and after flipping it was less cold. Overall it was a good day even if the weather wasn’t the best it could be, Everyone was soaked without going in the water with the rain lol. I had a fun time there and if it was sunny I would definitely go again 🙂

  4. Brian tibbles

    Overall the trip to Jericho Beach was actually very very fun. I was planning on not going at first but then at the last minute I decided to sign up because my friend was going and I’m glad I did. The weather was pretty bad on that day and I was a little nervous to go out onto the water in the sailboat with all the wind and rain but when we got on there I actually had a very fun time. Me and my partner were doing fine until we ended up flipping. The water wasn’t too bad but I definitely would not recommend it. We tried to flip the boat over twice but because the wind was so strong we could not get it up and we ended up riding with one of the teachers for the rest of the time which was actually very fun. Even though sailing was fun, for some reason I enjoyed canoeing the most. I found it kind of calming in a way and I liked how it was much easier to control. The only thing that I really wish was different during that day was the weather. If It wasn’t raining and it was nicer weather I would’ve had a ton more fun but I still enjoyed my time there. I definitely would go back to Jericho Beach to do that again and I highly encourage anybody who’s interested to do it.

  5. Pavneet Sandhu

    First I wanted to say is that this trip was all last minute, I never planned that I would be going on this trip, but Naavya forced me to come. Something I learnt in this trip was how to set up a sailboat, this was also my first time sailing. I never knew that there was such thing called a boom on the sailboat and that it moves while you are trying to turn. Something learnt about myself on this trip was that me skin is very weak and sensitive, our canoe tipped over and we had to go by this place that had very small and sharp rocks. Not even when i stepped onto the rocks my feet were bleeding and there were so many cuts on my feet! Something i wish that went differently is that it could have been warmer weather and i wanted more of my friends to come! If i come next time n this trip i would definitely wear some type of shoes like crocs or water shoes, so that my feet aren’t just bare. Overall this was a really fun trip and I really liked how we went into the water. All thanks to Mr.Rahe!

  6. The sailing and canoeing trip to Jericho Beach was a lot of fun. It was my second extreme outdoor ed trip. I learned how to turn in a sailboat, though I wasn’t very good at it. My group didn’t get to sail for very long because of the weather but it was still fun for the short amount of time that we got to. Hopefully the weather will be nicer if I go sailing again. I learned how you work together in a canoe to make it turn in the direction you want and how to balance the sides so that you go straight. We went canoeing for a long time and it was a lot of fun. It was tiring by the end but it was worth it because we got to see a seal poking its head out of the water. Next time I go canoeing I’m going to make sure I don’t go in shoes because even though they were waterproof they still got soaked when the water was higher than the shoes.

  7. Autumn veer

    The Jericho Beach trip was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot. I was very nervous about how the day would turn out when it started raining like crazy. I’m so glad I went on the trip. It was good to learn new things and expand my knowledge. I made so many fun new memories with friends and I think with the weather it made it very memorable. I do wish that the weather would have been better because it was fairly cold but I was so glad for the hot showers. I did end up cutting my foot on a rock covered in barnacles so it hurt a lot and for a few days after. But it was a very fun trip and I would recommend it.

  8. Guneet Sidhu

    The sailing trip was very fun and exciting. One thing i learned was how to sail in general. one thing that could’ve went differently was the weather for sure, if wasn’t raining it would been alot more enjoyable. one thing i learned about myself is that would definitely would do it again. – Guneet Sidhu

  9. Jessi

    Even though enduring a semi awkward car ride to the beach, and the rain being a little bit of a surprise to me. I had an awesome time, we started with sailing and I feel like we got the best luck with this. After a little bit of learning the parts of the boat and stuff like that we went down, got our wetsuits and then went to the boats. And after a tiny little bit more explaining, me and Jae started getting our boat ready. And not to flex but we were the first ones done. We got on the boats and had a great time, the canoeing was a little less fun but that’s okay. The best part of the day you may ask? Getting that freezing cold wetsuit off. In conclusion, an extremely fun trip 10/10 would do again.

  10. Brandon Saran

    The trip is very fun, I enjoyed sailing very much even though the weather wasn’t what we wanted, we still had a lot of fun. they had showers and wet suits which was very useful and they had a concession stand as well. would definitely go on this trip again, just maybe during better weather.

  11. Kayden

    To begin the day the chances of rain was 100% but we expected to get wet anyway cuz it’s the ocean. When we got there we were instructed on how to use the canoe properly and some general knowledge about them. After the quick briefing we went down to the beach where the canoes were and had to bring them into the water and of course I was the only one who carried the canoe. Shortly after the canoe was in the water Brandon flipped us into the water getting us wet not even 2 minutes into the canoeing so we were all wet for the whole time. The actual canoeing wasn’t that bad though with the occasional PTSD from the waves swaying us but we managed to get to the point and turn around and get back without falling in again. After we got back we had a lunch break and after the break we did another short class but about sailing this time and after that we put on wet suits and started sailing. The boats were not exactly built for 3 men to be on them so we had to drain the water out every once and awhile but it was still lots of fun. After we were done sailing we still had some time so a bunch of us swam around in the ocean before we had to take the wet suits off shower and leave. Overall it was a good trip even though the weather was against us.

  12. Kathy Wang

    I signed up for the sailing and canoeing trip because I have not experienced sailing or canoeing before and wanted a new experience. Before the trip, I was feeling nervous since I was not sure what to expect, which is the reason why I overpacked. However, overpacking later proved to be helpful since my gel hand sanitizer managed to remove a stubborn sharpie stain on the table. I was also feeling excited for the trip since I have always wanted to try sailing and canoeing but I never got the chance to before. I learned multiple new things during this trip. While canoeing, my arms were becoming tired quite quickly from rowing. Then, one of my friends in the canoe informed me that I was holding the paddle improperly and she showed me the proper technique. After I learned the proper rowing technique, it became much easier and my arms no longer felt as tired as before. Another thing I learned is the sailboat terminology, such as the till, the rudder, and the tack. Something I learned about myself is that I find canoeing to be much easier and relaxing than sailing. The main thing that I wish had gone differently is the weather. Although canoeing and sailing was quite fun and I enjoyed the experience, the rainy and cold weather did affect certain aspects of the trip experience, such as the fact that our sailing time was shortened because of the instability that the weather caused. Next time, I would prepare for the adventure differently by only packing the essentials. As I mentioned above, I overpacked for this trip since I was not sure what to expect and I wanted to be extra prepared. However, after going on this trip, I now know which items are unnecessary and which ones are the most important to pack.

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