Intro to Mountain Biking-Chilliwack Community Forest June 15, 2022

A small group of participants decided to brave the inclement weather and travel out to the Chilliwack Community Forest. Led by Mr. Loewen, the program’s resident mountain biking expert, students learnt to navigate the green trails safely in less than ideal weather conditions. They also learnt about the origins of the Community Forest, and about how it is a rare find in terms of being supportive to users from different disciplines. While the weather wasn’t ideal trip participants still managed to challenge themselves on the green and blue rated trails which required physical and mental exertion. At the end of the trip students were all wearing a badge of muddy honour and while many were surprised at the level of physical exertion needed to mountain bike, they also were glad to have tried something new. This courage was rewarded when at the end of the trip Mr. Rahe treated his carload to a round of JBCs because we all deserved it! Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.


3 thoughts on “Intro to Mountain Biking-Chilliwack Community Forest June 15, 2022

  1. Jada

    I’ve never been mountain biking before and was a bit nervous before the trip but with Mr. Loewen and Mr. Rahe’s guidance I feel as though I learned a lot about the area and now know a little bit on the basics of mountain biking! going over slippery tree roots and taking sharp turns was harder than expected. Though it was a challenge, I would like to try again sometime, particularly in better weather!!! Overall this trip was a completely new experience for me where I got to try out something different while having fun. I now have a huge respect for people who mountain bike regularly as it’s an understatement to say it’s harder than it looks!!! (also the Jbc’s were sooo good thanks Mr. Rahe!!!!)

  2. Gina Dahl

    The Mountain biking trip was lots of fun it a really good expirence for me
    I have never done something like this before and i am glad i did it. The going up the hill was a little hard for me but thats ok i made it , going down the hill was the most difficult thing for me because the hills were steep and it was raining so it was harder but i made it. the thing i would do next time is that i would have wear shorts bc my clotthes got kinda buddy. It was exiting going on this trip, Going down the hills where it was not that steep i was able to it was fun. getting of my bike for the really steep parts was fun cause i ran down the hill on my bike but i made it harder for myself but it was fun at the same time. Thank you mr rahe for taking us in this trip.

  3. Evan W.

    This was fun in the sense that we got so wet that I don’t think anyone really cared anymore about getting wet or muddy. The terrain wasn’t terribly difficult, but the conditions made the roots fairly slippery. The instructors knew what they were doing, and they were fun to be around. Overall, despite the rain and mud, this was a great experience.

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