River Rafting-Chilliwack River Rafting November 9, 2022

Another memorable trip on the outdoor education calendar is the bi-annual trip to Chilliwack River Rafting for some epic whitewater adventures on the Chilliwack River. Once again Mr. Loewen needed to step in for the injured Mr. Rahe who, though on the mend, was still not in any condition to rejoin the program. The change in leadership changed the dynamics of the trip slightly as the trip no longer included hiking, caving, or an overnight camp. However, students were treated to a visit to the fish hatchery where they learned about the importance of the river and what part they can play in sustainability. Furthermore, while a November river trip is quite late in the season the date worked perfectly as low Fall water levels would have resulted in a much more limited trip for the students had it been any earlier-again, things seem to just work out for the Mouat outdoor education program. The only downside that came from this trip was Mr. Loewen hitting a branch with his melon while on the river while guiding his raft from harm. Thanks again Loewen for going above and beyond for the program! Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.


4 thoughts on “River Rafting-Chilliwack River Rafting November 9, 2022

  1. Flora Vieweg

    The river rafting trip in Chilliwack was amazing! I´ve never been river rafting before, so it was new for me. First, I really enjoyed seeing all the salmons, little salmons, just born and the older salmons. Then, at the river rafting camp it was so cold, and it got even colder when we were on our boats. I really enjoyed it, because I could see the mountains, while I was on a boat on the river. I honestly imagined rafting would be a bit faster, but I guess, because of the low water it was slower I imagined (honestly, I am happy how it was, because I don´t like really fast boat tours). Even though it was an amazing feeling to be on the boat and to see all the mountains.

  2. Arabella

    This was one of the main reasons why I signed up for outdoor Ed! I was super excited and scared to go on this trip. I was scared because it was going to be so cold, I thought my feet would freeze. I was also scared because I’m a clumsy person so I thought I’d fall off the raft, which I did. But thankfully Mr. Loewen saved me from my doom. I was smiling almost the whole trip trying to appreciate this awesome experience. I loved going over waves and thinking we were going to tip over! Actually I was scared, but I enjoyed it anyway, because it’s not everyday you get to do something as cool as river rafting! I was well prepared but I brought the wrong gloves, I think I could have asked where I was sitting then I would’ve known which hand to put the glove on. I didn’t want it on the one close to the water because then it would make my hand more cold. But it wasn’t that bad. Thankyou so much for this experience!

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