Tagging the Tusk-October 21-23, 2022

The long anticipated return to backpacking trips finally came to fruition this year as the program returned to the Garibaldi Park and the Black Tusk for the first time since Mr. Rahe’s first year in the program. Despite the long absence the trail had not gotten any easier and 15 brave adventurers challenged themselves through mental and physical exhaustion to conquer this mountain. While some snow fell at night the days greeted the group with warm sunshine and mild temperatures. Students were rewarded for their efforts with stunning morning sunrises at Garibaldi Lake and panoramic views of the mountain ranges surrounding the Black Tusk. For the second time the group was able to Tag the Tusk and have the memories and the pictures to prove it! The only trip downside took place after the trip when Mr. Rahe realized that a slight vision issue identified on the trip was actually a detached retina, causing his next month of school to be derailed. Just another example of how important it is to cherish things in life and take nothing for granted. Extreme Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.


10 thoughts on “Tagging the Tusk-October 21-23, 2022

  1. Aloisa Uebe

    This trip was great! The scenery was just extraordinary! I would say I have never seen something like that before in my life. But even though the trip was great, there were some things that were hard for me. For example the cold. I didn‘t expect it to get so cold overnight so I was really afraid at first, because it was already really cold during the skillsnight and this time it was even colder. But one of the things I have learned at this trip is that sometimes it is better to wear less when you go to bed and not 10 different layers of clothes.
    Another thing that was hard for me were the hikes. Especially the hike on the second day was really exhausting, but at this point you learned again that your body can do much more than you think. I also learned how important it is to stay hydrated and also to eat enough, because you noticed right away, if something wasn‘t there.
    I didn’t just like the scenery, I also really liked the time we spent in the little cottage where we ate. Especially the night on the second day was so much fun, because we all played together!
    I wouldn‘t change anything about this trip, because it was just so much fun!!!

  2. Caelan

    Blog time. This trip was an absolute joy. If someone told me to describe this trip with one adjective I would use splendid. As we got off the bus I knew this trip was going to be a banger. With Mr. Rahe leading the pack we charged up the mountain with unmatched strength and determination. Oh and in case of bears Jakob brought his 12 inch long bear knife he bought from value village and pretty much saved our lives multiple times. The hike was surprisingly easier than I thought, though it still provided a good challenge. After a good long trek we arrived at lake Garibaldi. I was stunned by the sheer beauty of the lake itself. It was breathtaking. There were some light snowfalls at night and it was a bit chilly at times however I felt as though I packed an adequate amount of warm clothes and my sleeping bag was warm enough. However water did spill in our tent which made the first night a little bit uncomfortable but oh well. Cooking food on my little bunsen burner thing was super fun but I would not recommend getting those freeze dried just add hot water meals from Cabela’s. They are expensive as $*&$ and don’t even taste all that good and somehow I managed to undercook one of them. I mean legit there was one instruction and some how I messed it up. Shoutout to Matteo (@matteofitness) for bringing so much extra food from his moms butcher shop and sharing some with the boys. Next time I am going to come up with a better meal plan and find some better alternatives for those damn freeze dried things. Anyways we hiked up the black tusk it was awesome I kissed the tusk and took a photo mooning the camera up on the tusk. It was super beautiful and scary cause there was a sheer drop and Jakob was looking a little clumsy that day. This guy also brought tuna on the hike and damn near got us killed because bears love tuna. On the hike up there were these meadows lightly dusted with snow and it was unreal. Eye candy yo. Second night was a blast. I loved taking a dump in the porta potties because they had a conveyer belt that you would crank and your crap would slid into a different compartment that your pee. Environmental stuff yo. We played an awesome game of mafia (Mr.Rahe slept with Ryan and then killed him or something). Hiked back down and Jakob almost broke his back because he packed a lawn chair along and it weighed a lot. Honestly this trip was super fun 10/10 would recommend would do it again. Thank you Mr.Rahe.

  3. Hiroki Dennis

    This trip taught me the importance of good sleep and preparation for the weather. While the hike was challenging, it wasn’t past my abilities. My biggest problems were the cold and pain in my neck/shoulder on the last day. I thought I was prepared for the cold, but during the hike up, I didn’t take off my jacket, as I didn’t feel very warm. I didn’t notice that I was sweating until partway up and by then, my jacket was already damp. The cold weather then cooled the moisture, making my jacket useless. I also learned the importance of sleeping on my back, as side-sleeping hurt my neck and shoulders, making the hike down very inconvenient.

    1. Be bold, start cold! Looks like you experienced first hand why it’s important to heed this advice and should now be better prepared for future outdoor experiences!

  4. Ella

    During the trip to the black tusk in garibaldi provincial park, I learned that it snows in October in some parts of BC, I learned that bear spray cans are very readable, and also learned how to use tent pads. Things I learned about myself are that I have very good British, Australian, American, animal, character, and country voice imitations, and that my injuries heal very quickly. It would have been cool if a bear showed up and ate someone. Next time, I would bring more layers for the night because I was freezing to death, and I would also use a school sleeping bag instead of the one I brought from home.

  5. Mankeerat Kaur

    First of all, I must say I feel extremely lucky for being a part of this multi-day backpacking experience. Without having such an amazing group of people, this trip may not have been possible for me. The hike started off with an incline right at the beginning. With the heavy hiking backpack, prepared for surviving three days, I thought we were trying to do something impossible. Gradually, however, I was fascinated by the way my body adjusted to the weight of the hiking backpack. Next, as we approached the Barrier Viewpoint, I was just glad we would get a nice break. Never had I expected the view to be so breathtaking. I had seen nothing like it, and had experienced nothing like sitting at such height and enjoying some snacks I had brought along. That became a motivation for me to keep moving for the next amount of time it took for us to get to the campsite. It was beautiful. I especially enjoyed observing the night sky. Being away from other sources of light made the stars seem brighter, and I also saw a few shooting stars. The next day was just as challenging, however the way back seemed to be much easier and faster on the last day. Overall, the trip was truly an accomplishment for me, and I would love to continue going on more trips like this one. Thank you, Mr. Rahe!

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