Ski/Snowboard #2-Manning Park January 6, 2023

Another ski trip to Manning Park and another bluebird day on the mountain! For the first time in Mr. Rahe’s tenure with the Outdoor Education program two charter busses were used to transport a record 86 students up the mountain! While some slight issues arose with students incorrectly categorizing themselves to avoid lessons, the majority of the trip went smoothly with students able to enjoy good riding conditions and mild temperatures. A reminder for future trips that anyone unable to ride a blue square in control, or those with less than 5 days of experience on the mountain, are required to take a lesson. At the end of the day the biggest lesson to take away from this trip is that everyone, regardless of level, has room for improvement so everyone should error on the side of caution when making the decision whether or not to sign up for a lesson. At the end this process is there to ensure safety and enjoyment for all participants. A big thank you to the several volunteers who stepped up to chaperone this trip-we hope to see you involved in more upcoming trips! Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) please leave a 100 word blog response below.


20 thoughts on “Ski/Snowboard #2-Manning Park January 6, 2023

  1. Not only did I have a blast on this trip, many new skills were learnt. I was lucky enough to ride the beautiful conditions with three friends, which made for the perfect day. We challenged each other safely, within our area of ability. Some drops, jumps and tricks were attempted, within moderation, which made for some cool videos and pictures. I would seriously recommend to anyone in the course one of the upcoming ski trips as they are a great way to spend a school day! Overall, the only downside of the trip was the slow start to the day but once everything had been figured out, I enjoyed every minute of it.

  2. Aloisa Uebe

    This trip was great again! At first I was afraid that we wouldn‘t have the best weather, but the sky was clear and it wasn‘t cold at all!
    The skiing was so much fun again, and this time they were actually more runs open so we had the opportunity to try out some more runs. This time I skied with different people than the last time and even though I didn‘t have enough time to really pay attention at the technique (we skied a lot faster), it was still a lot of fun and I learned better how to manage the speed.
    The next time, we can maybe try out something new to get our rentals faster and that we don’t have to wait for so long until everybody from our group is ready.
    But overall the trip was great and I am really excited for the next one!

    1. Good reflection. I hear what you’re saying as the size of this trip definitely slowed things down a bit. However, you couldn’t beat the weather we had for this trip!

  3. Caelan

    I’d like to start this blog out with a poem expressing my feelings about this trip.

    Exchange students everywhere. Holy moly I helped one comb their hair. German, Brazilian, Mexican. They all want to ski like pelicans. Big trip full of foreigners. Good times with the foreigners.

    This trip was hecktic as heck. So many exchange students it was awesome but so difficult to organize. Saw my crows Filiipo and Luca from the backpacking trip those guys are G’s. Anyways we ripped up on a charter bus. Slept and watched breaking bad and talked to my mom who chaperoned the trip! Speaking of Breaking Bad just finished the show. Top tier show. My personal favorite of all time. Last episode was chefs kiss. Anyways it took forever to get on the mountain but it was an awesome day once we got out there. Did some runs with my brother and my mom. Then ripped a couple with Michael, Gabe and Sam. Sent it off this cliff. Crashed straight on my face and they thought I died. We good. It was sick(the good one).My moms ski boots disintegrated which was totally crazy and I totally told her that was going to happen. I was like yo mom those boots are corroded. And she was like nah. Then they broke. Speaking about broke, just finished breaking bad. Would highly recommend that show is a masterpiece. A little bit slow at the start and hard to get into but it all builds upon each other and each season is better. Anyways was an awesome day. Snow wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible and it was quite warm. Love the beauty of the mountains. I’m so glad I packed my own lunch because the food there was HIGHWAY ROBBERY. Bus ride home involved sleeping and talking to my other boy BENNIT who has never eaten at Wendy’s. Common Mr. Rahe buy the poor chap a JBC! I mean he’s just a broke German who wants a JBC! Speaking of broke if you ever get the chance to watch Breaking Bad I would recommend it. Here’s a synopsis: “Set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, between 2008 and 2010, Breaking Bad follows Walter White, a modest high school chemistry teacher who transforms into a ruthless kingpin in the local methamphetamine drug trade, driven to financially provide for his family after being diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.” Check it out! Anyways once again Mr. Rahe you provided us with another awesome trip. Thank you and rock on!

    1. How late are you to the party on Breaking Bad? Also have watched it and appreciate it, though it is definitely not school appropriate. I don’t see the connection between broke and Breaking Bad….perhaps you’re thinking of another show set on a mountain…

  4. Miriam Geuss

    This trip was great! The weather was even better this time and I really enjoyed it. I’m not skiing that good so I took a lesson to improve on it. The instructor that I got was able to help me really well and explain the techniques better than anyone before so I improved a lot!
    I also loved that our group was so big. The mood on the trip was great, everybody was excited and happy!
    Manning Park is such a beautiful and good choice to go for a trip! The mountain isn’t that big but there’re still enough different runs to get some variety and not always have to do the same even if your level is not good enough to ski all of them!

  5. Flora Vieweg

    It was the first time I went snowboarding. The beginning of the lessons was so overwhelming for me, because everybody in my group was better than I was. I needed about an hour to understand how snowboarding works. But after I was able to go down the hill without falling, I felt very comfortable, and I was happy. After lunch I went down the beginner hill a few times with my friend before we decided to go to the chairlift. I was a little worried going down the mountain where I had just learned to snowboard, but I did it and I had so much fun! I took a few breaks to wait for my friend and at the bottom we went again up the mountain!
    This trip was amazing! We had sunny weather and it wasn´t to cold. I really enjoyed the terrific view!

  6. Autumn veer

    I really enjoyed this trip a lot. I ski on a regular basis, but this trip was definitely something to remember. The conditions were not my favorite and definitely just a groomer day but it was nice and warm to ski in a hoodie which I love to do. It was entertaining to see people that I know either really good at skiing or struggling to get through it. Lunch was very yummy at the lodge. Skiing is always fun and even the best people wipe out and that’s something to remember that no one is perfect and everyone can still improve.

  7. Hiroki Dennis

    I really enjoyed the ski trip. While I didn’t expect to take a lesson, I found that it was very helpful and interesting. Afterward, I was able to apply some of the exercises I learned to become a better skier, allowing me to enjoy my time on the mountain much more. There are still some skills I need to improve, but this ski trip helped me escape the plateau of my improvement. Because I was able to get comfortable skiing at high speeds, I was then able to start going over jumps and drops, obstacles I had always avoided. This ski trip helped to build my confidence and provided a base for further growth.

  8. Hudson

    The second skiing/snowboarding trip at manning was a blast. Awesome day, and even if the snow wasn’t great, the weather was amazing. Rentals were all ready for us as soon as we got there and didn’t take long at all. It was a very large group of students though and it took a while to get up on the mountain as we were waiting around for everyone in our group to get ready. Once we got going though it was great we did lots of runs and the hot cocoa we had at lunch was a hit. I’ve skied for most of my life, and this was my second time snowboarding, it’s been super fun getting to learn, and I can’t wait to continue to hone my skills.

    1. Sounds like a good experience. I would suggest that since you’ve only been on the mountain a couple times as a snowboarder you should strongly consider taking a lesson to keep improving your skills!

  9. This trip was by far one of the best ones so far, when I woke up that day the weather didn’t look good at all. But as soon as we go up to the mountain it was a complete bluebird day. I both chairs had been open this time, And though it was more icy compared to last time, I managed to find some pretty sick jumps to hit. Though this trip way by far the biggest trip, people wise, the teachers still managed to not lose a single person on that mountain. And not a single injury had occurred. Once again, that bacon burger can never be topped by any burger ive ever had. I made some good acquaintances during this trip and now speak to them every now and then, which really shows how much these trips bring people together

  10. Ben Leslie

    This was the second time I have ever been skiing,(the first being the Dec.14 ski trip) and I loved it. My goal was to ski some blue runs and I did just that. As long as I can remember I have wanted to go skiing but the opportunity to never came around until now. I made some friends that helped me out and gave me tips here and there, and helped me up when I bailed. I had a great time and can’t wait to go again!

    1. I love hearing that someone experiences something for the first time through the program. Hopefully you keep going with it because it seems like you are progressing quickly!

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