Scour the Stein-Multi day Backpacking in Stein Valley April 27-30, 2023

Where does one begin to describe a trip of this magnitude. Since 2019 the Mouat Outdoor Education program has attempted to return to the beautiful “hidden valley” which is the Lower Stein only to be foiled by Covid and a string of wildfires. The initial arrival of the group in Lytton was a somber realization of the devastating effects of the wildfires that destroyed the town, and the ongoing efforts to rebuild the community. However, the resilience of the Lytton people shines through in the welcoming spirit of the community, in particular that of the members of the Lytton First Nations who greeted us along the way. The Stein itself, though having endured its fair share of fire damage, remains a breathtaking escape from the everyday. Students were greeted with afternoons of warm sunshine and starry nights while traversing a trail system that has laid dormant for the past 3 years. Nights at camp were spent playing games, either those with established rules or ones with rules that were created on the spot. Pools of water beside the river offered a reprieve from the heat, but also a chance to showcase one’s courage to brave the frigid water of the Spring runoff. While the trail at times challenged us physically this group of brave adventurers overcame all obstacles and in doing so created lasting memories. I cannot express my gratitude for being able to share this experience with such an amazing group of people and I know this is something none of us will soon forget. Outdoor Education students (and anyone else who wants to) leave a 100 word response below.


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